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Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Market Outlook Reflects Industry Growth Owing To The Protective Advantages Of Glass Packaging

Published On: December 2022

According to the pharmaceutical glass packaging market outlook by Market Research Future, it is anticipated that the pharmaceutical glass packaging market will reach USD 8.41 billion during the projected period at a CAGR of 8.5%. Pharmaceutical packaging has many different purposes and applications. Pharmaceutical packaging providers and manufacturers generally employ packaging materials to preserve and safeguard medications. Liquid medications are frequently stored in glass bottles due to their strong barrier qualities. Because it is chemically inert, pharmaceutical glass container makers utilize this substance for more thorough protection. For safety concerns, glass pharmaceutical bottles are frequently equipped with child-resistant lids. Because of their protective quality, amber glass bottles are utilized more often in terms of visibility. There is a reduced danger of contact with leachable compounds since it shields the medication from ultraviolet radiation, which can harm the product.
Types of Glass Packaging Wide varieties of glasses are used for pharmaceutical packaging, including:

  1. Borosilicate glass

Type I borosilicate glass can survive high temperatures because of its high melting point, strong hydrolytic resistance, chemical resistance, decreased leaching action, and sterilizing resistance. Type I borosilicate glass is utilized for laboratory glass equipment, water for injection, and parenteral and non-parenteral usage.

  1. Treated soda-lime glass

Treated soda-lime glass is mostly impervious to water damage. The surface alkaline oxides are neutralized by sulfur treatment, which increases the chemical resistance of the glass. High hydrolytic resistance characterizes it. Containers for alkali-sensitive items, infusion fluids, blood, and plasma, are all made of soda-lime glass that has undergone treatment.

  1. Regular soda-lime glass

Regular soda-lime glass containers have large alkaline oxides, giving aqueous substances alkalinity. These containers also crack easily and may shatter when subjected to sudden temperature fluctuations. It has a mediocre hydrolytic resistance. All solid dose forms (tablets, powders, and so on) and greasy injections are served in regular soda-lime glass.

  1. General-purpose soda-lime glass

Non-parenteral glass is a soda-lime glass for general use. The general purpose of this type of soda-lime glass is exclusively employed topically and orally. It is subjected to several tests, including the glass grains test and the surface glass test for hydrolytic resistance to identify the kind of glass.
Important tests for medical packaging glasses
Glass containers for the pharmaceutical business must undergo evaluation tests to ensure their appropriateness for the process. Among these are some of the important tests that medical packaging glasses should undergo,

Benefits of glass packaging
Glass has several advantages in the packaging of medicinal treatments. It is incredibly strong, perfect for bulk shipping, provides no health risk, does not chemically react with the substance, and colored glass can shield light-sensitive drugs from UV rays. Although glass can be difficult to handle at times and is prone to shattering when dropped, it has several advantages that other components do not. According to the pharmaceutical glass packaging market analysis, these benefits keep it ahead of other materials in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
Temperature Tolerant

Pharmaceuticals must be stored at their appropriate temperature since even little changes might impair the medicine's characteristics. Glass packaging is excellent for managing product temperature since it does not react to temperature changes by changing shape or leaking chemicals.

Chemically Unreactive

Glass is a robust, non-reactive substance that will not leak anything into the liquid contained within any glass container. This aspect is exceptionally crucial for pharmaceuticals, as medications are made up of precise balances of ingredients to form the proper mixture that will treat the patient. If anything gets into this delicate equilibrium, the treatment is unlikely to be as effective.
It does not leak or seize. Some plastics can leak Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical in many plastics known to have negative effects on the brain and blood pressure when consumed. Although research has yet to establish this worry decisively, if one has any concerns about the use of plastic to package their drugs, they should go for glass pharmaceutical packaging.

It is simple to sterilize.

Glass is so simple to sterilize because it retains its structure when subjected to high boiling degrees, making it simple to destroy any hazardous bacteria and germs. Glass may also be heated after drying to ensure it does not fracture!
Future of medical packaging
As per pharmaceutical glass packaging market analysis, glass is still the favored pharmaceutical packaging material. Its advantages significantly exceed the minor downsides. With most packaging heading toward sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, recycled glass is already ahead of the game. While glass may become obsolete when better materials are created to enclose life-saving medicines, it will remain an essential material for the foreseeable future.

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