The 7 Important Industrial Uses of Sulfuric Acid

February 2021

The sulfuric acid is the most crucial in the chemical industry. Its uses and benefits are plenty. It is also known as the king of chemicals due to its chemical properties useful in numerous industrial applications. It is a strong and powerful acid that can dissolve even hard metals. Now let us see more details about sulfuric acids and its uses.

History of sulfuric acid in the chemical industry

Sulfuric acid is used in the manufacturing process for many ages. It is a strong, oily and cloudy chemical that is an oxidant and dehydrator. It is a common acid used in the production of

  • Fertilizers

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Automobile

  • Paper

  • Bleaching

  • water treatment

  • colouring agents

  • steel manufacturing

  • cellulose fibre

  • sugar bleaching

  • amino acid processing

  • regeneration of ion

  • gasoline production

  • sulfonation agents

More than 180 million sulfuric acids are made in developed countries every year. Through its production rate, it is helpful to know how valuable it is for industries. There is natural sulfuric acid that is found in acid rain. It is a phenomenon that provides the idea for industries to create synthetic sulfuric acid. Let us see some of the industrial uses of it.

The uses of sulfuric acid in industries

  • In the chemical manufacturing process

Sulfuric acid is used in the production of other acids. Some of the acids that are processed with sulfuric acid are hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and other chemicals.

  • Oil refining process

In the process of refining crude oil, it is essential to use acid as a catalyst. Sulfuric acid is the most popular acid used in this process. The acid comes into play during the alkaline unit of oil refining.

  • The metal processing

Pickling metal is essential to eliminate impurities and rust from the metal. Most of the metal industries use sulfuric acid during this process. It provides quicker results to reduce impurities from a metal.

  • The rayon manufacturing process

Rayon is a famous textile that is made from the cellulose of wood. During the manufacturing of rayon textile, the sulfuric acid is injected to help the fabric from fibres.

  • The lead and battery manufacturing

Acid type batteries are crucial parts of the automotive industry. It is a unique type of battery that has been in use since 18 the century. The diluted form of the sulfuric acid is used in the battery to form electrolyte.

  • The food harvesting

Many food industries use sulfuric acid for various purposes. The potato farmers use sulfuric acid. They spray the liquid sulfuric acid potatoes to prevent the roots from tangling.

  • The pharmaceutical manufacturing

The chemotherapy drug is useful to treat cancer. During the alkylation process of DNA, sulfuric acid is used. The sulfuric acid is necessary for the more pharmaceutical manufacturing process.


The sulfuric acid is a revolutionary chemical in any industry. The sulfuric acid is used in the manufacturing, commercial and pharmaceutical industries for many purposes. It is an acid that has plenty of chemical properties that is a major component for the industries.

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