Almond Milk is the Rich Source of Nutrients for a Healthy Body

February 2021

Almond milk is one of the most nutritious drinks that consists of low calories and is very much popular amongst people across the globe. The manufacturing process of almond milk is pretty simple, where the almonds are grinded and mixed with water for filtering it in the next step. The mixture is then filtered to create an end-product that looks like milk and gives a nutty taste on consumption.

Nutrients within Almond Milk

Almond milk is very much rich in nutrients that nourish the body from within. Some of the nutrients offered by almond milk are potassium, calcium, vitamin D, protein, fat, and others, which are very much essential for the human body to stay fit and healthy. Along with that, some of the extra nutrients such as riboflavin and vitamin E are added to the almond milk mixture for enhancing its nutritional abilities.

Why is Almond Milk in so much Demand?

Almond Milk is quite essential for people who are currently going through lactose intolerance. The lifestyle of people is changing, and the product has received immense awareness in the past few years with the people adapting the habit of weight loss programs. The product is today easily available to the consumers as major market players have started processing and preparing almond milk for diverse consumers to meet their requirements.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk 

Here are some of the popular health benefits of consuming almond milk that is the fuelling source for its high demand:

  • Almond milk is low in calories, which helps people in losing weight.

  • Almond milk is low in sugar that is good for several health aspects. It is recommended for people who are not in favor of consuming much sugar.

  • Almond milk is a rich source of vitamin E. Almonds have naturally enough potential of fulfilling your daily vitamin E requirements with just 1 ounce or 28 grams. A commercial variety of almond milk is added with more vitamin E externally during processing for increasing its nutrient contents.  

  • Vitamin E within Almond milk can act as an antioxidant to help you deal with your stress and inflammation conditions within the body.

  • Almond-free does not consist of lactose contents, making it easy to digest for people who have lactose intolerance conditions.

Forecast for the Global Almond Milk Market

With impeccable demand for almond milk in the previous forecast period, the market size valued back in 2018 was quite high. But with the increased amount of sales and demand since then, the predicted market size is expected to be higher up to $4.12 billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of 12.8%. Plant-based beverages are gaining immense demand in the present era, which is the major driving factor for the almond milk market.

Almond milk is now available in cans, bottles, and cartons that are processed by the top brands for ensuring quality and health efficiency. They are available in two categories that are organic almond milk and conventional almond milk. So, get your pack of almond milk today and walk on the path of attaining a healthy body.

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