SMEs and startups are driving the demand for the web hosting services

Published On: October 2022

The World and the people around it are just a click away from you, all thanks to the internet. Technology has also changed how businesses run, and reliable web hosting has become a crucial aspect.
Nowadays, there are hundreds of web hosting sites that offer unlimited services. Their service plans range from expensive web hosting packages tailored for businesses to free ones with fewer possibilities.  The services allow users to publish their websites on the World Wide Web (WWW) for increased visibility to enable businesses and individuals to establish their brands. 
Currently, there are around 1.14 billion websites in the World. 17% of these websites are active, and 83% are inactive. The number of startups has rapidly increased globally in the past few years. Most of them are web-based enterprises. As a result, the web hosting market size is anticipated to be boosted by the expansion of such small firms. 
However, With a market size of close to $57 billion 3 years earlier, the web hosting industry is expected to grow exponentially. The widespread use of shared hosting servers, particularly by small and medium-sized businesses, has also helped the market size increase. Furthermore, these SMEs are widespread and account for over 90% of all firms. They are also present in great numbers throughout the World. Although it is more expensive than any other type of hosting, SMEs and individuals are choosing shared hosting in huge numbers.
Why do business owners trust web hosting? 
High-performance consistency: A website's performance is directly impacted by the performance of other websites using the same server when it's a shared one. Performance consistency increases when a business chooses dedicated web hosting. The businesses' server's reliability declines when sharing resources with others. 
Safety and security: Fortunately, you never have to be concerned about others bringing viruses or security risks into your website because it only utilizes web hosting company servers. Additionally, you can add any extra security precautions and modify the security to suit your particular requirements. Simply put, dedicated web hosting is far safer and more secure. 
Green Hosting: A contribution towards Environment
Web hosting is one of the most significant energy consumers in the tech industry. By choosing a green web server, you could be contributing to the effort to lower carbon footprints.
Hosting companies are spending money on servers for efficient resource usage and to reduce overall energy consumption. For instance, most online hosts will soon use servers with ENERGY STAR labels. Green hosting servers consume 30% less energy than standard servers. Another way that web servers offer green hosting is through natural cooling. Historically, web hosts have used a lot of energy to cool the servers artificially. Hosting companies can cool the servers naturally rather than using artificial methods. 
Do you know that Facebook has a data center in Sweden that is naturally cooled? Even Apple and Google are constructing arctic-adjacent, naturally-controlled data centers in Nordic Iceland. Geothermal heat exchange loops efficiently reduce the electricity needed to cool the servers.
The sharp rise in the customer demand for online purchasing is the crucial element fueling prospects in online channels. Therefore, experts predict that the booming demand for online shopping would bolster the market for web-hosted services.