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Smartphone Application Processor Market Analysis

ID: MRFR//4479-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Aarti Dhapte| June 2024

The global smartphone application processor market is set to reach US$ 18 BN by 2027, growing at a 11% CAGR between years 2020-2037. The market for the smartphone application processor is a competitive one, and a large number of changes are brought that drive this competition further.
The hardware that gives the smartphone its computing power, is driven by an application processor which can be seen as the device's heart. Numerous factors play an important role in shaping how this market functions. The most prominent among these factors include innovation and consumer demand. The smartphone industry has seen increased advancements because smartphone companies are striving to improve the processing capabilities.
This has led to the rising demand for application processors which are more powerful and must be efficient in terms of the energy they consume. The companies within this industry are putting up a very competitive environment trying to install central processing systems that don't only improve how the device works, but also optimize energy capacity for longer battery lives.
People with different needs and preferences shape how the market works. In modern times, individuals now require smartphones which pave way for improved multitasking experiences, advanced AI capabilities and the best gaming opportunities because they have become a crucial part of how people lead their lives. For improving the quality of their products, and meeting the requirements by customers, companies are trying to incorporate new technologies like machine learning.
The competition due to the semiconductor companies is on a global scale and this affects how the market behaves. Huge competitors are though from Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple.
The competition has led to a better environment for technological advancement because teams are trying to perform best against each other. In today's world, the smartphone application industry is one of the largest industries. It significantly impacts other segments of the tech industry.
The rise of advanced technology like 5G, has led to the need for application processors that can deal with sophisticated networking needs and high data rates. As smartphone developers and IoT make new advances, it is imperative for application processor manufacturers to level up their products that can cater a wide range of devices.
The rules set by the government are those that also have an impact on how the market will go since they may help to promote certain industries and not others. To develop processors that meet high criteria, companies are pushed by the focus on energy efficiency and environmental concerns.

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Report Attribute/Metric Details
Segment Outlook by Component, by Application

Smartphone Application Processor Market synopsis

The smartphone application processor market has revealed a possibility of a rise by 11% CAGR by 2027, to a valuation of USD 18 billion. The processor is a system that contains a chip that assists the smartphones operating system. The adoption of the Application Processor in the mobile industry is rapid. There are plenty of benefits of the processor in smartphones. The performance of the Smartphone is at the optimal level with the use of an application processor. Today, there are several smart devices available for consumer use. Tablets, smartphones, reader devices, gaming consoles and navigation devices are variations in the smartphone application processor market. The Smartphone application processor enables these devices to utilize any type of operating system.

There are android, IOS and Windows operating systems popularly used. Also, there are more capabilities of the processor. It can enhance the graphics controller and decoding units. The processor is an 8th gen technology that comes with exceptional innovations. The tech consumer base is growing at an exponential pace. It is leading to more developments in the smartphone application processor market. Today, most mobile phones come with these advanced processors. The top mobile manufacturers are constantly developing Smartphone application processors. The Smartphone experience of the customers is increasing due to the use of advanced processors. All these factors will immensely raise the smartphones application processor market value. 

Covid Analysis 

The impact of covid is affecting several global markets. The sales revenue of the market is impacting the Smartphone application processor market. Further, Industries across the world are facing shutdowns and restrictions. It is affecting the demand for the Smartphone application processor market. 

The purchase of new smartphones and mobiles is declining in this pandemic. Therefore, the manufacturing process of smartphones is slowing down. In the upcoming years, Octa crore processors chips will have more demand. It will ultimately increase the growth rate of the smartphone application processor market.

The purchase, supply and demand for smartphones will rise in the next few years. All these factors are advantageous for the smartphones application processor market. Also, the expansion rate is expected to reach the peak rate. This will bring favourable changes in the application processor market. 

Smartphone Application Processor Market Dynamics 

  • Crucial Market Drivers¬†

The adoption of Smartphone application processor (AP) in several regions is the crucial driver of the smartphone application processor market. The use of application processors in smartphones is improving the user experience. Also, there are plenty of benefits of using processor chips in smartphones. The emerging markets have high requirements for these processors. The manufacture of smartphones is higher due to consumer demand.

The best brands compete with each other by providing the best user experience to the customers. It is leading to more utilization of processors in the new age of smartphones. Further, the requirement for high-end graphics in smartphones is another factor driving demand. The need for the best graphic feature is essential in any Smartphone. The rising need and awareness about high-end graphics are driving demand. 

Most of the consumers prefer phones that come with high graphic features. These crucial drivers of the market will enhance the overall demand for the smartphone application processor market. Also, the profitability of the Smartphone application processor market will reach its peak in the forecast period. Further, the demand from emerging markets will lead to high market expansion. 

  • Market Growth Opportunities¬†

The technological developments in the smartphone application processor market will lead to more growth opportunities. The tech giants are launching premium processors that come with high-end features. The launch of the Octa-core processor will expand the opportunities available for this market. Technological advancements make processors better for smartphones. Further, multi-tasking and exceptional features are available with the Octa processors. It will include the overall demand for the market in the forecast year 2023.

The new launches of processors improving the smartphones operating system will have plenty of demand from end-users. More research will lead to high innovation in the market. Many tech giants are investing more in the research of new-gen processors. The product variation and launches by the tech giants will create more awareness of the market. Further, the deployment of artificial intelligence in mobile platforms will create exceptional opportunities. These growth opportunities will raise the growth rate immensely. Also, overall profitability of the Global Smartphone Application Processor Market will reach a peak in the forecast period. 

  • The Market Restraints¬†

The processor market is constantly evolving. The advancements in the market are continuously rising. This makes the life span of the mobile application processor relatively short. It is a serious restraint of the smartphone application processor market. 

There are Octa, Hexa, quad and more advanced processors in the market. These innovations make the previous version a less effective alternative. It is a restraining factor of the smartphone application processor market that can affect the growth and demand in the forecast period. Many end-users delay their purchase of processors to get the advanced version. 

  • The Market Challenges¬†

The processor market is prone to many changes. Requirements for each processor smartphones differ. Due to this, Smartphone manufacturers need to comply with the requirement of the processors. Without complying with the standards the smartphones feature can be less and offer a poor user experience. These changing requirements of the market are the major challenges.

Complying with these requirements each time can slow down the manufacturing and supply chain of the market. Due to this, the market experiences delay the demand of end-users. This slowdown in the market can affect the revenue rates in the forecast period. The inconsistency in the processor requirements can affect the growth rate of the overall smartphone application processor market. 

  • The Cumulative Growth Analysis¬†

The Smartphone Application Processor Market Trends is continuously surging. The android operating segment of the market is witnessing the highest growth rate. It is a segment that will lead to more profits. Further, several crucial drivers boost the demand of the smartphones application processor market. The demand from emerging markets is a crucial driver. Further, the need for smartphones processor is high due to their exceptional features.

Using high-end processors in Smartphone operating systems lead to plenty of benefits, these factors tremendously raise the overall demand rate. Further, the technological developments of the market will lead to promising growth opportunities. Also, the key players of the market will bring new product launches and variations in the forecast period. Moreover, the short life span of processors is a retaining factor. Also, changing the requirements of the processor is a drawback for overall market growth. However, the Smartphone application processor market growth remains positive in the forecast period. 

  • The Value Chain Analysis¬†

North America will hold the highest Smartphone Application Processor Market Share. The adoption rate of new technology is high in North America. Also, the presence of strong key players is advantageous to the market growth. There are plenty of developments in smartphones processors and its specification in this region. The higher investments will lead to more advancements and variations for the end-user.

North America is a region that is responsible for the highest revenue rates of the market. The development of next-gen processors and deployment of such technology is effortless in this region. The overall market scenario is favourable for the growth of the Smartphone application processor market. 

Smartphone Application Processor Market Segment Overview 

Smartphone Application Processor Type Outlook

  • 64-bit Smartphone application processor

  • Stand-alone Smartphone application processor

  • 32-bit Smartphone application processor

  • Integrated Smartphone application processor

Smartphone Application Processor Components Outlook 

  • Audio and video decoders

  • ARM cores

  • Memory controllers

  • Graphical processing units

  • Cache memories

Smartphone Application Processor Operating System 

  • IOS¬†

  • Android¬†

  • Other¬†

Smartphone Application Processor Application 

  • Middle East¬†

  • Asia pacific¬†

  • Latin America¬†

  • Europe¬†

  • North America¬†

Smartphone Application Processor Market Key Player & Competitive landscape 

The competition in the mobile application processor market is surging. There are plenty of successful key players in the competitive landscape. High investments and developments will take place in the forecast period. Further, market acquisition, partnerships and expansion are key strategies of the market players. 

The key players of the smartphone application processor market are 

  • HTC Corporation

  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc

  • MediaTek Inc

Regional Analysis 

The crucial regional players of the smartphones application processor market are Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. North America is a powerful regional player with high demand. The investment rate for the market will grow ever high in the forecast period.

Asia Pacific market is the next largest region for the smartphone application processor market. The gaming industry has the highest demand for next-gen processors. Population growth and prevalence of smartphones is a key driver for this market. Also, the emerging market will provide ultimate scope for the Smartphone application processor market growth. 

Smartphone Application Processor Industry Developments 

Analog Devices:

  • Date:¬†December 12, 2023

  • Development:¬†Announced the MaxLinear MaxxFusion¬ģ MXM10z14 ultra-low-power processor for wearables and hearables. This¬†processor features an Arm Cortex-M7 core and offers low power consumption while providing high performance for audio and sensor processing.

  • Date:¬†November 3, 2023

  • Development:¬†Partnered with MediaTek to integrate Analog Devices' Power Management ICs (PMICs) into MediaTek's Dimensity chipsets. This collaboration aims to improve power efficiency¬†and performance in smartphones.

Renesas Mobile Corporation:

  • Date:¬†October 27, 2023

  • Development:¬†Announced the R-Car S4 SoC, a new automotive-grade application processor designed for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment systems. The R-Car S4 features a powerful Arm Cortex-A78 CPU and supports AI acceleration for features like object recognition and lane departure warning.

  • Date:¬†September 20, 2023

  • Development: Announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop cloud-based solutions for automotive applications. This partnership will leverage Renesas' hardware expertise with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to provide innovative solutions for connected cars.

Report Overview 

  • Market overview highlights¬†

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • 7. Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

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