Primer: The Unknown Importance of it

February 2021

Primer is the most crucial part of your makeup. Individuals who do not know about all the makeup products will not understand the importance of a primer. Many even own a primer but skip the process of applying it for no reason. Some do not even consider buying a primer. Every makeup product has a purpose likewise there is a purpose of primer too. The purpose of using a primer is for making your skin smooth. It can give a polished look for you. It fills the pores, blurs blemish and ultimately smoothens the entire skin. It also acts as a barrier to protect the skin from other harsh chemicals, sun and dust. Now let us see all the other things you need to know about primer. 

The Different Types of Primer 

Primers come in the form of silk formula or foam formula. They are tinted in colour and some colourless. There are different primers for eyes as well as the skin. It can provide you with a flawless finish. If you have large, visible pores, you should try using a primer before applying any makeup product. There are plenty of primer combinations for dry, oily and normal skin. Now let us see the tips to use the primer properly.

When to Use a Primer 

You should apply the makeup primer after your bb foundation. If you do not prefer applying a layer of makeup, you can avoid foundation and just apply primer to your skin. You can apply primer and makeup fixing powder for a natural look. 

How to use a Primer 

The primer should be used in a moisturized skin. Always apply an excellent moisturizer to the skin before applying the primer. Also, leave time for the skin to absorb the moisturizer. You can use your finger to use dots of primer all over the face. You can also apply the primer only in the spots where you have large pores. The nose, chin and cheek area are the best places to apply the primer. Apply the primer over all your face in a circular motion. Also, remember to add less primer for a beautiful makeup look. 

The Benefits of Applying Primer Before Makeup 

  • Velvety Soft Skin 

The benefit of applying primer is the smoothness you feel after application. Your skin can look glow and extra smooth after the full makeup. One of the crucial uses of it is to patch up the uneven skin. 

  • Reduces Inflammation 

Some get irritation after applying makeup. To avoid this redness and irritation, you need to apply the primer to balance the skin ph level. 

  • To Fill Wrinkle Lines

Ageing is natural and beautiful. However, the crucial purpose to apply makeup is to hide fine lines and wrinkles. Primer is essential to hide the flaws in your skin. Without it, the makeup can look incomplete. 

  • Reduces Oil

When wearing makeup for the whole day, your skin can look oily. However, applying primer can keep your makeup and face look fresh. 


For an even skin and perfect makeup-look use the primer and see its benefits. You can know the importance of makeup by the above points.

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