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Global Menstrual Cup Market: The Present Scenario

Global Market size of Menstrual Cups is expected to touch USD 1514.01 Million by the year 2023. However, it is anticipated to acquire a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3.50% from 2018 to 2023 (assessment period).

Global Menstrual Cup Market: Current Market Scenario

  • Many factors contribute to driving the global menstrual cup market throughout the forecast period, such as increasing women population and escalating price structures of tampons and sanitary pads.

  • Furthermore, the demand and requirements for environment-friendly feminine-hygiene products are on the rise.

  • Menstrual cups come as an environment-friendly solution to sanitary napkins and tampons. It is because menstrual cups are manufactured from medical-grade silicone.

  • Today, the female gender holds almost 50% of the population worldwide. Moreover, more and more women are getting conscious about their careers. All these factors are anticipated to expand the global menstrual cup market.

  • Menstrual cups can keep leakages at bay without posing any sort of side effects.

Global Menstrual Cup Market: Segmentation

  • In terms of the product, the global menstrual cup market is divided into disposable and reusable menstrual cups. However, reusable cups account for the highest market share within 2023. The reason for the great popularity of reusable cups owes to one to 5 years of reusability cycle of such cups. However, the reusability cycle differs from brand to brand.

  • When it comes to the type, the global market of menstrual cups is divided into pointy, hollow, round, and flat. Nonetheless, the round division held 43% of the share of the worldwide menstrual cup market. It has been possible because of the design flexibility of such menstrual cups.

  • Based on the distribution channel, the global menstrual cup market is segregated into retail outlets, online stores, and so on. The online store segment acquired a 62% share of the global market due to the growth of e-commerce stores and escalating preferences for online shopping among customers.

  • Alternatives to menstrual cups, such as menstrual tampons, discs, and pads may be inhibiting the global menstrual cup market.

More about the Current Market Scenario

  • The worldwide market of menstrual cups is anticipated to expand throughout the forecast period. The contributing factors in the market growth are the rising popularity of menstrual cups and increasing awareness for best-in-class, modern feminine hygiene products.

  • Furthermore, menstrual cups contribute to keeping menstrual odor at bay. Besides, a menstrual cup can accommodate more amount of blood as compared to a tampon or a pad. When it comes to the hygiene level, menstrual cups again win the race over pads or tampons. All these factors are accelerating the growth of the global menstrual market.

  • Menstrual cups are manufactured with top-grade materials so that they can be safely placed into the body. It is also helping to fuel the worldwide market of menstrual cups.

  • It was a major need to find out an eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads, and fortunately, reusable menstrual cups have come to the rescue.

Nonetheless, some factors are also there to hinder the global market growth of menstrual cups, such as difficulties during insertion and removal of cups.

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