Eyelashes Enhancing Agents: A Change in The Market Scenario of Cosmetic Industry

Published On: November 2017

Eyelashes Enhancing Agents: Market Overview

Eyelash enhancing agents comprise of a unique formula with lash enhancement, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that collaboratively works to support and improve the overall appearance of eyelashes. It works for most of the people, moreover the lashes become fuller and little darker after application. The ingredients present in formulation of these agents are mild to the skin and have soothing and calming properties. The combination of some ingredients in the serum, functions as effective moisturizers, as strengthening agents and conditioners. However, the cost is reasonable and affordable for most people and has no side effects such as irritation to the eyes.

The market for eyelashes enhancing agents has been on the rise over the past few years. Based on MRFR analysis, the market for eyelash enhancing agents is expected to reach around USD 513.44 million by 2023 from USD 348.00 million in 2016 at CAGR of 5.83%. The growth and innovation in the cosmetic industry, will continue to evolve in future.

How is the market situation currently?

Currently eyelashes enhancing agents such as enhancer serum, herbal remedies, and products containing bimatoprost are the most widely used ones. Eyelash enhancer serum comes with various applications such as for nourishing eyelashes and repairing damaged eyelashes. On the other hand, increasing dominance of eye inflammations such as madarosis and blepharitis will increase the demand for eyelashes enhacing agents in the coming future. Growing competition has strengthened the research & development activity and thus, has led to the introduction of innovation in cosmetic industry. To sustain the increasing competition, the companies are focusing on generic products than branded ones. Many branded products face patent expiry and are costly as compared to the genetic eyelashes enhancing agents which in turn create opportunities for the companies to come up with new advanced products.

Companies like Sandoz (A Novartis Division) launched generic version of Latisse in December, 2016 which is a branded product of Allergen Plc. Now many companies are focusing on research & development to introduce better and advanced products. For instance, Sandoz is marketing bimatoprost containing product to strength as the branded product.

Factors limiting market growth?

The only disadvantage for eyelashes enhancing agents is side-effects. In some cases there are noticeable side-effects due to extensive use of eyelashes enhancing agents. The most common side-effects are irritated and red eyes. In some cases there is irregular eyelash growth due to some products contains prostaglandin analog. Additionally, adverse effects caused by patented products may impact negatively by slowing the market growth. Furthermore, changes in chemicals used in eyelashes enhancing agents may show some adverse impact.

Moreover, eyelashes extensions are synthetic eyelashes applied to natural eyelashes to enhance thickness, length, and curl.  Growing demand of eyelashes extensions may limit the market growth to some extent.   

What is future of the eyelashes enhancing agents market?

The technology uses an aqueous fluid to bind multiple layers of powder together to create a wide range of products in cosmetic industry and LashDip is one of the innovative cosmetic product for eyelashes that has transformed the eyelashes enhancing agents industry. LashDip is a black gel eyelash coating of the highest quality ingredients available. LashDip are weightless pieces of fine silk in varying lengths and natural curves which are designed exclusively to correct or embellish the natural eyelash.

Lash tinting is trending as well and is the expected future of eyelashes in cosmetic industry. Eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes and enhances their appearance and defines the lashes with intensified color. Moreover, eyelash tinting is a quick procedure and takes only 15 minutes and the effects can last for as long as four to six weeks.

Additionally, LED eyelashes might be the next big beauty trend in future as they are not available in market as yet but soon may create a new trend in cosmetic industries. Technology on face might not sound the safest idea, but the LED eyelashes are apparently legal. As they work by attaching eyelids with regular glue, while a tiny battery is attached to head using hair clips and two invisible wires then connect the battery to each eyelash strip, leaving it ready to glow.

The ever developing field of cosmetic industry will witness an exponential uptake of innovative trends out of sheer convenience to impart a better customer satisfaction and effective remediation. Moreover, geographical expansion in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions is one of the key opportunities to expand in the global market