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Emergency Department Information System: Due to high customer satisfaction of enterprise solution, the EDIS market expected to move toward enterprise solutions rather than Best-of-Breed solutions

Published On: May 2018

Market SummaryEmergency department information systems are electronic health record systems which are designed specifically to manage data and workflow to support emergency department patient care and operations.
This system is both workflow and a data collection tool designed to capture real-time information about patients and to support the operational control of emergency departments.  On the basis of component, emergency department information systems are divided into hardware, software, and services. The software is further sub-segmented into enterprise solutions and best-of-breed solutions.
Hardware’s include both the IT infrastructure and end-user workstations items such as servers, routers, wiring, accessories and systems that are required to implement the software. Software’s are used to perform the clinical and administrative functions in the emergency department

Healthcare and its supporting IT infrastructure are going through dramatic changes, all of which impact the claims management process and led to improving the technology. Many healthcare organization uses robotic process automation, intelligent EDI integration, insurance discovery and patient solutions all within its workflow platform to dramatically enhance the collections process. Adoption of the software has increased the profit.

In developing regions such as Asia Pacific the infrastructure and technology are continuously developing. A number of different multinational and local companies are involved in developing their market in this region owing to the developing economy and increasing government support. An increasing number of healthcare companies have provided a good opportunity for the development of the emergency department information system market.

Moreover, there has been increasing number of hospitals for advanced and timely treatment.
The increasing number of hospitals in developed and developing countries are propelling the growth of the emergency department information system market
. For instance, according to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, India is home to around
1, 96,312 hospitals. Additionally, according to American Hospital Association, America has around 5,534 registered hospitals. Similarly, according to World Health Organization, Europe had around 2901 hospitals as of 2014.This huge number of hospitals is giving way to growth in the emergency department information system market

 Furthermore, there has been an increase in the number of emergency departments in the U.S. in the past few years. According to a survey conducted by the National Emergency Department, the number of emergency rooms is anticipated to be more than 10,000, by 2022. This increase in emergency departments will further influence the growth of the market in the region.

Moreover, the high adoption of emergency department information systems by hospitals in countries such as the U.S. and Canada accounted for the large market share. The awareness among hospitals that annually more than 120 million U.S. individuals visit the emergency department of all ages and backgrounds and use emergency department information system enhances the hospitals workflow and reduce paperwork.

Enterprise Solutions Customer Satisfaction:  The market is on the verge of shifting from best-of-breed to enterprise solutions

There are two types of emergency department information systems namely Best-of-Bread and enterprise solution. Globally Best of the breed have all the functions that a clinician requires to take care of patients; they have good user interfaces and relatively easy documentation tools, whereas enterprise solutions are slower in these applications but have the advantage of integration with the other applications in the system. Lack of integration by best of breed leads to diagnostic errors, communication errors, eventually leading to inefficient work. This inefficiency of best of the breed to integrate has led to customer’s inclination towards enterprise solutions. Application integration and functionality differ between vendors for the software.

Epic Systems with its enterprise solutions, is garnering a large number of customers as compared to best-of-breed solutions. Due to the high-quality integration features of an enterprise solution, the market is on the verge of shifting from best-of-breed to enterprise solutions. This shift is a major advantage to vendors developing enterprise solutions. Companies such as Wellsoft, Healthland, T-System, and Picis are the emerging players in the emergency department information system market.

Investments in the Emergency Department Information System Market

The investment in the emergency department information system market depends on various factors, including pricing for emergency department information system services, government support, regional demand for the emergency department information system services and cost of development.

The companies that are a well-established brand in the market have a variety of emergency department information system services and holds a large market share. The cost for emergency department information system set-ups is high, and a majority of users trust the well-developed brand. Thus, these major companies can get a premium cost for their products, which gives a predominant profit for their money invested. In most of the cases, innovation is the most important strategy for the development of the market. Similarly, investing in research & development to introduce new products with innovative technology can gain the leverage of capturing the maximum market share for the global emergency department information system market. Furthermore, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases eventually leads to rising emergency department visits. These factors play an important role in enhancing the global emergency department information system market. As there is a limited number of manufacturers involved in the market, many countries are encouraging the manufacturers to enter the emergency department information system market. This can be seen in terms of increasing government incentives for the use various emergency department information system services and products. The emergency department information system manufacturers can grab these opportunities by investing in developing countries like India, China, and others. These developing nations have a large patient population, low labor cost, and a rapidly developing healthcare IT sector.

Then, what is the future?

Till date, Best-of-Breed was the most preferred solution by the end-users. However, it is observed that the customer satisfaction from enterprise solution is expected to shift the market towards enterprise solution. Moreover, Best-of-Breed solution enterprise vendors would come up with new developments to compete with enterprise solution vendors.

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