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Smart Display Companies

Smart display companies produce interactive and connected display solutions, often integrated with touch and other sensor technologies. These displays find use in automotive infotainment, digital signage, and smart home systems.

Smart Display Companies

The Competitive Landscape of the Smart Display Market

Smart displays, once relegated to science fiction movies, have woven themselves into the fabric of everyday life. These digital chameleons, melding vibrant visuals with voice control and smart home integration, orchestrate entertainment, communication, and information access across households and businesses. Navigating this dynamic market, where innovation reigns supreme and competition thrives, requires a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, adopted strategies, key players, and emerging trends shaping the future of the screen.

Some of the Smart Display companies listed below:

  • BOE Technology

  • LG Display Co. Ltd.

  • Harman International Industries Incorporated

  • Samsung Electronics Corp. Ltd.

  • Lenovo

  • Sharp Corp.

  • Panasonic Corporation

  • Innolux Corp.

  • ViewSonic

Strategies Adopted by Leaders:

  • Embracing Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technologies:¬†Investing in R&D to integrate advancements like foldable displays,¬†holographic projections,¬†gesture control,¬†and advanced voice recognition differentiates solutions and caters to evolving user needs.

  • Prioritizing User Experience and Ease of Use:¬†Providing intuitive interfaces,¬†user-friendly voice assistants,¬†and comprehensive user guides ensures users leverage the full potential of the displays and fosters ongoing customer satisfaction.

  • Partnerships and Ecosystem Building:¬†Collaborating with content providers,¬†smart home device manufacturers,¬†software developers,¬†and voice assistant platforms expands reach,¬†offers complete solutions,¬†and strengthens brand presence.

  • Focus on Niche Applications and Vertical Integration:¬†Developing displays for specific uses,¬†like digital signage in retail stores or video conferencing solutions for businesses,¬†creates unique market opportunities.¬†Vertical integration can ensure control over quality and cost-efficiency.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Considerations:¬†Utilizing energy-efficient components,¬†minimizing waste in production processes,¬†and offering compliant packaging cater to customers with growing sustainability concerns.

Factors for Market Share Analysis:

  • Product Portfolio and Technological Breadth:¬†The range and sophistication of displays offered,¬†encompassing diverse sizes,¬†resolutions,¬†touch functionality,¬†and integration of advanced features like ambient light sensors,¬†far-field voice assistants,¬†and multi-room audio capabilities,¬†significantly impact market reach.¬†Catering to specific preferences,¬†such as high-resolution screens for content creators or portable displays for travelers,¬†can be significant differentiators.

  • Target Market Focus:¬†Focusing on specific segments within the technology ecosystem,¬†such as consumers,¬†businesses,¬†educational institutions,¬†or healthcare facilities,¬†requires tailored solutions and marketing strategies.¬†Addressing the unique needs of each segment can solidify market share within that niche.

  • Software and Content Ecosystem:¬†Robust app platforms,¬†diverse streaming services integration,¬†and seamless content casting capabilities significantly enhance user experience and attract consumers.¬†Providing access to educational tools,¬†collaboration platforms,¬†and healthcare applications opens doors to additional market segments.

  • Privacy and Security Features:¬†Implementing robust security protocols,¬†protecting user data,¬†and ensuring microphone and camera privacy are paramount for building trust and mitigating consumer concerns.

  • Integration and Interoperability:¬†Seamless integration with smart home ecosystems,¬†voice assistants,¬†and other connected devices expands functionality and fosters broader adoption,¬†particularly in automated home environments.

New and Emerging Companies:

  • Niche-Focused Startups:¬†Companies like Vobot and Portal focus on developing smart displays for specific applications like video calling for families or educational tools for children,¬†offering unparalleled features and user experiences tailored to those needs.

  • Software-Centric Platforms:¬†Companies like Roku and Samsung Tizen focus on developing advanced software platforms for smart displays,¬†providing access to diverse content sources,¬†customization options,¬†and seamless integration with smart home ecosystems.

  • Open-Source Hardware Advocates:¬†Companies like Raspberry Pi and Arduino promote open-source smart display designs and readily available hardware kits,¬†empowering researchers and DIY enthusiasts with customization options and fostering innovation within the community.

Latest Company Updates:

Nov. 20, 2023, SMART Technologies launched the first interactive display, The SMART Board RX, offering user-programmable tools for educators and students. The SMART Board RX interactive display offers user-programmable tools, allowing students to actively engage with content and communicate with their peers & teachers. Tool Explorer provides a unique way for students to communicate and participate.

Sep.08, 2023, Internet-enabled device maker Yandex announced a collaboration with Chinese electronic device vendor Xiaomi to develop the first smart display powered by Alice, Xiaomi's virtual smart home assistant. The smart display combines Xiaomi's hardware components with Yandex's software. This collaboration will likely target markets such as China, Eastern Europe, and other emerging markets. Xiaomi plans to add Alice to the fray to offer another competitor to the smart home market.

Aug. 07, 2023, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Smart Display 8 Pro in China. The new smart display comes with a 7500mAh battery, making it the ultimate hub for modern living. Xiaomi Smart Display 8 Pro is the successor to the Smart Display 10, launched in April 2022, and the Smart Display 6, launched in July 2022. This latest addition to the Xiaomi display lineup brings many new features that promise to enhance smart home interactions.

May 23, 2023, Samsung Electronics America introduced a 2023 smart monitor line with new enhancements for work and entertainment at home. The monitor line features new 27-inch model upgrades that boost productivity and create more personalized experiences. Samsung's 2023 Smart Monitor lineup includes the new Samsung M8, M7, and M5 Smart Monitors (M80C, M70C, M50C), allowing users to monitor their unique style and needs as they watch, play, and work.

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