Portable Electronics: The Key to Unlocking the True Potential of VCM Markets

Published On: October 2022

Vacuum coating is a process wherein thin films are created using a sub-atmospheric pressure environment. This process is furthermore accentuated with an atomic or molecular vapor source. However, PVD (physical vapor deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition are the two vacuum coating processes that are thought to be most desirable.

With the popularity of portable electronics and the adoptive regulations against dangerous synthetic compounds – the worker's priority is likely to propel market growth over a longer time range

Thus, the electronic sector remains the most prominent application market for vacuum coating re-equipment throughout the forecasted period. With many factors to include such as rising investments, technological advancements, digitalization, and 5G technology - the market continues to expand due to its consistent manufacture of micro electric devices as seeds layers for plating

Additionally, the solar-oriented hardware industry's expansion sets the trend for various nations to reduce their emissions of by-products from fossil fuels – which could spur growth and provide new marketing opportunities. But we must also consider the lack of qualified employees that may pause the current potential to keep this opportunity on hold.

Due to its initial low cost compared to other vacuum coating technologies, physical vapor deposition experiences the highest growth within the current market that values coating equipment globally. It also includes superior hardness, robust wear protection, oxidation resistance, and low friction values.

Previously, the CNBM Group had received equipment from the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES to construct CIGS thin film solar-powered modules. Further participation has also been agreed upon in the current Cadmium telluride (CdTe) – a thin film solar cell application area. Lastly, combining the four currently operational CIGS locations, CNBM envisions and a few additional productional locations for the CdTe sun-oriented cells have combined with a result volume exceeding one gigawatt.

The business employs various techniques that include acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and even developing innovative product and distribution agreements to capture that significant portion of the market. The study continues to provide an in-depth profile of these participants and helps evaluate their current position within the industry. These in-depth discussions continue to hold a company's history, annual revenue, R&D projects to profit margins, shares, SWOT, expansion, and an array of growth strategies.

Advantages of vacuum coating:

  • It provides a delicate surface with a smooth metal texture.

  • Colour remains monotonous, and a few varieties of silver add to producing multiple hues, such as seven hues, as magic blue and silver flash bulbs.

  • Multiple base material options are given, such as PC, ABS, and PMMS. (These are the only options available for water plating: ABS & ABS + PC).

  • The product contains light emissions creating a semi-transparent appearance with an indium tin coating.