Machine Control System – Market and Technological developments

Published On: March 2018

Market Overview:

Machine Control Systems are highly sophisticated systems designed for efficient and optimal execution of operation like construction, infrastructure planning, marine, agriculture and many others. These systems are connected in combination with the machines like excavators, dozers, drilling, and others. One of the main benefits of working with the machine control system is the replacement of traditional survey pegs. Machine control system, with the help of positioning system and global navigation satellite system, marks the ground for precise and efficient machine operation. There has been continuous development in this market to ensure maximum efficiency level. The growing popularity of airborne systems in infrastructure planning, and growth in navigation system is what fuels the market growth.

Market Development

The market for machine control system is all occupied by product announcement, product expansion, and product launch. There has been a bunch of new product developments and product launches from the supply side, core manufacturers, and their customers. The companies had earlier acquired and partnered with companies from different verticals to strengthen their product lineup. Recent developments are being made in the event of a positioning system, satellite navigation system, and airborne systems for precise and efficient operation.

A startup named, Opto 22, is working on developing a technology for industrial control. The company claims that this technology will completely change the process of automation. The company consists of some of the very experienced members holding extensive industry experience. The company believes that the new system developed by the company “groove Epic” will help the automation engineers and system developers to face the challenges in automation and IIoT. As automation is gaining its roots in every industry, it has a considerable significance for machine control system. Especially in the field of construction and marine where automation is making tremendous impact. The companies plying in the machine control system market strongly believe in the strategy of product launch and development.

Another major product launch witnessed in the machine control system market was made by the Global Inkjet systems (GIS). They recently launched a new GIS Head Management Board (HMB-FD-GMA). The company is a leading provider of software and system and software components for OEM’s and system builders. The company had designed this new system to work in combination with GIS Atlas Machine Control System Software. This software is used for managing the printing and another sub-system process, including a 3D print of the model. The end users using this technology are now entirely relying on software for model development for machine control system.

Trimble is one of the leading manufacturers and service provider of machine control system. The company has been in various acquisitions, partnerships, and product developments. Trimble recently had announced a new mobile mapping solution, known as Trimble MX9. The system developed by Trimble works in a mixture with vehicle-mounted Lidar system, multi-camera imaging, and field software. The company believes that this combination of hardware and software is for efficient, precise, and high-volume data capture for applications such as surveys, location mapping, 3D modeling, and asset management. Competing with Trimble, Topcon Positioning Group recently announced their new 3D machine control system to deliver fast, flexible, and easy aftermarket solutions. The new system is designed to maximize the excavator output by nearly 30%. The system holds an integrated GNSS antenna and is designed to work also in the harsh environment. The Topcon construction business unit also claims that the system is made for smooth transition improving the productivity and more efficient solutions.

Partnership and Collaboration

The market for machine control system is booming, and its main contribution goes to the market players. These market players had implemented their strategies earlier to acquire some of the emerging companies in the machine control system market. Companies such as Trimble, Topcon, and Leica Geosystem are investing capital in partnerships, collaboration, and acquisitions to enhance their product lineup in the market. Recently, Trimble and Sumitomo went under a collaboration to combine Trimble Earthwork semi-automatic excavator’s machine control with Sumitomo Excavators. Both the companies consider that this collaboration will allow the Sumitomo customers to choose 2D machine Guidance or 2D machine control options for their excavators. These systems are acquired by the construction equipment manufacturers, known as factory fit systems.

The two companies entered a partnership to develop an application program interface (API), to exchange the 3D site data gathered on the field. The two companies see the connection to support Komatsu’s KomConnect Platform with Trimble Connect Software so that the data collected can be used to grade and level surfaces. The market will keep experiencing such acquisitions and mergers for an enhanced product portfolio.

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