Blepharitis-causes, treatment and everything you need to know about it

February 2021

The eye is the most sensitive part of the face. It is crucial to clean or wash the eyes daily to prevent allergies and infections. Eye infections can be problematic when left unnoticed. Daily washing of the eyes with fresh water can prevent possible allergies. Blepharitis is one such chronic eye condition that affects many. Let us take a look at Blepharitis, its causes, symptoms and treatments.

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is an inflammation that occurs in the eyelid. It is a condition that affects both the left and the right eye. Also, Blepharitis is an outbreak of tiny oil gland secretion. When this oil gland breaks, it can cause redness and irritation in the eyelid. Blepharitis is a chronic eye condition, but it is treatable. The disease will not damage your eyesight.

The crucial causes of Blepharitis

The possible cause for Blepharitis is still unknown. However, it is a condition that can spread to another person due to close contact. Let us see some of the factors that can trigger this condition.

  • Seborrheic dermatitis that is dandruff of the scalp can trigger the Blepharitis condition. Dandruff in the scalp can fall in the eyelids that irritate the oil glands of the eyelid.

  • Seasonal infections can cause Blepharitis. Infection due to virus, insect or some other factor can trigger this condition in some individuals.

  • If the oil gland of the eye is malfunctioning, then you can experience Blepharitis.

  • Rosacea is another skin condition that can lead to Blepharitis. It is a skin problem that can cause redness.

  • Allergies due to eye makeup, eye medication or contact lenses are the prominent causes of Blepharitis.

The excellent treatment options for Blepharitis

  • Examining the eyes

You can visit the nearest eye doctor to get your eyes examined.

  • Medication to treat the infection

Antibiotic medication proves useful for Blepharitis. The eye antibiotics kill the infection and can provide relief from irritation. The antibiotics to treat this infection are available in the form of cream, eye drops and ointments. In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe you antibiotic medicine for internal purposes.

  • Immune boosting medications

Individuals having a weak immune system can quickly get eye infections such as Blepharitis. The doctor may prescribe immune-boosting medications that help the body to fight against infections naturally. These medicines can reduce infection by improving the immune system.

  • Medication for the underlying condition

If there is an underlying condition such as dermatitis, rosacea or other skin diseases, the doctor may first find the underlying cause. When these diseases are controlled, then Blepharitis will automatically reduce.

  • Home remedies to try at home

Home remedies such as washing the eyes, lubricating it with eye drops, controlling dandruff and mites can reduce t Blepharitis. Omega fatty acids are crucial vitamins that can protect your eyes from these infections.


Blepharitis is a chronic condition. However, identify it earlier to get the best treatment for it. Follow these above home remedies to prevent eye infections.

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