Industrial Dust Collector Market- Steady Rise in the Annual Valuation of the construction industry

Published On: April 2018

Market Overview

The growing use of industrial dust collector by the manufacturing industries will result in growing demand for the dust collector. There has also been the use of NEMA premium efficient fan motors that are designed to improve the overall performance of the energy utilized in the dust collector. This will change the buying preference of the company and will result in the growth of the market during the forecast period. The manufacturing industries have a great influence on the environment due to the emission of airborne contaminates and other harmful exhaust gas. The industrial dust collector helps reduce the emission and safeguard the environment. The ability to achieve environmental compliance will result in the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Growth Factors

The U.S. spending on construction has been steadily rising over the past couple of years. The total valuation of annual construction in the year 2015 was USD 823,303 million, which rose USD 898,686 million in the year 2016. This steady rise in annual construction valuation is expected to have a positive impact on the global dust collector market. Total valuation of annual construction in the  U.K. was valued at USD 115,225 million in the year 2015. The steady rise in the annual valuation of the construction industry will drive the dust collector market during the forecast.

The global expenditure in construction has been rising for a considerable time. The growth in construction industry is mainly due to rising demand for commercial and residential buildings across the globe.  The growth in the construction industry is expected to have a trickledown effect in the dust collector market. Providing it with increasing demand during the forecast period. The construction industry is currently rebounding form the 2008 economic crash, and with the recovering construction industry the construction equipment industry is recovering as well.  Although growing at different rate, the construction equipment manufacturers are doing their best to meet the steadily increasing demand in the market. The industrial dust collector manufacturers have been tackling the increasing demand in the construction industry, specifically strong growth in international markets is showing no signs of slowing down.  The growing demand in the construction industry is directly complimenting the growth of the dust collector market.  The recovering construction industry is providing dust collector manufacturer immense opportunities for growth and development. Additionally with the increasing application of dust collectors in the construction industry, the market is witnessing significant growth and developing new revenue streams.  In conclusion the rise in the number of application of dust collectors in the construction industry is expected to push the demand in the global industrial dust collector market.  With major manufacturers in the market pushing and aggressively launching new product tailored for the construction application, the overall dust collector industry is expected to register high growth rate during the forecast period. Rising awareness among individuals regarding contaminants in construction dust is also beckoning increase application of industrial dust collectors in construction sector.

Geographic Overview

The Canadian government have signed various agreements to improve the quality of air by reducing the dust content in the environment. The Canada & U.S. Air Quality Agreement, signed on 13th March 1991, will lead to increased demand for dust collector, hence will lead to the growth of the market in Canada.

The German Air Pollutant Regulation named Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control has been formed to control the air pollution in the environment. The government has created stringent limit value and measures to reduce the emission. This will significantly increase the demand for dust collectors to reduce the emission, which will drive the market.

The National Air Pollutant Emission Reduction Plan in France has been set to reduce the overall emission control. The EU air quality policy results in achieving air quality standard, which will increase the demand for dust collector in industrial sector. This will enhance the growth of the market during the forecast period.

The air quality in Japan has been improved drastically over the past few years with the growing economy due to stringent legislation. The Ministry of Environment in Japan has set some national emission standards that regulate the industrial emission. The export and production has increased, due to which the domestic sales has boosted. The Japanese government have taken measures to reduce CO2 emission. This reduction in CO2 emission will lead to increased use of dust collectors.

South Korea has experienced rapid growth in the economy due to the development in industrial and manufacturing industry. The development will result in increased dust generation from the industry, which will boost the demand for industrial dust collector. This will result in the growth of the market during the forecast period.