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Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Share

ID: MRFR//4660-CR | 110 Pages | Author: Sejal Akre| October 2022

Electric vehicles have garnered considerable attention globally, particularly in the Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) market, as the world emphasizes environmental sustainability and a reduction in carbon emissions. The shift towards electric UTVs is motivated by several factors rooted in their environmental benefits and advancements in electric vehicle technology. One primary driver for the transition to electric UTVs is the environmental friendliness associated with electric cars compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Electric UTVs contribute to a cleaner environment by producing zero tailpipe emissions, thereby reducing air pollution and minimizing their overall environmental impact. This aligns seamlessly with the global movement towards adopting greener practices and cleaner modes of mobility. The growing accessibility and evolution of electric vehicle technology play pivotal roles in bolstering the appeal of electric UTVs. Advances in battery technology have significantly extended the range and enhanced the performance of electric UTVs. Moreover, the expanding charging infrastructure simplifies the refueling process for UTV owners, fostering increased confidence and acceptance of electric UTVs as viable alternatives to conventional gasoline-powered models.

Electric UTVs are gaining popularity in both utility and recreational settings. In leisure environments, off-road enthusiasts are increasingly opting for electric UTVs due to their eco-friendly attributes and quiet operation. Top UTV manufacturers, such as Polaris, have responded to this demand by introducing electric versions like the Ranger EV and Ranger EV Li-Ion, catering to customers seeking electric alternatives in the recreational sector. In the utility industry, electric UTVs are gaining traction for their ability to contribute to environmentally friendly operations. Various sectors, including agriculture, parks and recreation, and maintenance services, are incorporating electric UTVs into their operations. For instance, the National Park Service in the United States has adopted electric UTVs to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact in protected areas. The rising demand for electric UTVs has a positive impact on the market for UTV parts and accessories. Specialized attachments designed to enhance charging, efficiency, and performance are becoming increasingly relevant for electric UTV owners. Accessories such as portable chargers or solar charging options are gaining significance, especially for owners who need to refuel their electric UTVs in remote locations. Additionally, specific parts and add-ons, like battery management systems, may be required to optimize battery life and overall performance. In conclusion, the surge in interest and adoption of electric UTVs is underpinned by their environmental benefits, technological advancements, and increased acceptance in both recreational and utility sectors. As the electric UTV market continues to grow, so does the demand for specialized parts and accessories, creating new opportunities for innovation and market expansion.

Covered Aspects:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Base Year For Estimation    2021
Historical Data 2019 & 2020
Forecast Period    2022-2030
Growth Rate    ~6.4%

Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Overview

The Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market size is projected to be worth USD 9534.35 million by 2032, registering a CAGR of 6.38% during the forecast period (2024–2030). A utility terrain vehicle (UTV) is a vehicle designed for the rougher terrain, hauling, and other tasks. It is also known as a side-by-side, four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, with a capacity of two to six-person. Recreational off-highway (ROV) or multi-purpose off-highway utility vehicle (MOHUV) are other terms used for this vehicle. This vehicle is most probably used for construction and agriculture activities, like pulling plants, shrubs, fertilizers, compost easily, transporting equipment & smaller tools, and can work in conjunction with the other retrofitted vehicles.

COVID-19 Impact on the Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market:

COVID-19 pandemic has spread across worldwide and disrupted industries around the world. The world proceeds to fight this crisis, multiple industries are experiencing a constant reduction in the operation. A sharp decline in demand from end-use industries affects the growth of the market in near future. Emerging economies are also witnessing impediments in their various projects. Many pre-automotive projects are facing more scrutiny, as there are growing concerns about their feasibility in the current economic environment. The coronavirus pandemic and regional lockdowns have set brakes on growth in Asia.

Further, due to supply chain constraints, including factory inaccessibility as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, firms are facing short-term operational issues. For instance, aircraft manufacturers were forced to operate at partial propulsion due to disturbances in the supply chain, resulting in delays or non-arrival of raw materials, disturbed financial flows, and increased absenteeism among the production line staff.

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) Market Dynamics


  • Rising demand of utility terrain vehicles across various sectors

  • Capacity to work in specialized environment

A variety of accessories (the Gator can use more than 100) allow UTV owners to design a machine that is tailored to their specific needs. VUTs can be very sporty models like the Kawasaki Teryx, Arctic Cat Prowler, Polaris RZR, and the new CanAm Commander. These recreational-focused UTVs are also skilled workers, although there are many job-specific UTVs that can be used that are the standard cargo bay of the 16.3 cubic feet and the towing capacity of 1,400 pounds in a specific UTV for the job. This can accommodate a much larger load than most ATVs can carry without having to attach a trailer. Because they have truck-like cabs and seats that allow passengers to sit upright, UTVs can be more comfortable for older passengers.


  • High labour and infrastructure cost

The growth of the global utility terrain vehicle market is expected to be hampered owing to the high labour and infrastructure costs. Manufacturing of utility terrain vehicles requires a large facility with a high skilled workforce. Further, as the utility vehicles are used for rugged applications, the built quality should meet quality parameters for the same. The use of many high-end plastics and metal alloys in the manufacturing of the utility terrain vehicles gives rise to a very high manufacturing cost. Also, the infrastructure to design, develop and manufacture these vehicles requires huge investments which is a major factor expected to hamper the market growth. Further, stringent government regulations and rising tariffs and taxes associated with imports that affect the overall vehicle costs are anticipated to slow down the growth of the global utility terrain vehicle market.


  • Positive outlook toward electric utility terrain vehicles

The global utility terrain vehicle market is attributed to see significant growth opportunities in terms of sales revenue owing to the positive outlook towards electricity utility vehicles. Many key players in the global utility terrain vehicle (UTVs) market are entering in the initiative to develop and manufacture world class electric UTVs. The major benefits of electric utility vehicles include low cost for fuel as compared to other options such as petrol or diesel and environment friendly design. This helps the market to grow in the years to come as consumers would opt for such an environment and budget friendly option.

Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Supply Chain Analysis

In research and products development, research is undertaken to make the products better and unique. Research & development is a brainstorming process and requires high knowledge and skills. The process of utility terrain vehicle development starts with conceptualization, which is followed by the design of the products, then the development, and at last, the testing. The R&D team works on the improvements of products features that focus on the customer needs of developing refined products. Moreover, in this market, some companies enter partnerships or collaborations to manufacture products. In the manufacturing process, the products strategies are ready, and manufacturing the products starts. The manufacturing process begins with the sourcing and processing of raw materials. Manufacturing is a fast process, followed by testing the physical characteristics of the products. The manufacturing process is outsourced by some manufacturers. The manufacturing process can be optimized by understanding the factors affecting the efficiency of production effectively.

Distribution is an essential part of any industry. In the Utility terrain vehicle market, the distribution includes intermediaries, direct selling, online channels, and others. For this, the company's marketing and sales strategies play a crucial role in understanding the characteristics of the industry in which one is competing. To increase awareness in the market, the leading players conduct seminars and sessions, which provide the retailers, manufacturers, and other end users an idea about the availability of the new refined products. The companies operating in the Utility terrain vehicle market are more inclined toward signing agreements with distributors in new regions for better products reach and availability. Post-sales monitoring plays a very important role in this market. As the Utility terrain vehicle devices are developed in accordance with a special purpose of providing value, so post-sales monitoring is a necessary element of the process. The post-sales monitoring stage begins with the first use of the products, queries related to the use of the products, and continuous monitoring is required to update the safety and maintenance issues of the UTVs.

Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Segmentation

Based on Displacement:

Upto 400 CC, 400-800 CC and Above 800 CC are the segments based on the application of the Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market.  The 400-800 CC segment is expected to have the highest CAGR and dominate the market share during the forecast period. The 400-800 cc UTV displacement segment is expected to hold the largest market share of the global market by 2027. Due to most extreme highlights and upgraded security. Expanding rough terrain desert titles in the U.S. will drive the section development. Vehicles offer a roll confine structure that further develops vehicle security and diminishes the odds of wounds and fatalities. Industry vital participants are occupied with developing and raising progressed vehicles that will build the interest for 400-800 cc UTVs.

Based on Propulsion:

Gasoline, Diesel and Electric are the segments based on the application of the Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market.  The Gasoline segment is expected to have the highest CAGR and dominate the market share during the forecast period. Gas is projected to be the biggest portion of the off-road vehicles market by fuel type. It draws in numerous providers and producers for business ventures. Fuel is relied upon to rule the market in the coming a long time with expanded interest for gas ATVs in applications like games and military. Also, electric ATVs have less acknowledgement universally in light of the fact that they create less force when contrasted with fuel. Along these lines, while OEMs center around motor force, ATV strength and sturdiness, plan adaptability, and cost intensity, the gas fuel type offers a huge exhibition in ATV. Subsequently, it is projected to be the biggest benefactor in the off-road vehicle market.

Based on Application:

Sports, Military, Recreational Activities and others are the segments based on the application of the Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market.  The Sports segment is expected to have the highest CAGR and dominate the market share during the forecast period. A sports utility vehicle is a vehicle like a station cart or bequest vehicle, typically outfitted with four-wheel drive for on-or rough terrain capacity. A few SUVs incorporate the towing limit of a pickup truck with the traveler conveying space of a minivan or enormous vehicle. The sports utility terrain vehicle is used in many competitive sport events such as the Dakar Rally, Baja 1000, FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup, King of the Hammers, and Australasian Safari. Some of these utility vehicles also competed in the Trophee Andros ice-racing series

Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Regional Analysis

The regions are classified as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America is estimated to hold the highest revenue market share throughout the forecast period. North America is projected to hold the biggest portion of the overall industry during the figure time frame. Factors like popularity for ATV, forthcoming electric vehicle projects, high discretionary cash flow of people, scope for new and trend setting innovations, created economy, and unofficial laws in regard to ATV plans have set off the interest for off-road vehicles in the area. As per industry experiences, the US represents the biggest portion of the off-road vehicle market inferable from popularity in applications like military, agribusiness, sports, diversion, chasing, ranger service, mining, and development exercises. As the interest in ATVs keeps on expanding, the US is relied upon to stay the biggest off-road vehicle market.

Europe is expected to see significant growth in the global utility terrain vehicle market owing to the rising demand for ATV and UTV over the years for increasing tourism activities. The increasing trend of sports activities and adventure sports in countries such as Germany, Spain and France have increased the demand for these vehicles. The growing consumer disposable income and improving living standards also fuel the European market growth. Other factors supporting the market growth include technological advancements, increasing applications in defense and agriculture sectors, and supportive government initiatives.

Utility Terrain Vehicle Market Competitive Landscape

The global utility terrain vehicle market is a highly competitive one. There is a lot of competition in the market between giants in the industry. There are several utility terrain vehicle manufacturing companies in the world market. Countless local players are also making their presence in the industry. The latest technologies in the business are prompting a lot of corporations to move forward and take the baton in hand. Key players in the global utility terrain vehicle market are focusing on arising security measures, for instance off-road airless tires, covered rooftop for rollover circumstances, productive flipping somewhere in the range of 2WD and 4WD, free suspensions for better strength, and supportability in factor climate conditions.

List of Key Companies Covered in the Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) Market Report are:

  • Polaris (US)

  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan)

  • John Deere (US)

  • Yamaha (Japan)

  • Kubota (Japan)

  • Hisun (US)

  • Arctic Cat (US)

  • Honda (Japan)

  • BRP (Canada)

Report Overview:

The Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market is segmented based on Displacement, Propulsion, Application and Region in this report. The report is focused on various analytical aspects such as market dynamics, Supply chain analysis, Porter’s five forces, competitive landscape, recent developments, and company profiles. The insights in this report, comprise, discuss views, and predict the emerging and fast-growing segments, regions, and countries with potential for development in the Global Utility Terrain Vehicle Market.

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) Market Segmentation Overview:

By Displacement:

  • Upto 400 CC,

  • 400-800 CC

  • Above 800 CC FCEV

By Propulsion:

  • Gasoline,

  • Diesel

  • Electric Liquid cooling

By Application:

  • Sports,

  • Military

  • Recreational Activities

  • Others

By Regions:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa

  • South America

Objectives of the Study

  • To get a comprehensive overview of the global utility terrain vehicle market.

  • To get wide-ranging information about the key factors driving the market and market opportunities

  • To gain information regarding the key players in the industry, technology advancements and key developments

  • To gain insights about the key country/region in which the utility terrain vehicle market is growing

Intended Audience

  • Automobile Companies

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Research Institutes

  • Academic Institutes

  • Government Organizations

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