A Brief Discussion on the Global Mastitis Market

February 2021

Global Market of Mastitis is anticipated to reach 15.07% of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to touch USD 18,338.80 Million within 2023. In short, Mastitis is a tissue-related infection that develops in one or both of the mammary glands of the breast.

Breastfeeding women develop Mastitis, which is caused by a closed or blocked duct. When it comes to bovine, Mastitis develops as an inflammation of the udder tissue as well as the mammary gland. The reason for the disorder is a bacterial invasion that occurs in the teat canal.

When farmhouses multiple sources of bacteria, Mastitis can occur. However, thermal, mechanical, or chemical injury to the udder of a cow can also cause this ailment.

Global Mastitis Market: The Current Scenario

  • The cases of Mastitis are escalating throughout the world due to many reasons. It includes the increasing prevalence of breast cancer, unhygienic barn environment, and escalating pregnancy rate. All these aspects are anticipated to boost the global market of Mastitis.

  • Nonetheless, insufficient awareness and difficulties during diagnosis (since Mastitis and breast cancer share similar symptoms) are inhibiting the growth of the global Mastitis market.

Mastitis: Global Market Dynamics

  • Nowadays, Mastitis is achieving awareness due to the escalating cases of breast cancer. As per the estimation, 266,120 new incidents of invasive breast cancer have been diagnosed in women in the US in the year 2018.

  • On the other hand, approx 11,563 deaths have been registered in the UK because of breast cancer in the year 2016.

  • Moreover, Belgium witnessed the highest breast cancer rate in women in the year 2017. Since a large portion of the population is experiencing breast cancer, it is further accelerating the market growth throughout the forecast period.

Global Mastitis Market: Segmentation

  • The worldwide market of Mastitis is segmented in terms of end-user, type, and treatment.

  • When it comes to the end-user, the market is segmented into hospitals & clinics, and veterinary centers.

  • In terms of the treatment, the global Mastitis market has been classified into human and bovine.

  • In terms of the type, the global Mastitis market is classified into human and bovine.

Worldwide Mastitis Market: Regional Analysis

  • In terms of the region, the worldwide Mastitis market is classified into Europe, the Americas, the Middle East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

  • Among all regions, the Americas is anticipated to acquire the highest share of the worldwide Mastitis market. Nevertheless, North America is predicted to gain the maximum market share because of the escalating cases of Mastitis in the bovine inhabitants and the increasing prevalence of breast cancer in North America.

  • On the other hand, Europe is anticipated to gain the second-highest share in the global Mastitis market throughout the forecast period. Various factors contribute to fueling the market growth in Europe, such as the availability of best-in-class treatment facilities, increasing measures to encourage healthy breastfeeding, and escalating healthcare costs. As per Eurostat, the expenditure of Germany was more than EUR 321 billion in the year 2014.

When it comes to the fastest-growing part of the world in the worldwide Mastitis market, Asia-Pacific ranks first. The fast-growing economies are the key reason for the development of the Mastitis market in this region.

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