Virtual Private Network - A Smart Move towards Technological Growth Virtual Private Network Market

Published On: January 2018

Virtual private network, even if people don’t think so now, poses as a crucial necessity of the future–almost like the internet connection. Internet is still a digital jungle and hackers are still trying to access sensitive and confidential information. So, VPN makes a big difference in today’s world. The virtual private network is the extension of private network that allows users to access data remotely with secure tunnelling and encryption methods thereby allowing the business continuation towards huge growth.

VPN: Mobility for business continuation

The VPN enhances the productivity of an organizations as data is encapsulated into network protocols through a secure passage thereby minimizing and reducing the chances of data breaches and cyber-attacks. VPN offers security of private business data which might include customer information, product catalog, employee and customer information, company projections etc.. VPN provides a protocol by which the sharing of data with a particular subset of stakeholders is facilitated thereby helping in business continuity and reliability. VPN makes the operations more efficient, for instance, Brown Bear Corporation (dealing in manufacturing, utility applications and environmental applications) makes use of the VPN by allowing the Supervisory staff to connect via VPN to the office or the Brown Bear store to increase the management efficiently and reduce the drive time. On 28 October 2014, Cohesive Networks had announced their products launched on Microsoft Azure platform which is VNS3 advanced network security, routing, and VPN product.  

Usage of VPN for Improvising in IT industry

The emerging trend in the IT industry such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) creates room for Virtual Private Networks. The VPN allows more secure mode of communication when compared with other communications. The VPN allows corporates to communicate over a secure network via Internet protocol security, this inturn offers the communication to be secure even in public network. For instance, the VPNs are largely useful for employees who travel frequently for organizations work as it allows the individuals to access and communicate the company’s data directly with enhanced security. Businesses in the U.S uses the VPN services to boost their security and access the resources remotely. On March 3, 2015, Deutsche Telekom has launched Cloud VPN for SMEs and large enterprises. The companies are offering commercial services which is virtualized cloud-managed IT solution.  

Enhancement in functionalities

The flexibility of the VPN for a number of different service applications in the network, enhances the functionalities of VPN.  For instance, companies such as Orange Business Services are providing integrated public cloud service as a part of their VPN thereby supporting the pay-as-you-grow model. Additionally, the use of VPN along with the added cloud functionalities creates opportunities for the organizations Furthermore, the added features in the VPN such as unblocking services is widely used among users. The flexible data transmission options such as MPLS VPN which includes the usage of secure and high-performance IP network for data traffic, eliminates the usage of public internet.

What is hampering the adoption of VPN by the masses?

Performance related issues with the VPN is a challenge which hampers the performance which is directly related to the internet service provider thereby enforcing businesses to rely on the internet provider. In addition, the complexity issues for setting up and configuring the VPN is again becoming of the biggest issues in the performance of VPN and the complexities in setting up the VPNs need specialized teams that have a detailed knowledge of network security. The configuration procedures for the VPN requires proper attention in setting up the optimal security system to prevent cybercrimes. Furthermore, the insufficient bandwidth issues with rise in VPN connection users hampers the functionality of VPN. The system design implementation is very complex as it requires a professional high level of understanding to configure the settings of VPN which might cost companies with additional network specialist which indirectly impede VPN’s performance. It becomes inconvenient to get VPN solutions from different providers to work in synchrony with each other as the standard protocols used by these providers may differ which further adds to the complexity of the network. Thus, virtual private network has huge growth in the coming years.