Iodine Goodness for Health and Skin

February 2021

We are going to be talking about iodine and its benefits for the health and skin. Might as well do it with a pinch of salt, what do you say? Whenever the term “iodine” is mentioned, salt is the first thing that comes to mind, right? Just like how salt and iodine are synonymous with each other, there are also a great many health and skin benefits that are aligned with the use of iodine. In this blog, we strive to give you some interesting facts about iodine that underline its good qualities for one’s health and skin.

  • If you want to keep your body's metabolism high, consumption of iodine is recommended. Iodine boosts food absorption and the consequent energy conversion process. In other words, iodine helps burn calories and aid in weight loss. Having iodine in small amounts keeps you energized and active during the day, and lets you enjoy peaceful sleep after sundown. You could say that iodine helps to keep depression and insomnia at bay.

  • Your gifts of mental acuity and clarity of thought are also a giving of iodine. If your brain health isn’t up to the mark then it is advised that you get your body’s iodine levels checks. There are a plethora of studies that show that iodine intake has had a vast impact on improving mental skills among children and adults.

  • Iodine intake ensures that your thyroid gland is in good shape and functioning well. On the other hand, if your body is iodine-deficient then you may expose yourself to a host of ailments such as goiter, cretinism, and hypothyroidism. You may also experience issues of hair loss, weak memory, and allergies.

  • If pregnancy is on your mind, iodine should be a part of your dietary chart. Iodine is well-known for helping reproductive organs to develop and mature well. As a result of which, a woman’s ability to conceive gets enhanced. Because your reproductive organs are in good order, iodine also makes sure that the pregnancy completes its tenure without complications, and post-delivery the baby is in good health, too.

  • Iodine is notoriously good for ensuring that the body’s cancer cells’ growth and development never get out of control. Iodine is known to play a leading role in the prevention of breast, thyroid, gastric, and prostate cancers.

  • Iodine is your nails’ best friend. Without iodine, your nails would become weak and brittle. Above all, protects the nails from infection and chipping.

  • A smile is the epitome of a person’s beauty. If your oral health is not up to the mark, then chances are your iodine intake may not be adequate. Iodine is a nemesis of oral bacteria that causes tooth decay and dullness. It is an antibacterial disinfectant that keeps teeth strong, shiny, and healthy.

If beauty and body detox is on your to-do-list then don’t forget to invite iodine to the party. Including iodine in your daily diet helps to flush out all the bodily toxins such as lead and mercury.

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