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Types of Security Cameras for Different Premises

Security cameras are wireless closed-circuit television camera that mediates audio or video to a wireless receiver. A security camera is basically a video recording device that is highly used to capture footage of certain properties or areas, this footage can easily be seen on the smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet, from anywhere or anytime with the help of the internet.

Types of Security Cameras

There are several varieties of CCTV cameras available in the market, each one is different from another, and their unique features make them suitable for different venues. The top 5 kinds of security cameras are as follows:

  •         Bullet camera

  •         Dome camera

  •         Day/Night camera

  •         C-mount camera

  •         PTZ camera

The above-mentioned cameras are very much in demand due to their high technology features; here is a detailed description of the cameras.

        Bullet camera – Bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape and they are highly preferable for outdoor use. The application used to make these cameras makes them suitable for long-distance viewing. These cameras come with shield protection, which protects them from dust and dirt.

High points of a bullet camera

  • High-quality image resolution

  •       IR night vision

  •       High – quality image resolution

        Dome camera – The dome camera is basically a surveillance camera used for both indoor security and outdoor security. These cameras are designed in such a way that it’s hard to tell that in which way the camera is pointing.

High points of Dome camera

  •       Easy to install

  •       Vandal - resistance features

  •       IR night vision

        Day/Night camera – Day and night cameras are designed to record clear footage in a poorly lit environment. These cameras have extra sensitive imagining chips inside which makes them perfect for recording videos in the dark. These cameras are best for outdoor surveillance.

High points of Day/Night camera

  •       Able to record in black & white and color

  •       Different sizes are available

  •       Infrared proficiency

        C-mount camera – C-mount cameras come with detachable lenses and hence it is highly suitable for covering long distances. A standard CCTV can cover a distance of up to 40 ft on the other hand c-mount cameras are capable of coveting beyond 40 ft with the help of special lenses.

High points of C-mount camera

  •       Beneficial for indoor uses as well

  •       Comes with a noticeable size

  •       Can adopt new technologies

        PTZ camera – PTZ defines pan/tilt/zoom, these cameras come with zooming features which are very helpful in operating security systems.

High points of PTZ camera

  • 200m night vision

  • High-quality image resolution

  •       X36 optical zoom


The prime purpose of security cameras is to record the activities of the people in a certain area, it is basically done to prevent crime. Security cameras are a very essential part of today’s society, and it is very important to understand the features of different security cameras as for every premise and situation there are different CCTV cameras.

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