Costochondritis: A Rare Health Condition

February 2021

Costochondritis is soreness in the cartilage of the rib cage, costochondritis is a condition that creates inflammation in the cartilage, where the upper bone is attached to the breast ribs and as a result, it creates severe chest pain.

The cheat pain can be very mild or extremely severe, in mild cases, there will be a sense of mild pain while touching the chest area and in extreme cases, and you can feel unbearable pain that doesn’t allow you to do any work.

The chest pain due to Costochondritis can stay for few weeks and if the situation is still the same after few days then you should consult your doctor immediately to get medical treatment.

Causes of Costochondritis

  •         A fall or any car accident that left an obtuse impact on your chest

  •         Excessive physical activities that include heavy weight lifting which can create strains

  •         Tumors in the Costochondritis areas

  •         Arthritis

  •         Tuberculosis and syphilis can trigger join inflammation which is a respiratory condition

Who are at higher risks?

Costochondritis can affect you more if you are aged or above 40 years old, this condition is very common with women. If you are engaged with physical activities or manual labor more often then you are at a higher risk of getting costochondritis.

The risk of getting costochondritis increases when you already have ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and reactive arthritis. If you are engaged with physical labor then it’s very important to know the techniques of lifting heavy weights so that they cannot stress the chest muscles

Ways to treat costochondritis

  •         Medicine – Medicine should be considered after the recommendation of a certified doctor, depending on the pain, the doctors will prescribe you medicine. If the pain is mild then you can have non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

You can also have:

  •       NSAIDs

  •       Painkillers i.e narcotics

  •       Amitriptyline

  •       Antianxiety medicines

  •       Steroids through injection on the affected area

  •       Oral steroids

  •         Healthy Habits – Certain lifestyle changes are highly recommended by doctors. You need to avoid lifting heavy weights and you need to stay away from the household works where you need to put a lot of strength for example carrying heavy grocery bags, lifting cylinders, etc.

You should also

  •       Take complete bed rest for the time being

  •       Physical therapy

  •       Therapy using a heating pad

Extreme cases where you need to consult your doctor

Costochondritis can be very dangerous if ignored for a longer time. You should immediately run to your nearest clinic or hospital if you find trouble in breathing or unbearable chest pain. If you have abnormal or severe pain in the chest then visit your doctor immediately, as this pain can turn into heart attack as well, in rare cases.  It is very important to seek immediate medical help as it will limit the chances of complications.


Furthermost, there is not always a specific cause for costochondritis, in the majority of the cases, it starts with a chest injury or osteoarthritis. Costochondritis is not a very serious health condition but in some cases, it can be worst. You should do a proper diagnosis to understand better when you find the above-mentioned symptoms.

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