A New Era of scientific discovers? Live Blood Cell Analysis Treatment and Market Analysis Forecasts to 2025

Published On: April 2016

About the article

This article provides an overview about the global Live Blood Cell Analysis market during the forecast period 2016-2027, there by offering insights on key present growth indicators and forecast indicators such as drivers, restrains, opportunities and trends that are involved in shaping the market.

About Live Blood Cells Analysis

 Live Cell Blood Cell Analysis which is also known as dark field video analysis, nutritional blood analysis, vital hematology, biocytonics and several other names.   Human blood is the best way to assess whether therapy is working or not. It is a simple methods used by most to obtain a quick and accurate assessment of human blood. Live Cell Analysis is one of the many aspects of alternative medicines .This analysis is done on materials of the human body which is not visible in dark backgrounds. With only a sample of blood taken virtually without any pain from your finger the test is capable of providing over 25 aspects from your live blood, it now allows us to observe multiple vitamins and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, reasons towards allergies and infections, excess fat circulation, liver weakness and arteriosclerosis.  

How does it work?

Live blood cell analysis is carried on by placing a drop of blood from the patients fingertip on a microscope slide under the glass cover slip to keep it from drying. The slide is then viewed at high magnifications with a dark field microscope that forwards the image to a television monitor. Both the patient and the practitioner can see the blood cells, which appear as dark bodies outlined in white. The practitioner may take videos or polaroid picture for himself and the patient the results are then used as a basis for prescribing supplements.

Live blood cell analysis is a very valuable tool as a “Stress Test” and can be used to diagnose any disease, it can show

  1. The condition of red blood cells

  2. Acid/alkaline balance in the body

  3. Free radical damage to the blood cells and the need of antioxidants

  4. The tendency to develop atherosclerotic plaque

  5. Bacteria, candida/yeast/fungi

  6. Evidence of hormonal imbalance

  7. Uric acid crystals and risk of gout

  8. Poor circulation and oxygen levels

  9.   Folic acid and iron deficiencies

What it cannot show!

  • Blood type 

  • Blood sugar levels

  • Parasitic infection and heavy metal exposure.

Market growth Influencer

In this generation the youth and the middle age people have become so addicted to their work that they have no time left for them to have a check on their health, they earn a lot but why? They earn so that they can take care of themselves when in need, buy the best practitioner, equipment’s and technology there is and the best come with a high price tag which everyone is ready to pay. The health care market is such a market where if some comes up with a new effective solution be it any price the market is bound to boom. And for Live blood cell analysis it is the same, there are many in the market who propose that they can spot cancer but Live Blood Cell Analysis has a prominent chance of capturing 3 out of 12 patients with cancer and if it can be done there is no stopping the demand and growth of this market. In the US Live blood cell analysis is used by about 10,000 doctors and increasing also by chiropractors, having so many positives it is assured that Live blood cell analysis is going to be a market influencer and be high in demand and it easily can be a stand out methodology in the health care market.