Inguinal Hernia: Its Troubles, Causes, Symptoms and Effects of it

The inguinal hernia is a condition that occurs when the muscle tissues are weak in the abdominal area. This problem can cause pain and bulge. The hernia bulge is painful as it can cause pain when coughing. However, it is not a completely dangerous condition. An enlarging hernia can cause some life treating symptoms. The inguinal hernia may require surgery if it gets severe. Let us see the effects of hernia in children and adults. 

The Different Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia

  • A bulge in the pubic bone area is a common symptom. It can cause disturbance when coughing, bending and when doing any other activity. 

  • A burning or painful sensation in the area of the bulge. 

  • Discomfort and pain in the groin area. It can cause several disturbances when bending or lifting anything. 

  • A dragging or heavy feeling in the groin. 

  • Pressure and weak feeling in the groin area. 

  • A hernia may swell or severe pain in the testicle area. 

The Effects of Inguinal Hernia in Children 

Inguinal hernia can affect even infants and newborns. The causes of hernia in children are due to the weak muscle wall in the abdomen. Sometimes the condition is visible in infants only when they cry continuously due to pain. The infant may also have less appetite and pain due to the condition. 

Is there a way to prevent a hernia? 

A hernia may occur due to many reasons. However, you can prevent the disease when putting less strain on the abdomen. Some of the practical tips to prevent it are. 

  • Maintain a healthy weight prevent not only a hernia but also other health complications. You can consult a doctor to reduce weight. Also, talk about a healthy diet and how to maintain a healthy body weight. 

  • Taking high fibre food can prevent a hernia. Constipation can cause strain in the abdomen area. However, the high fibre food can lessens constipation that ultimately reduces strain in the abdomen. 

  • It is essential to reduce heavy weight lifting. If you want to lift anything, you need to bend your knees to lift things. Lifting weight without any of these precautions can strain the abdomen. If a person having a weak abdomen tries these things, then it is possible to get a hernia easily. Therefore, do not lift weight unnecessarily. 

  • Avoid smoking if you have a hernia. Smoking can aggravate the hernia condition. If you want to prevent a hernia or other possible health condition, then you need to avoid it. 

When to Consult a Health Adviser 

The hernia can cause several symptoms. Fever, pain, bowel problems, red bulging and much more symptoms are visible. You need to seek a health adviser immediately when the bulge in pink or red. If you see an unusual bulge in the groin, then it is necessary to seek the health adviser’s help. The bulge is visible when sitting, standing or doing any other activity. Treating hernia in the early stage is better for your health. 


A hernia is a painful condition that can affect both infants and adults. However, know everything about it and get treatment for the condition as soon as possible. 

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