WI-SUN Technology Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global WI-SUN Technology Market Research Report: By Component (Hardware Products, Software Solutions, Services), By Application (Smart Meters, Smart Street Lightings, Smart Building, and Industrial Application, Others) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/ICT/7223-CR | January 2020 | Region: Global | 135 pages

WI-SUN Market Analysis

Global Wi-SUN Technology Market is predicted to touch USD 6013.2 million at a whopping 25.5% CAGR between 2019- 2025. WI-SUN is a network utility that is a smart network that offers wireless communication. The speciality of this network is that it supports devices with low power devices. The need for higher customer experience is leading to high growth in the Wi-SUN technology market. The demand from various verticals is constantly surging due to a wide range of benefits. These networks can optimize the network. Most of the energy consumption building offers this utility.

In recent years, the need for efficiency in power and connectivity is leading to higher adoption of WI-SUN. The regions that have less investment for networks and wireless communications have higher adoption. The WI-SUN is specially designed for areas with fewer investments. The government initiatives for the Wi-SUN technology market are high.

Emerging economies such as Huawei and other Asia Pacific markets have a higher penetration of this network. Both products and services segments of the Wi-SUN technology market will bring high profitability. The ongoing trend of smart cities and connected devices will create exceptional opportunities in the market. All these factors are expected to offer high value for the market. As per the Wi-sun Technology Market Forecast growth is remarkable. 

COVID Analysis 

The outbreak of covid 19 is causing plenty of problems for global markets. Low supply chain, demand and production are witnessed in many markets. Other network and software industries witness less deployment of technologies. The WI-SUN Technology Market has had few challenges in the period. The deployment of this product is declining. There are deployment issues in the market. WI-SUN technology has massive demand in many sectors.

Due to work from home and various operations need for efficient networks is rising. Cost efficiency of the market is attracting many end users. The energy efficiency building has high adoption of the Wi-SUN technology market. There is high demand but disruptions lead to delayed deployment. Work from home setting is expanding WI-SUN.

In the upcoming years, the demand for the market is expected to surge sharply. Post covid 19, the scenario of the market is expected to be exceptional. As per WI-SUN Technology Market Analysis New developments and adoptions will happen.  

Market Dynamics 

  • Crucial Market Drivers 

The rise in smart cities is a crucial driver of Wi-sun technology market. The ongoing trend of smart cities will have a positive impact on the market. Connected devices are prevalent in smart cities. For enhanced customer experience, the services in the building are improved. The adoption rate is expected to be immense in upcoming years. Due to smart building, the awareness about the WI-SUN technology is higher.

Further, governmental initiatives will lead to higher market growth opportunities. Many governments are encouraging cost-efficient and energy-efficient networks. These networks are beneficial in the long run. WI-SUN is one such service that comes with cost-efficient and energy-efficient benefits. The demand for the Wi-SUN technology market is widening in many verticals.

The healthcare, energy, utilities, logistics and transportation industries have a higher penetration of the WI-SUN network. The demand from various verticals will increase WI-SUN Technology Market Profit. Need for ensuring connections are another factor leading to growth. The bank and finance sectors require highly secure connections. These markets have important transactions. These operations are secured through the Wi-sun connection. These crucial drivers will contribute to higher WI-SUN Technology Market Growth. 

  • The Market Growth Opportunities 

Technological advancements in the market will lead to high growth possibilities. The hardware and software are improving. There are wireless sensors, routers, controllers and wireless modules in the market. This gateway of the Wi-SUN market will witness these developments. Further, silicon software solutions of the market are enhancing.

Due to the developments in the hardware and software market operations are improving. Exceptional metering services, lighting networks and asset management functions of the Wi-SUN technology market will grow. These technological developments are expanding the growth opportunities in the market.

Further, the rising development in reach is another development opportunity for the market. Investments for the research for the market are constantly growing. Many applications are possible through WI-SUN. This research will provide exceptional scope for the market. All these will move overall profitability in the next few years. Demand from emerging markets will further expand the growth of the Wi-SUN technology market. 

  • The Market Restraints 

There is a lack of awareness about cyber attacks in many regions. Many enterprises do not take this seriously. The damages of cyber attacks are reducing. However, the WI-SUN technology was witnessing high-security concerns. This network is utilized by many regions. Crucial organisations such as health, telecom and other industries are higher.

These security concerns can massively affect the overall functions of this market. Furthermore, lack of awareness is another restraint of the market. The energy efficiency and power consumptions benefits of the technology are unaware in many regions. This can be a drawback in the overall market. The revenue rates can decline due to these reasons. 

  • The Market Challenges 

The WI-SUN is a unique network infrastructure. However, there are only fewer organisations that are compatible with the operations of this network. The availability of fewer infrastructures to adopt this network is a restraint. The transformation for other networks it WI-SUN is an issue due to these challenges. Further, the demand for the market is high from emerging nations.

However, the penetration and availability of these drives in emerging markets os less. Lesser adoptions among these countries can impede the growth trend. The rapid technological development in the market is another challenge. This network infrastructure has many upgrades. However, it is difficult for the organisation to adopt all the changes in the network. These challenges lessen the overall expansion rate in the forecast period. 

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis 

The WI-SUN Technology Market Trends is stable in the forecast period. The ongoing trend of smart buildings is leading to high demand in the market. The need for a secure connection is another factor driving demand in this region. Unique network features and energy-efficient is a feature that attracts many end-users to the Wi-SUN technology market.

 Lack of awareness about e cyber attacks is a serious restraint in the market. The increasing security issues are challenging factors. The adoption can decline immensely due to this factor. The compatibility issues in the market are some o the restraints that can affect market operations. 

  • Value Chain Analysis 

The WI-SUN Technology Business trends are stable in North America. The rapid technological advancements in the market will lead to high growth possibilities. The adoption of the WI-SUN is massive in the market. These are fewer barriers that decline the growth in this market. Various compatible networks help to establish WI-SUN connectivity. US and Canada are key regions with high investments.

The rapid urbanisation is leading to high WI-SUN establishments. Manufacturing markets have a high demand for the market. Even the industries in this sector are rapidly adopting WI-SUN. North America is estimated to record the highest revenue for the market. A wide range of enterprises and smart buildings will contribute to the high growth rate of the Wi-SUN technology market. 

Segment Overview 

By Component 

  • Software 

  • Hardware 

  • Services 

By Applications 

  • Smart meters

  • Smart street lights 

  • Smart building 

By Region 

  • Europe 

  • North America 

  • Asia pacific 

  • Middle East Africa 

Competitive Landscape 

The competition in the WI-SUN technology is less. However, energy-efficient networks are rapidly rising. In the forecast period, new entrances are expected. 

Also, there are investment possibilities from large enterprises for the market. The key players are taking steps to increase awareness for security solutions. Product variations and technological advancements are part of the market developments. The key players of the Wi-SUN technology market are making new partnerships and market expansion strategies during this period. 

Regional Analysis 

The WI-SUN Technology Industry is fragmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. The early adoption of WI-SUN is the cause for the immense demand. Also, the region is known for its large scale enterprises. These enterprises require advanced and energy-efficient networks. The need to safeguard organisations from cyber threats is massive. The investment rate is also higher in the region. 

Therefore, the initial cost is not a barrier to the market demand. The North American region will witness high profitability rates during the forecast period. Also, all WI-SUN Technology Market Segments have high demand in these regions. The key players will make plenty of developments in the market. Further, the demand in the Asia Pacific region is also constantly escalating. The smart building has higher adoption of Wi-sun in these regions. 

The key players of the WI-SUN technology market are 

  1. Analog Devices, Inc.

  2. Cisco Systems Inc.

  3. Texas Instruments Incorporated

  4. Itron

  5. Brilliant Holdings Inc.

  6. Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  7. Rohm Semiconductor

  8. Renesas Electronics Corporation

  9. Landis + Gyr

  • Toshiba Corporation

Recent Developments 

  1. The services range of the WI-SUN technology is rising in Asia pacific. 

  1. The key players in North America are establishing innovations in the market. 

Report Overview 

  1. Market Overview Highlights 

  2. Analysis Based Upon COVID 19

  3. Explanation Upon The Market Dynamics

  4. Value Chain Analysis

  5. Market Segmentation Overview

  6. The Regional Analysis

  7. Competitive Landscape Analysis

  8. Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The WI-SUN technology market is anticipated to register 25.5% CAGR.

By 2025, the valuation of the WI-SUN technology market is supposed to be USD 6013.2 Mn.

Increasing adoption of smart technologies, coupled with the rising demand for optimization of energy use, is anticipated to lead the growth of the WI-SUN technology market.

Asia Pacific is likely to exhibit a CAGR of 29.1% CAGR.

In 2018, the value of the WI-SUN technology market in APAC was USD 362.51 Mn.

The applications of the technology are - smart building and industrial applications, smart meters, smart street lightings, and others.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (the US), Renesas Electronics Corp. (Japan), TOSHIBA Corp. (Japan), OMRON Corporation (Japan), Landis+Gyr (Switzerland), Itron (US), Trilliant (US), Fuji Electric Co., Ltd (Japan), Analog Devices (England), Rohm Semiconductor (Japan), Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Japan), and OSAKI (Japan) are the key players of the WI-SUN technology market.