6 Best Uses of Whiskey as Medicines

February 2021

Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage, which is made from fermented grain mash or by distilling beer. There are various grains that are used for producing different varieties such as wheat, corn, barley, and rye. Further, whiskey is usually aged in wooden casks, which are mainly made of charred white oak.

The word itself (either whisky or whiskey) is of Celtic origin, and the distillation practices of modern whisky or whiskey are originated in Ireland and Scotland. Thus, whiskey denotes the Irish and American liquors.

Uses of Whiskey as Medicines

There are various uses of whiskey in terms of medicines. It can widely aid to cure different diseases and health conditions.

  • Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is a health condition that causes high blood sugar levels. Drinking whiskey helps to control the amount to lower the risk of diabetes. Besides, an average amount of whiskey can aid to improve the functioning of the body to control insulin and glucose levels. Hence, it can be useful to help in the reduction of the chance of diabetes in blood sugar.

  • Blood Clots

Whiskey can also reduce blood clotting. Blood clotting is considered to be good when you have a bleeding wound as it can stop the blood from flowing. But, severe blood clotting can cause stroke, heart attack, and even death, if it occurs in the key junctures of your blood vessels or arteries.

Therefore, whiskey is said to be a blood thinner and can also mean to increase the amount of good cholesterol, besides, lowering the effect of bad cholesterol.

  • Improve Brain Function

It might be unbelievable, but drinking a moderate amount of whiskey can improve your brain function. A study has proved that an average amount of whiskey can aid to lower the risk of brain disorders. However, it will assist you to think clearer and sharper.

  • Immune System Booster

Several studies have shown that whiskey has the natural ability to boost your immune system. Being a powerful source of antioxidants and levels of vitamin in organic compounds, it helps to stimulate immune function in the body. Also, whiskey can be beneficial in preventing regular colds, illnesses, and infections.

  • Digestion Prevention

If taken in moderate amounts, whiskey can also benefit in improving digestion prevention. Hereafter, drinking whiskey in a modest amount helps to absorb the meal more effectively. Also, it can prevent you from various stomach diseases and indigestion. Further, whiskey also prevents you from overeating.

  • Memory Improvement

Everyone knows that drinking excessive alcohol can make you forget things that happened the previous day. But, the fact is that if taken in a moderate amount, whiskey can help you to improve your memory.

Besides, drinking whiskey in a moderate amount can improve your blood circulation to the brain and send fresh oxygen along with nutrients to other organs as well. This results in smooth circulation, which automatically improves your memory to make it better and more powerful.


Above are some of the mentioned effective medicinal use of whiskey that can improve the overall health of your, if taken in moderate amount. Make sure to know about these benefits to use the consumption of alcohol wisely rather than just drinking it for fun and addiction.

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