Veterinary CBD Market Research Report ‚Äď Forecast till 2027

Veterinary CBD Market Research Report Insights and Industry Analysis by Source (Marijuana-Derived, Hemp-Derived); Product (Food-Grade, Therapeutic-Grade, Personal Care); Distribution Channel (E-Commerce, Retail Pharmacies, Vetcare Clinics) and Regions, Competitive Market Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast - 2030

ID: MRFR/HC/6666-HCR | January 2023 | Region: Global | 111 Pages         

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Veterinary CBD Market

Veterinary CBD Market is expected to reach USD 410.41 Million at CAGR of 53.4% by 2030

By Source Marijuana-Derived Hemp-Derived
Product Food-Grade Therapeutic-Grade Personal Care
Distribution Channel E-Commerce Retail Pharmacies Vetcare Clinics
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Joy Organics (US)   Fomo Bones (US)   Honest Paws (US)   Canna-Pet (US)   HolistaPet (US)   HempMy Pet (US)   Pet Releaf (US)   Wet Noses (US)   Green Roads of Florida (US)
Market Driving Forces   increasing number of household pets   growing willingness to spend on the health of pets   relatively new and untapped market   low implementation costs   increasing demands for organic healthcare products
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Veterinary CBD Market Overview

The Veterinary CBD Market is expected to reach USD 410.41 Million at CAGR of 53.4% by 2030. In the present scenario, the Food-Grade market segment is leading, and it has been sub-classified into Chews, Treats, and others. Another product segment, personal care, is largely dealing with elder pet care, hyperactivity, and mood management. Also, this segment is focused on managing the pets' aptitude, and it is considered as the upcoming growing niche segment. Among all the regions, the American regions are dominating the Veterinary CBD Market because of the large-scale infrastructure support for new industries and the legislative allowances for marijuana. Here, the North American region is predicted to increase its Veterinary CBD Market Share for the upcoming future. Additionally, Latin America is leading the second position in generating the market share due to the demands of veterinary CBD oil and albeit.

The Veterinary CBD Market Analysis report explains that the Vetcare Clinics segment is expected to grow the Veterinary CBD Market in the research period due to increasing pet CBD products like CBD veterinary medicine, CBD oil, and others. These CBD products are inexpensive and efficient and better alternatives to drug therapy. The other distribution channel segment is Retail Pharmacies, which is also uplifting the demand for the global CBD products due to the growing knowledge about the products and the wider acceptance of the CBD products among the worldwide population.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The ongoing pandemic has impacted all the marketing firms of the world. And, this has also impacted the Veterinary CBD Market. The global lockdown has stopped all the transportations and supplies to different countries. As a result, the global market has faced a huge loss for a certain period of time.

Further, the global key players have adopted new ideas to generate great demands for the Veterinary CBD Market Forecast period.

Global Market Dynamics

  • Primary Key Driver of the Global Market

The increasing number of household pets, growing willingness to spend on the health of pets, relatively new and untapped market, low implementation costs, increasing demands for organic healthcare products, fewer side effects than conventional medication are the major drivers of the Veterinary CBD Market Trends.

The Sect. 7606 of the 2013 US Farm Bill has permitted to do research on hemp cultivation and increase the market research into the hemp commercialization, where it has passed legislation for each state, and presently 34 states allowed for hemp cultivation with the largest producers Kentucky and Colorado. Hence, substantial growth has become seen in the Veterinary CBD Market. Along with that, the Veterinary CBD Market Trends report says that the CBD products have tremendous potential to manage anxiety, seizures, and pain of the pets, driving the market growth and Veterinary CBD Market Size.

  • Opportunities for the Global Market

The CBD healthcare products are not like normal conventional medication for pets. It does not require being tailormade for every pet species, which brings more opportunities for the Veterinary CBD Market.

Along with that, the low implementation costs and its proven to work against various pet diseases are bringing more opportunities for the Veterinary CBD Market.

  • Restraints of Global Market

The unclear regulatory environment for the manufacturing of source products and the use of veterinary CBD oil products are the major market restraints for the Veterinary CBD Market.

Along with that, the legal allowances and restrictions to different countries might hamper the growth of the global market.

  • Challenges for the Global Market

The Veterinary CBD Market might face challenges due to the differing laws and regulations for manufacturing or processing and purchasing the Pet CBD products raw materials in various countries.

Along with that, the import and export of CBD products are extensively problematic, which can be the biggest challenge for the global market. Hence the global key players are making efforts to grow the Veterinary CBD Market Value across the world.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

The growing adoption of pets across various regions and increasing people’s spending on pet healthcare is increasing the growth of the global pet care market.

Market segmentation Overview

  • By Source:

On the basis of source segment, the Veterinary CBD Market has been classified into Hemp-Derived and Marijuana-Derived.

In most countries of the globe, hemp is considered legal. These are primarily used for CBD products. Through the weak concentration of THC, hemp is limited in certain areas. On the other hand, marijuana is considered one of the top raw materials for CBD products because of its THC potency. It is completely legal in South Africa, Canada, and the US. This is not legal in many countries, but it is expected to be effectively legalized in many places in the upcoming years.

  • By-Products:

Based on the product segment, the Veterinary CBD Market has been classified into Therapeutic-Grade, Food-Grade, and Personal Care.

Among these, the Therapeutic-Grade segment is predicted to be the fastest-growing market for the forecast period because of the increasing continuous support of the consumer and veterinarians for the product. Nowadays, consumers and veterinarians are more conscious about the mental wellbeing of pets, which is increasing the demand for this product. This segment has been further sub-segmented into Pet CBD Oils, Pet Supplements.

  • By Distribution Channel:

On the basis of distribution channel segments, the Veterinary CBD Market has been segmented into Retail Pharmacies, E-Commerce, Vetcare Clinics, and other informal channels of sale.

Nowadays, the online market space or E-commerce segment is the best distribution channel for the delivery of veterinary CBD medicine. It is providing an easy platform for the audience to purchase all the products. Even the customers can compare the products and sell.

Regional Analysis

The Veterinary CBD Market is dominating its business across the world with the help of various regions' key players. These important regions are Middle East & Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and others.

Although the North American region contributes high to the Veterinary CBD Market Share, the European market is considered a strong contender in this competition. The European region is growing the demand for CBD products due to the well-established tradition for research in the region and increasing focus on pet health. Moreover, the Asia-Pacific market is having the highest numbers of livestock and pets, but presently it is contributing limited market share due to the preference for traditional medical practices and regulatory norms. However, this region is considered as the most promising for aggressive Veterinary CBD Market Growth due to the largest producer of hemp, increasing awareness of the veterinary CBD oil and its benefits, and history of medicinal marijuana use. Along with that, the Middle East & Africa market is contributing less to the Veterinary CBD Market due to the fewer household pets, underdeveloped pet healthcare industry, and low per capita income.

Competitive landscape analysis

The Veterinary CBD Market Growth is showing the hard work of the multiple key players of the global market. These significant key players are:

  • Joy Organics (US)

  • Fomo Bones (US)

  • Honest Paws (US)

  • Canna-Pet (US)

  • HolistaPet (US)

  • HempMy Pet (US)

  • Pet Releaf (US)

  • Wet Noses (US)

  • Green Roads of Florida (US)

The above key players are developing new and advanced strategies to thrive the global demands of Veterinary CBD products.

Recent Developments

  • In June 2019, Diamond CBD was introduced by PotNetwork Holding Inc., which is its subsidiary, and it has aimed to provide a large range of new lines of CBD oil products to the global market.

Report Overview

The Veterinary CBD Market Outlook report is a combination of both secondary and primary research sources. This report has included qualitative and quantitative analysis to get an overview of the Veterinary CBD products and their performance across the world. This report has covered the market dynamics, market segments, and market overview, which gives the result of the global market growth and developments and its challenges and restraints.

Along with that, the Veterinary CBD Market Outlook report has explained the current regional performance of the Veterinary CBD Market as well as has highlighted the recent developments in various locations. Further, the global market report has explained the present competition in the global market.

Segmental Table:

By Source:

  • Hemp-Derived,

  • Marijuana-Derived


  • Therapeutic-Grade,

  • Food-Grade,

  • Personal Care

By Distribution Channels:

  • Retail Pharmacies,

  • E-Commerce,

  • Vetcare Clinics,

  • others informal channels of sale

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Veterinary CBD market projected to grow at approximately 53.4% CAGR during the assessment period (2021-2030).

The valuation of the global veterinary CBD market is estimated to increase to USD 419.41 MN by the end of 2030.

Increasing number of household pets and easing of restrictions governing the use of CBD products to treat various ailments are major tailwinds pushing the growth of the global veterinary CBD market.

North America holds the largest share in the global veterinary CBD market, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific, respectively.

Honest Paws (US), HolistaPet (US), HempMy Pet (US), Canna-Pet (US), Joy Organics (US), Fomo Bones (US), Pet Releaf (US), Green Roads of Florida (US), and Wet Noses (US), are some of the top players operating in the global veterinary CBD market.