Surgical Navigation Systems Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global Surgical Navigation Systems Market: Information by Technology (Electromagnetic Based Navigation Systems, Optical Navigation Systems), Application (Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Dental Surgery), End-User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers) and Region (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/HC/6391-CR | March 2020 | Region: Global | 135 pages

Market Overview

In 2019, the global market of surgical navigation systems size was valued near USD 833.5 million. This value is expected to grow more than CAGR 7.2% in the forecast period and reach near 1400 million. This system is mostly used to track the surgical instruments and equipment location during the surgery. It also guides the surgeons through the operation. The surgical navigation system is mostly used in tumor resection, biopsy, catheter placement, spine fusion or decompression, deep brain stimulation, sacral trauma, pelvic or spinal fixation, and others.

The growth in this market is expected due to the high surgery numbers of ENT, neurological, product approvals, orthopedic, product launches, adoption of minimally invasive surgeries, and more. However, there are some factors that can hinder the growth of the market and reduce the production and demand chain. With the increasing government funding, initiatives, technological advancement, the market is projected to overcome the challenges.  

Covid 19 Analysis

Like all the other industries, the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic also affected this market very deeply. The process of demand and supply chain got disrupted with the lockdown in major countries. Although most of the regions have resumed the production and manufacturing, there are still some places that are still recovering.

With the increasing cases of surgeries around the world, the market is expected to grow very fast. As most of the companies were not manufacturing the products during the pandemic, the demand chain has increased a lot. In the forthcoming years, the revenue is expected to cover the losses. 

Market Dynamics

  •  Drivers

The demand for surgical procedures that are minimally invasive is rising around the world, which is expected to drive market growth. Apart from that, the rapid adoption of surgical procedures that are a couple with postoperative rapid discovery is increasing. Technological advancement is making the industry grow and increasing awareness. The adoption of surgical navigation system technology is projected to also support the growth in the forecast period.

Disorders like neurological disorders, orthopedic, ENT disorders, and others are increasing and propelling the revenue of the market. Technological advancements have helped to get new applications, higher success rates, surgical procedure techniques, innovations, and others. So, the demand for these products has increased by the healthcare professionals and patients due to user-friendly methods, improved results, ease of operation, improvement in treatment quality, and others.

  • Opportunities

The increased funding from the government has opened a lot of opportunities for this market to grow in the future with more technological advancement, research, innovation, and others. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly due to pandemic and the demand for surgical navigation systems have also increased along with it. It is expected to be continued for the next few years. So, the growth opportunities are very prominent in the forecast period with the adaptation of the system.

  • Restraints

Although the market is expected to have very good growth in the forecast period, there are some things that can slow it down. The surgical navigation system is very well known for guiding surgeons to have accurate surgical procedures. So, if there is any misguidance or error, then it can harm the patient and even put their life at risk. To prevent this, every product goes through the regulatory process of approval, where it is checked if they meet the requirements.

The whole approval process is very time consuming and lengthy, which might affect the production process and delivery. In the past year, many surgical products were not approved due to wrong anatomy display and inaccuracy in patients. Many new product launches were postponed due to disapproval.

  • Challenges

One of the challenges that can disrupt the growth rate of the surgical navigation systems market is government stringent government regulations. Also, the high cost of products is going to create a lot of hurdles in the growth projected during the forecast period. Safety concerts of the surgical navigation system products have been an issue in the past years. With the further new product arrival in the market in the future, the growth rate can slow down with safety concerns approval time.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

With many challenges and restraints, the market is still expected to grow very well in the forecast period due to the increased adoption of these products in the healthcare industry. New technical advancements and innovations are making these products more attractive, cost-effective, user-friendly for healthcare professionals. So, the surgical navigation systems market is expected to grow very well in the forecast period with more than a 7.2% CAGR. The rising geriatric population of the surgical navigation system is also projected to have a significant impact on the growth.

Value Chain Analysis

As the surgical navigation system product is mostly used in surgeries, they are valuable. With a slight error in the product or misguidance, the surgeons can face problems and it can also put the patients in harm's way. The global economic growth slowed down during the COVID 19 pandemic, which also affected the surgical navigation systems market. However, there are growth opportunities for the market as well with the positive report in the last years. The demand for products has increased and all around the world, the manufacturing of the products has resumed.

Segment Overview

The surgical navigation systems market is categorized into mainly 3 different sections such as technology, end-user, and application. The segments of each section are given below with the highest market share.

By Application,

  • Neurosurgery Navigation Systems

  • Orthopedic Surgery Navigation Systems

  • ENT Navigation Systems

  • Cardiac Navigation Systems

  • Dental Navigation Systems

Among all of these segments, the neurosurgery segment is accounted for having the largest share in the surgical navigation system market by application. It was the first surgical brand where the navigation system was implemented and used successfully in clinical routine. It involves the treatment of disorders like CNS, brain cancer, and others.

By Technology,

  • Electromagnetic Navigation Systems

  • Hybrid Navigation Systems

  • Optical Navigation Systems

  • CT-Based Navigation Systems

  • Fluoroscopy-Based Navigation systems

  • Others

Among all six segments of the surgical navigation systems market by technology, the electromagnetic surgical navigation systems hold the largest market share. Due to user-friendly, affordable pricing, and better sightline, this technology has higher growth than optical navigation.

By End-User,

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centres

  • Hospitals

The largest share of the surgical navigation systems market by end-user is held by ambulatory surgical centers with a high expected growth rate in the forecast period. In the developed countries, the adoption of ASCs, economical resources, and hospital bed shortage is expected to drive market growth.

Regional Analysis

The market growth of surgical navigation systems is very high in many different regions. However, the market is high in mostly four regions such as Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Among them, the Americas have the largest share in the global market of surgical navigation systems and are expected to dominate the market. The growth of this market is expected due to the high orthopedic surgeries, company territory expansion, new companies entering the market, and many more.

Europe is in the second position based on the largest market due to the government initiatives, rising neurosurgeries, and others. In the forecast period, Europe is also expected to have very high growth. Apart from them, Asia Pacific holds the 3rd spot with the rising growth, and Middle East & Africa in the 4th spot due to the standard growth. Although many regions are getting limited supply with the disruption in the chain process, it is expected to resume soon.  

Competitive Landscape

As the marketing is expanding, there are new players entering the market with new products and strategies. Some of the key players of the global surgical navigation systems market are Brainlab, Medtronic, Stryker Corporation, and others.

List of key companies

  • Fiagon GmbH

  • Omni

  • 7D Surgical

  • Medtronic

  • Brainlab

  • Stryker Corporation

  • Zimmer Biomet

  • Fudan Digital Medical

  • Collin Medical

  • GE Healthcare

  • Karl Storz

  • XION

  • Anke

  • DePuy Synthes

  • Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc

  • Meta Dynamic Inc

  • ClaroNav Kolahi Inc

Recent Developments

  • OrthAlign Inc received the approval of the FDA in March 2016, for the handheld navigation device that is first made in the world for knee arthroplasty

  • Philips designed and created the first augmented-reality surgical navigation technology system for assisting surgeons in the surgery in march 2016.

  • Stryker occurred the Scopis Medical company to increase the strength the presence of the company in the market


Report Overview

This report includes the detail of the market growth with different sections such as key competitors, recent developments, drivers, opportunities, challenges, segmentation, regional analysis. 

Report Detail

  • Historic Period: 2018-2021

  • Base Year: 2021

  • Forecast Period: 2021-2027

By Geographically

  • Americas

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa.

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 833.5 Million (2025)
  CAGR   7.2% (2019-2025)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Technology, Application, End-User
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Medtronic PLC (Ireland), Brainlab (Germany), and Stryker Corporation (US).
  Key Market Opportunities

  • Increasing prevalence of neurology & orthopedic disorders and increasing healthcare expenditure.
  • High cost of equipment may impede market growth
  •   Key Market Drivers

  • The demand for surgical procedures that are minimally invasive is rising around the world.
  • Technological advancement is making the industry grow and increasing awareness.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The surgical navigation systems market is projected to grow at a 6.7% CAGR between 2019-2024.

    The Americas is expected to lead the surgical navigation systems market.

    Increasing prevalence of neurology & orthopedic disorders and increasing healthcare expenditure is boosting market growth.

    High cost of equipment may impede market growth.

    It finds extensive applications in dental navigation systems, spinal navigation systems, orthopedic navigation systems, ENT navigation systems, and neuronavigation systems.

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