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Wheat Germ Oil Market Trends

ID: MRFR//10940-HCR | 128 Pages | Author: Varsha More| July 2024

Global Wheat Germ Oil Market Overview

Wheat Germ Oil Market Size was valued at USD 0.25 Billion in 2022. The Wheat Germ Oil Market industry is projected to grow from USD 0.26 Billion in 2023 to USD 0.48 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.50% during the forecast period (2023 - 2032). The cosmetics and personal care industry has incorporated wheat germ oil into a range of products, such as moisturizers and anti-aging creams, and the trend toward plant-based and organic products is expected to be a significant market driver for the Wheat Germ Oil Market.

Global Wheat Germ Oil Market Overview

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Wheat Germ Oil Market Trends

  • Increasing consumer awareness regarding health benefits and increasing preference for natural and organic products is driving the market growth

Globa Market CAGR for wheat germ oil is being driven by the Increasing consumer awareness regarding health benefits and increasing preference for natural and organic products. The Wheat Germ Oil market has witnessed substantial growth driven by heightened consumer awareness regarding its health benefits. As per DSM Consumer Insights, a survey reveals that a substantial 60% of consumers acknowledge that the pandemic has instilled a lasting awareness of the importance of proactively preventing health issues by embracing a healthier lifestyle. This trend is not merely a short-term response but a durable influence. Although fewer consumers expressed immediate concerns about COVID-19 in April 2022 (44%), as compared to the more heightened worry in April 2020 (76%), there remains a consistent inclination towards making substantial dietary adjustments. In both survey instances, 73% of respondents indicated their intent to prioritize healthier eating and drinking habits. Wheat germ oil, rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, offers positive impacts on skin health, cardiovascular well-being, and overall health. This has resonated with health-conscious consumers actively seeking natural and nutrient-rich products, consequently elevating the demand for wheat germ oil.

Additionally, the market's expansion is propelled by the increasing preference for natural and organic products. According to the APEDA, the total organic production of India was 3,240,349 metric tons in the year 2021. Wheat germ oil's natural derivation from wheat kernels, devoid of synthetic additives and chemicals, aligns seamlessly with this trend. This alignment has led to a surge in the adoption of wheat germ oil across various industries, including cosmetics, skincare, and the food sector. Particularly, the cosmetics and personal care industry has experienced a surge in the utilization of wheat germ oil as a key ingredient in moisturizers, serums, and anti-aging products.

As a result, it is anticipated that throughout the projection period, demand for the Wheat Germ Oil Market will increase due to the Increasing consumer awareness regarding health benefits and increasing preference for natural and organic products. Thus, driving the Wheat Germ Oil Market revenue.

Wheat Germ Oil Market Segment Insights

Wheat Germ Oil Market Food Products Insights

The Wheat Germ Oil Market segmentation, based on Food Products includes Pasta, Edible Oils, Snacks, Cereals, and Germ-enriched Bread. The edible oils segment dominated the market, accounting for 58% of market revenue (0.14 Billion). In response to a growing trend of heightened health consciousness among consumers, there is an increasing demand for edible oils with perceived health benefits. According to figures from the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2019-2028, per capita consumption of vegetable oil is projected to rise by an annual rate of 0.9%. Notably, China is expected to lead with a per capita consumption of approximately 30 kg, while Brazil is estimated to reach around 24 kg per capita. In developing nations, the per capita consumption of vegetable oil is projected to reach 27 kg, with a growth rate of 0.4% per year. Wheat germ oil, with its notable vitamin E content and associated antioxidant properties, is being recognized as a natural and health-promoting option, particularly for its potential benefits in supporting skin health and bolstering the immune system.

Figure 1: Wheat Germ Oil Market, by Food Products, 2022 & 2032 (USD Billion)

Wheat Germ Oil Market, by Food Products, 2022 & 2032

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Wheat Germ Oil Market Applications Insights

The Wheat Germ Oil Market segmentation, based on Applications includes Capsules, Soft gel, Skincare, Hair care, Dietary supplements, and Others. The skincare segment dominated the market, accounting for 58% of market revenue (0.14 Billion). In the beauty and skincare industry, there has been a notable shift towards the adoption of natural and organic products. According to a blog post by ESW in July 2022, 43% of consumers within a specific age group exhibit a preference for natural skincare, surpassing the 31% preference observed in the overall consumer population in the United States. This trend reflects the increasing consumer demand for skincare items devoid of synthetic chemicals and enriched with natural, easily recognizable ingredients. Wheat germ oil, as a naturally derived ingredient, aligns seamlessly with this prevailing trend due to its minimal processing and its appeal as a clean-label ingredient.

Wheat Germ Oil Market Distribution Channels Insights

The Wheat Germ Oil Market segmentation, based on Distribution Channels includes Store-based Retail, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Specialty Stores, Convenience Stores, and Online Retailing. The online retailing segment dominated the market, accounting for 60% of market revenue (0.15 Billion). One of the primary drivers behind the surge in online retail for wheat germ oil is the accessibility it offers to a broader array of brands and products. Consumers have the opportunity to explore numerous brands, compare pricing, and peruse product reviews, enabling them to make more well-informed purchasing decisions. This accessibility has empowered niche and specialized brands to reach a wider audience, contributing to the diversification and growth of the market.

Wheat Germ Oil Market Regional Insights

By region, the study provides market insights into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. The anticipated expansion of the Wheat Germ Oil market in North America can be attributed to several key factors. Another critical driver is the robust and diverse food and beverage industry in North America. A notable trend is the increasing consumption of plant-based foods, with more than half of consumers in the United States reporting higher consumption, and this trend is projected to continue in 2022. Plant-based diets have seen a remarkable 300% increase among Americans over the past 15 years. Furthermore, the retail sales of plant-based food alternatives are anticipated to reach $162 billion by 2030, a substantial rise from $29.4 billion in 2020. Wheat germ oil is widely employed in various food products, including salad dressings, cooking oils, and functional foods. North America's culinary diversity and innovative food processing techniques have made it easier to incorporate wheat germ oil into a wide array of recipes and products. This appeals to consumers who are seeking products that not only offer exceptional taste but also deliver significant nutritional value, aligning perfectly with the plant-based food trend and the broader food industry developments.

Further, the major countries studied in the market report are the US, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil.



Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Europe's Wheat Germ Oil Market accounts for the second-largest market share as Europe has embraced a holistic approach to well-being, with consumers understanding the direct link between skincare practices and their overall health. According to a survey by Forea, skincare product sales, including cleansers and moisturizers, experienced a notable increase of 10% to 20% in the European region in 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a striking 96% of consumers chose to invest in skincare products over makeup. Wheat germ oil, with its natural and nutrient-rich composition, aligns perfectly with this wellness perspective. Moreover, data from CBI indicates that in 2020, the natural and organic cosmetic market in Europe reached a valuation of €3.89 billion, up from €3.64 billion in 2018. This growth rate of 7% exceeded the overall growth rate of the European cosmetic market. It's noteworthy that this segment, although growing rapidly, still constitutes only 5% of the total cosmetic market. Europe is not only a significant market for cosmetic ingredients but also a major exporter of high-quality cosmetics. Beyond generating €80 billion in sales within Europe, the region also manufactured and exported an additional €24 billion worth of cosmetic products to the rest of the world. Wheat germ oil, with its potential to enhance skin health, promote hair quality, and provide overall nutritional value, can cater to these preferences. Consumers seeking integrated solutions for their well-being are more likely to choose products containing wheat germ oil. Further, the German Wheat Germ Oil Market held the largest market share, and the UK Wheat Germ Oil Market was the fastest-growing market in the European region.

The Asia-Pacific Wheat Germ Oil Market is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR from 2023 to 2032. Numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including key players like China, South Korea, and Japan, are renowned for their groundbreaking innovations in the cosmetics and skincare industry. According to a recent 2022 consumer survey conducted by Statista, a noteworthy 28% of Chinese consumers have demonstrated a clear inclination for the purchase of luxury or premium cosmetic products. China's cosmetic sector has demonstrated remarkable financial growth, with monthly retail trade revenue reaching 27.22 billion yuan in April 2021, and a substantial total revenue of 340 billion yuan recorded in 2020. Wheat germ oil, acclaimed for its skin-nourishing attributes, has been seamlessly integrated into various cosmetic formulations. With the cosmetics market in the region displaying sustained expansion, wheat germ oil is poised to take on a pivotal role in the development of skincare and beauty products. Its use aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers in these thriving markets who seek the incorporation of natural and nutrient-rich ingredients in their cosmetic choices. Moreover, China’s Wheat Germ Oil Market held the largest market share, and the Indian Wheat Germ Oil Market was the fastest-growing market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Wheat Germ Oil Market Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Leading market players are investing heavily in research and development to expand their product lines, which will help the Wheat Germ Oil market, grow even more. Market participants are also undertaking a variety of strategic activities to expand their footprint, with important market developments including new product launches, contractual agreements, mergers and acquisitions, higher investments, and collaboration with other organizations. To expand and survive in a more competitive and rising market climate, the Wheat Germ Oil industry must offer cost-effective items.

Manufacturing locally to minimize operational costs is one of the key business tactics used by manufacturers in the Wheat Germ Oil industry to benefit clients and increase the market sector. In recent years, the Wheat Germ Oil industry has offered some of the most significant advantages to the health and wellness sector, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers seeking natural, nutrient-rich, and holistic solutions. Major players in the Wheat Germ Oil Market, including General Nutrition Centers Inc, ConnOils LLC, VIOBIN USA, Swanson Health Products, Grupo Plimon, Viobin, Agroselprom, Inlife Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH, Country Life, LLC, NutriPlex Formulas Inc, Henan Kun Hua Technology, Kanta Enterprises Private Limited, Hebei Jiafeng Plant Oils, Henan Yuanquan, Navchetna Kendra, Herbal Biosolutions, Arista Networks, Inc, GNLD International, CONNOILS, Kunhua Bio-tech Co., Ltd, Grupo Plimon are attempting to increase market demand by investing in research and development operations.

CONNOils was established to enhance the quality of nutritional supplements previously produced by Cargill, Degussa, and Traco after Cargill departed from the nutritional supplement industry. Today, Connoils Oil Powders find applications in various sectors, including Foods, Supplements, Natural Agrotechnology Products, and Functional Beverages like Meal Replacements, Infant Nutrition, Senior Nutrition, Sports/Lifestyle, Personal Care, and Pet Nutrition Products. Distinguished by its innovative green technology, Connoils employs a unique approach that minimizes heat and airflow, deviating from traditional spray drying methods. This chemical-free technology transforms oils into stable microencapsulated ingredients, extending their shelf life to 12-36 months. Notably, it enhances the nutritional value by up to 30% compared to traditional spray-dried powders. The application of this technology has been historically limited to two industries, with the fragrance industry being one of them. Connoils currently serves clients across 28 countries, spanning 6 continents. Their processing facility in Big Bend, Wisconsin, boasts certifications including FSMA – Food Safety/HACCP Certified, GMP Certified, FDA Registered, and Inspected, USDA Food Processor Certified, NOP Organic, Kosher, and Halal Certified.

Founded in 1936, Viobin has maintained a leadership position in nutritional extractions. The company is dedicated to upholding high standards throughout the manufacturing process, beginning with the quality of raw materials from suppliers and extending to the entire product lifecycle. Wheat Germ Oil is a prevalent component in cosmetics, hair care products, nutritional bars, and supplements for both humans and animals. The Defatted Wheat Germ is a crucial ingredient in well-known cereals, snacks, granola bars, and crackers.

Key companies in the Wheat Germ Oil Market include

  • General Nutrition Centers Inc

  • ConnOils LLC


  • Swanson Health Products

  • Grupo Plimon

  • Viobin

  • Agroselprom

  • Inlife Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

  • Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH

  • Country Life, LLC

  • NutriPlex Formulas Inc

  • Henan Kun Hua Technology

  • Kanta Enterprises Private Limited

  • Hebei Jiafeng Plant Oils

  • Henan Yuanquan

  • Navchetna Kendra

  • Herbal Biosolutions

  • Arista Networks, Inc

  • GNLD International


  • Kunhua Bio-tech Co., Ltd

  • Grupo Plimon

Wheat Germ Oil Industry Developments

November 2019: In February 2019, Rivona Naturals introduced a rose soap that prominently features wheat germ oil as a key ingredient. The primary role of wheat germ oil in this soap is to mitigate skin damage and promote the production of healthy collagen.

August 2018: In August 2018, the Well Within Company unveiled the Berry Oil Blend supplement, incorporating wheat germ oil alongside other components like Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil and Blackcurrant Oil. This blend is an oil-based, lipid-rich antioxidant designed to enhance skin health.

Wheat Germ Oil Market Segmentation

Wheat Germ Oil Market Food Products Outlook

  • Pasta

  • Edible Oils

  • Snacks

  • Cereals

  • Germ-enriched Bread

Wheat Germ Oil Market Applications Outlook

  • Capsules

  • Soft gel

  • Skincare

  • Hair care

  • Dietary supplements

  • Others

Wheat Germ Oil Market Distribution Channels Outlook

  • Store-based Retail

  • Hypermarkets

  • Supermarkets

  • Specialty Stores

  • Convenience Stores

  • Online Retailing

Wheat Germ Oil Market Regional Outlook

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • UK

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • Australia

    • South Korea

    • Australia

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World

    • Middle East

    • Africa

    • Latin America

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