Coconut Oil: 1 Oil 6 Benefits

February 2021

Coconut oil is a plant-based oil that is derived from fresh coconut meat, coconut palm, or fruit. It is widely used for cooking purposes and in industrial applications. It also contains high saturated fats which have multiple health benefits. These fatty acids in coconut oil help to burn fat in the body and also supply energy to your brain and body.

Coconut oil is very popular for all the good reasons, it’s good in taste and also offered several health benefits. It is also considered a versatile oil with a number of different cleaver uses which you might be not aware of. Here are the top clever uses of coconut oil you should know.

Clever Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is widely used for hair oiling and cooking foods but the antioxidants properties in the oil make it more versatile.

  •         Coconut oil as a skin protector – Coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen; it can protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful to the skin and they can cause several diseases including, skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. Coconut oil blocks 20% of the sunray from reaching your skin.

  •          Coconut oil as a mouthwash – Coconut oil acts as a powerful agent against bacteria of the mouth that causes tooth decay, gum diseases, and dental plague. You can swish your mouth with coconut oil for 10 minutes for effective results.

  •         Coconut oil can cure Eczema – According to researches, coconut oil can cure eczema and dermatitis or it can work like minerals and moisturizers. According to the studies, the children who have eczema were treated with coconut oil and 47% of them had noticed major improvements in the condition.

  •         Can treat skin infection – It is believed that coconut oil may help to fight skin infection. Virgin coconut oil has antibacterial properties which are very effective cures for any kind of skin infection. However, there is no proper evidence for that.

  •         Coconut oil as a moisturizer – You can replace your moisturizer with coconut oil as the oil can be considered as a wonderful alternative and it is highly effective for the darker areas of the body that includes knees, elbows, arms, and legs. The coconut oil can be applied as a moisturizer all over the face until you have oily skin or acne-prone skin.

  •         Protects hair – Coconut oil helps to protect the hair from damage and also promotes hair growth. It can keep your hair to stay healthy and long by giving a natural shine to your hair, you should apply coconut oil to your hair and leave it overnight for an effective result, you can wash your hair the very next day with any shampoo.


However, it is believed that coconut oil is beneficial for the reduction of belly fat and decreases the hunger and willingness of taking excess foods. Coconut oil is the only plant-based oil with so many health benefits.

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