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Platelet Agitator Market Trends

ID: MRFR//1271-CR | 91 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| August 2019

Global Platelet Agitator Market Overview 

The Platelet Agitator Market Size was valued at USD 0.42 Billion in 2023. The Global Platelet Agitator industry is projected to grow from USD 0.43 Billion in 2024 to USD 0.55 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.45% during the forecast period (2024 - 2032).

The other name of platelets is thrombocytes. They tend to form clumps if they don’t undergo any movement and are placed in their same position. Hence, to prevent this process of clumping and for the maintenance of its viable form, platelets are stored to support the continuously shaking movement. For this shaking movement, a device is put to use which is known as the platelet agitator. Their availability is in vibrant shapes and sizes. Also, these devices have various shelves that are a product of stainless-steel material. The platelet bags are kept on these and then the agitator is switched on to create the vibration movement. 

COVID 19 Analysis 

The global coronavirus pandemic has emerged as a blessing in disguise for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. With the world gearing up to fight the different and deadly waves of the pandemic, healthcare professionals and institutes are on the way to developing effective vaccinations for different mutants and strains. The pandemic has changed how a normal person lives life by the introduction of masks and sanitizers. Also, the pandemic is giving a tough time to the manufacturers and other producers to meet the demand and sustain amid the temporary and permanent lockdowns that have been imposed to curb the spread of the pandemic. 

The patients for the treatment having various diseases like dengue require to maintain the platelet count. But it is important to avoid clumping. For the biochemical industry, the government is focusing on developing motions and devices that do not harm the viability of the platelets. Also, the key market players are focusing on working on to dissolve the restraints related to the availability of substitutes and reduce and eliminate the harm caused by the vibration motions in use. Also, there has been an increase in the investment ratio for the development of alternates through research and development procedures. 

Platelet Agitator Market Trends


The demand for the platelet agitator is increasing at a staggering rate as there is a huge demand for the need of development of the biomedical industry. Most of the developing and developed are demanding this development and this is providing the much-needed boost for the platelet agitator industry on a global scale. The developed nations are increasing their investment ratio for research and development in the biochemical sector. Hence, there are a lot of growth opportunities for the platelet agitator market in-store by the end of the future forecast in 2032. 


The rotation motion is used that is proving to be harmful to the viability of these platelets. Hence, alternative systems are being developed to replace these and hence, the market has restraints in the way of its growth. Along with the availability of substitutes, the fear of harm being caused due to the rotation motion is another restraint that the platelet agitator market needs to dissolve to register the predicted growth. 

Technology Analysis 

The LLS that is Leukemia and Lymphoma Society registered that more than 176,200 people in 200 were estimated to have been suffering from major medical complications like myeloma or lymphoma and leukemia. The technological advancements for the requirement of platelets for treatment are expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the market. The developing technologies are being used to overcome the restrictions that create hindrances for the market. 

Study Objectives 

  • To analyze the growth of the platelet agitator market depending on the impact of the pandemic on the market along with the merging market trends like drives, growth opportunities, and the readiness for the market to overcome the restrictions on the way of growth

  • To study the platelet agitator market objectives and further analyze the performance of the market segments in major mushrooming economies across the globe. These will help in analyzing which segment has the maximum potential to gain a considerable revenue quantum

  • To study the scope of the platelet agitator market by noting the performance of the key market players and thus, draw a competitive landscape for the growth of the market end-users, the region, and player that has the maximum growth and development potential by the end of the global forecast period in 2032. 

Platelet Agitator Market Segmentation

The platelet agitator market share is likely to increase by the end of the global forecast period in 2027. To predict the market share of different regions and different prominent players of the market, the platelet agitator industry has been bifurcated depending on the type of product, end-users of the market, and capability. The segmentations are as follows: 

Based on type

The type of platelet devices includes flatbed, combination, and circular devices for reducing the chances of clump formation in the platelets. Flatbeds come further included with the vertical and horizontal platelet incubator agitator.

Based on capacity

The global platelet agitator market includes the small platelet agitations that include 5-38 bags, the medium platelets having 48-96 bags, and the large ones having as many as 108 to 398 bags. The platelet agitator capacity sub-segment is expected to have the largest market share.

Based on market end-users

The end-users of the global platelet agitator market include hospital-based blood banks and autonomous blood banks among many others. 

Platelet Agitator Market Regional Analysis 

Based on the functioning of the platelet agitator market, the market is lending its services to the major geographies of the world like the North American region, APAC region, European nations, along with the rest of the world. The research and development initiatives in the APAC region and especially in countries like India and China, Japan, and South Korea are increasing on a wide scale thus, providing the much-needed boost for the market to grow at the maximum rate by the end of the future forecast in the year 2027. 

The APAC region mostly consists of developing countries and is expecting to register a staggering growth percentage. However, there is a lot of scope for the Middle East and African countries and their market to grow and make use of the opportunities available for it to grow at a considerable CAGR percentage and contribute to the global growth of the platelet agitator market and reach the estimated market valuation by the end of the future year in 2032. 

Platelet Agitator Market Key Players

The platelet agitator market demand will be met by the manufacturing and production activities undertaken by the prominent players of the market. It is imperative to analyze the key market and growth strategies that will help in reaching the estimated platelet agitator market share. Also, the study of the market players is important to draw a competitive landscape for the market by the end of the forecast period in 2032. The players are: 

  • Boekel Scientific

  • Helmer Scientific

  • Zhejiang Sujing Purification Equipment Co. Ltd

  • EMSAS Electrical Equipment Industry & Trading Inc.

  • KW apparecchi scientifici

  • Nuve

  • Fanem Ltd

  • Labcold

  • Sarstedt AG & Co.

  • Terumo Penpol Private Limited

  • Meditech Technologies India Private Limited 

Recent Developments 

In the historic year of 2015, the medium platelet agitator sub-segment of the market’s capacity segment had the maximum market share that accounted for 620 million. A similar result is expected by this market sub-segment by the end of the global forecast period in 2030.

One of the market players - Labcold in February 2019, announced the launch of their new product with the name of Intellicold Pharmacy Range refrigerator. This is a touch screen model available in the market.

Helmer Scientific announced the introduction of the UltraCW II Automatic Cell Washing machine system. This was introduced in May 2019 to increase the product differentiations available to global consumers. Also, this adds to the enhanced portfolio of the market on the global competitive scale.

Many developed countries are on the way to designing new devices that are stable while being connected to other devices for functioning in the form of a combined device. The platelet agitators can be connected to a printer that helps in getting direct control of the log data through the devices. 

Report Overview 

The global platelet agitator market report discusses the overall impact of the pandemic on the market operations and the available opportunities for growth along with the restraints on the path of growth. The report considers the opinions of the industry leaders and experts to discuss the untapped avenues for the market and the potential of the market segments to register a good amount of revenues in different geographical locations. The report also discusses the platelet agitator market end-users and the impact of their demand on the market’s growth. The report also discusses the functioning of the market players and thus, draws a competitive market landscape.

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