Insomnia - Trouble sleeping?

June 2016


So what basically insomnia is? It is a sleeping disorder in which people are having inconvenience in falling asleep or sleeping till they wish to. This disorder is identified by sleep studying or by actigraphy.  Insomnia is both a medical sign and a symptom of different sleep, psychiatric, and medical related disorders identified by the long term inconvenience in sleeping or getting the minimum required sleep.

There is no specific age range of insomnia, but it generally it causes to elder age group people, and there is also no time duration for insomnia it may happen for few days or it may lasts for weeks. People suffering through insomnia generally have memory problem, gets irritated quickly, depression, it increases the heart disease risks and it also can lead to accidents (automobile accident).

Insomnia is grouped into category primary and secondary. The primary insomnia means the sleep disorder which is no caused due to psychiatric, medical, or environment (surrounding). It is defined as the disorder of lengthy sleep onset latency (SOL), disruption in sleep upkeep, or facing non-refreshing sleeping. States that can lead to insomnia are pain, depression, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), benign enlargement of the prostate (BEP), drug abuse and neurological disorder. The difference between the primary and secondary insomnia can be distinguished by examination of the symptoms. 

There are three types of insomnia; first one is transient insomnia which normally lasts for weeks, then there is acute insomnia which stays for weeks but is less than a month, and finally it is chronic insomnia it stays for more than a month.

There is also a subjective insomnia, were traditionally insomnia is not insomnia. Which mean people sleep to their fullest example for 8hours but will feel like they have only slept for four hours, people facing this insomnia sleep for normal hour but they overestimate their sleeping duration.


-Shubhra Ketan



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