Polyethylene Terephthalate Market Research Report - Forecast till 2030

Polyethylene Terephthalate Market Research Report Information by Processing Technology (Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Extrusion, 3D Printing), Grade (Textile Grade, Bottle Grade, Film Grade), End-Use Industry (Textile, Packaging, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Medical), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa)‚ÄĒForecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CnM/4074-HCR | 137 Pages | Author: Chitranshi Jaiswal | March 2024         

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Polyethylene Terephthalate Market

Polyethylene Terephthalate Market is projected to be worth USD 39.5 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 3.73% during the forecast period (2021 - 2030).

By Processing Technology Blow Molding Injection Molding Extrusion 3D Printing
By Grade Textile Grade Bottle Grade Film Grade
By End-Use Industry Textile Packaging Automotive Electrical & Electronics Medical
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico)   M&G Chemicals (Luxembourg)   Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Taiwan)   Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group (China)   NAN YA Plastics Industrial Co. Ltd (China)   JBF Industries Ltd (India)   Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (Thailand)   DuPont de Nemours Inc (US)
Market Driving Forces   The demand from the packaging industry is positively polyethene terephthalate
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Polyethylene Terephthalate Market Overview 

Polyethylene Terephthalate Market is projected to be worth USD 39.5 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 3.73% during the forecast period (2021 - 2030). Polyethylene terephthalate market value is estimated as 80 million for the forecast period. PET is known as polyethylene terephthalate which is a non-toxic material. It is a lightweight, flexible and secure type of polymer. It is effortlessly recycled and reused for many purposes. Treating this product is possibly more than four times with its chemical qualities. Polyethene terephthalate is a suitable choice for a wide range of industries. Many industries use this product for packaging and other purposes.

The food, beverage, automotive, clothing and electronics sectors have high usage of polyethylene terephthalate. PET material is created with polymerized parts. Monomer, ethylene and terephthalate are components used in it. A combination of other materials is glass, fibre and carbon Nan tubes. Through these materials, the strength and durability of the products are enhanced.

PET polymers have supplanted papers that make them perfect for business packages across the world. Extensive use of this product is for food and beverage packaging. It is a hygienic and eco-friendly solution. Sturdiness and lightweights are features of this product. Today, most beverages use PET bottles that s classified as safe plastics. The demand for polyethene terephthalate is surging due to its features. The growth of this plastic is massive than other packaging products. All these factors will expand polyethylene terephthalate market size.

Covid analysis 

Covid 19 pandemic is leading to unexpected changes in global markets. Many leading countries are witnessing lockdowns and restrictions in this pandemic. The supply chain issues are major challenges in this period. Shortage of labour and decline in production are some of the other issues. End-user industries such as electrical and electronics, consumer goods, food and beverage are facing many losses.

The demand for the polyethylene terephthalate market is affected due to these factors. From 2020 there is a downfall in market trends due to the covid 19 pandemic. Other factors affect the demand of this polyethylene terephthalate market share. The automobile industry has a loss of23% in the first three quarters of 2020. The less demand in other markets is affecting the growth of the polyethylene terephthalate industry. 

Market dynamics 

  • Crucial market drivers 

The demand from the packaging industry is positively polyethylene terephthalate.  There are unique features of this product that makes it suitable for different packaging applications. It is a packaging product with tear rates and resistance. It can resist water and heat from damaging the food items inside the package. Polyethene terephthalate is a highly flexible material. They are available in different shapes and styles according to the industry. The food and beverages market holds the highest shares of Polyethylene Terephthalate.

The food industry across the globe rely on o this packaging product. By using this plastic the brands can customize their packaging. Using these generic packages for a specific brand is possible. Creating awareness through these packages is effortless. These plastics are modifiable according to the desire of food and beverage marketers. The spillage and leakage in this packaging are less very less. 

Further, the Polyethylene Terephthalate driver is demand from textiles and fabrics, increased PET recycling process around the world are increasing. Due to these benefits, many textiles are choosing Polyethylene Terephthalate. Using these materials for packages and recycling the same saves high packaging costs. The textiles and fabrics market is a key end-user of the market. The textiles industry across the globe has higher adoption of this product. All these crucial drivers will increase the overall revenue rates of this market. 

  • The market growth opportunities 

The massive demand from the bottles market will lead to high market growth opportunities. Plastic bottles developed from polyethylene terephthalate are gaining more reaction. Beverages, soft drinks and mineral water bottles rise PET bottles. PET is an exceptional plastic that comes with and moisture resistance features. 

These PET bottles are used for a variety of things such as alcoholic beverages, oil, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and much more applications. PET bottle recycling are a trending activity in many regions. In many developing countries, these recycled PET bottles as solar water disinfecting equipment. The empty PET bottles are transparent and sunlight passes through them efficiently.

Due to this, they are used as a water disinfecting containers. There are multiple benefits of using PET bottles for packaging. The demand from the PET bottles segment will grow wider in upcoming years. It will contribute to exceptional Polyethylene terephthalate market growth. Rising per capita income is another factor contributing to growth. The rise in per capita income increases spending for packaging products. Many industries are ready to spend heavy investments on these packages. The rising disposable income in developed and developing nations will create more developments. 

  • The market restraints 

The environmental restrictions are restraining factors of the polyethylene terephthalate market. Polyethene terephthalate is a low-density plastic that is restricted in many regions. There are stringent environmental rules regarding the production of this plastic. Due to environmental concerns, the demand is declining. It is not an eco-friendly product.

 There are many grades of polyethylene terephthalate on the market. The restriction for low-grade polyethene terephthalate plastics will impact the market growth. Also, the environmental concern of the market has less demand for the product in the forecast period. All these restraints can decrease the overall adoption rate. 

  • The market challenges 

The adoption of eco-friendly alternatives is a challenging factor of the market. Many lightweight packaging solutions are affecting the growth in the forecast period. Paper packages and vegetable waste-based plastics are gaining more reaction in many regions. They are easily degradable and they do not cause any harm to the environment.

Jute packages are other packaging materials that have high demand among end-users. The rising demand for eco-friendly plastics can hinder the demand for polyethylene terephthalate. In the forecast period, these factors can affect the growth rate of this market. Also, profitability can be affected due to the wide range of alternatives. 

  • Cumulative growth analysis 

The polyethylene terephthalate market trends is stable in the forecast period. The PET bottles segment of this market will hold the highest market shares. PET bottles are one of the suitable packaging materials for beverages. The increasing demand for this market segment will create growth opportunities.

Food packaging is a crucial end-user with high demand for the market. The food and consumer goods market will contribute to high growth. Further, there are restraining factors in this market such as environmental restrictions and the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives. Still, there are plenty of growth opportunities in the market. 

  • Value chain analysis 

The Asia Pacific is a leading market with a high Polyethylene terephthalate market share. The prominent factors driving is demand for PET products. It is a region that records high demand from the food and beverage industry. Food processing in the market is happening on a massive scale.

Rapid industrialization and population growth contribute to high production. The production of famous beverages and food items increase the use of polyethylene terephthalate. Profits of the market are surging due to effective packaging techniques in the polyethylene terephthalate market outlook. Also, research in the market is empty to grow widely that will contribute to higher growth. 

Segment overview 

Polyethylene terephthalate by product

  • Blister Forming

  • Automotive

  • Food Packaging

  • Others

Polyethylene terephthalate market by Recycled 

  • Sheet and Film

  • Fibre

  • Engineered Resin

  • Strapping

  • Food & Beverage bottles

  • Non-Food bottles

  • Others

By geography 

  • Asia pacific 

  • Europe 

  • North America 

  • South America 

  • Middle East Africa 

Competitive landscape 

The competition in the Polyethylene terephthalate market is rising. There are expansion, mergers, partnerships and expansion in the market is rising. A new high-density product range will be developed in this market. 

Regional analysis 

The Polyethylene terephthalate market size is fragmented into three major regions. Asia Pacific, Europe and North America are crucial regions in this market. The Asia Pacific accounts for higher market shares in the forecast period. There are high developments in the packaging industry. It is positively impacting the overall Polyethylene terephthalate market. There are countries such as India, China and Japan in the market with high investments.

Growing population and per capita income with brings favourable changes in the market. Further, North America is another region with high market shares. The production rate is high in this market. Also, investments are massive in North America. US and Canada are key investors in the market. Europe is an exceptional market with a high expansion rate. 

The key players in the polyethylene terephthalate market

  • Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico)

  • M&G Chemicals (Luxembourg)

  • Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Taiwan)

  • Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group (China)

  • NAN YA Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd (China)

  • JBF Industries Ltd (India) 

  • Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (Thailand) 

  • DuPont de Nemours, Inc (US)

  • DAK Americas (US)

  • SABIC (Saudi Arabia)

  • BASF SE (Germany)

Recent developments 

In June 2023, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, a global producer of PET resin, announced that it would be investing $1.5 billion to expand its PET production capacity in Thailand. This expansion is expected to be completed by 2025 and will create an additional 1 million metric tons of PET resin capacity.

Report overview  

  • Market overview highlights 

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2030: USD 39.5 Billion
  CAGR   3.73% (2021-2030)
  Base Year   2020
  Forecast Period   2021 to 2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   by Processing Technology, Grade, End-Use Industry
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (Thailand), Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico), BASF SE (Germany), M&G Chemicals (Luxembourg), SABIC (Saudi Arabia), Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group (China), DuPont de Nemours, Inc (US), NAN YA Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd (China), DAK Americas (US), JBF Industries Ltd (India), and Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Taiwan)
  Key Market Opportunities   Growing population, the progressive westernization, rising per-capita income, and the improvement of living standards are driving the consumption of more bottled beverages.
  Key Market Drivers   The expanding textile industry and robust growth of the food & beverage industry in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market would attain a 3.73% CAGR during the forecast period

The unstable price of various raw materials due to crude oil stock prices can hamper the growth.

The end users are medical, packaging, textile, electrical & electronics, automotive, and others.

The Asia Pacific Polyethylene Terephthalate Market would lead to the global market.

Alpek S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico),M&G Chemicals (Luxembourg),Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Taiwan),Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group (China),NAN YA Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd (China),JBF Industries Ltd (India) ,Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (Thailand) ,DuPont de Nemours, Inc (US),DAK Americas (US),SABIC (Saudi Arabia),BASF SE (Germany)

Key Questions Answered

  • Global Market Outlook
  • In-depth analysis of global and regional trends
  • Analyze and identify the major players in the market, their market share, key developments, etc.
  • To understand the capability of the major players based on products offered, financials, and strategies.
  • Identify disrupting products, companies, and trends.
  • To identify opportunities in the market.
  • Analyze the key challenges in the market.
  • Analyze the regional penetration of players, products, and services in the market.
  • Comparison of major players‚Äô financial performance.
  • Evaluate strategies adopted by major players.
  • Recommendations
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