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Organic Coconut Sugar Market Trends

ID: MRFR//2678-HCR | 110 Pages | Author: Sakshi Gupta| July 2024

Global Organic Coconut Sugar Market Overview

Organic Coconut Sugar Market Size was valued at USD 0.42 Billion in 2023. The Organic Coconut Sugar industry is projected to grow from USD 0.44 Billion in 2024 to USD 0.67 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.24% during the forecast period (2024 - 2032). The increased demand for coconut sugar in the natural food industry, rising obesity and diabetes rates are the key market drivers enhancing the market growth.

Organic Coconut Sugar Market

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Organic Coconut Sugar Market Trends

  • Growing use of vegan product is driving the market growth

Global Market CAGR for organic coconut sugar is being driven by the rising number of vegan people. Sweetener is an integral component of the daily meal for family and industrial use. The world's population exceeds six billion people, and sugar consumption has more than quadrupled to more than 170 million tonnes. Because of the rise in sugar consumption, there is great potential in the business sector to maximize coconut sugar products. For several decades, coconut sugar has been one of the most popular natural sweeteners businesses utilize. The benefit of coconut sugar is its low glycemic index of 35. Thus, many coffee establishments use it to make whipped coffee, such as Dalgona coffee. Some milk protein firms and superfoods are also beginning to utilize coconut sugar as a sweetener because they wanted a more natural sweetener for their goods that was also delicious. Coconut sugar is also utilized in the baking sector; for example, several firms that produce healthy cake goods use coconut sugar as one of the sweeteners to make their products appear more natural and nutritious. Developing demand for the item to replace raw coconut will likely drive the market in the next years. Organic coconut sugar has a low glycemic index compared to pure sweeteners and nectar. As a result, it reduces the ascent of increasing sugar levels in the circulatory system. The rising popularity of Asian cuisine, growing interest in dairy replacements, and related medicinal benefits associated with Organic Coconut Sugar are expected to drive the market further over the forecast period. Furthermore, the growing lactose aversion among people, in general, is propelling the market, as is its widespread use in the food and beverage industries.

Expanding interest in natural coconut sugar for assembling healthy skin goods such as body scours, shaving gels, and face and body creams adds to market growth over the forecast period. Fluctuating expenses in un-refined substance and the creative interaction are more labor escalated due to the absence of automation; as a result, it is a tiresome cycle that is further creator centered and represents a few deterrents in the long run for the market to prosper. The growing focus on a healthy way of life, customers' preference for naturally supplied things, and expanding interest in regular beauty care products and personalized consideration items is a developing trend among buyers. It is also likely to grow the market throughout the forecast period. Vegan goods are becoming increasingly popular across the world. Demand for coconut sugar has lately surged due to its usage as a vegan product. The rising incidence of obesity and diabetes among the world's population has created a need for sugar replacements, which will drive the coconut sugar industry. Organic certification is also regarded as a quality standard, increasing the marketability of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar exporters from underdeveloped nations are seeking accreditation. They intend to target the organic industry, where the premium may be justified.Thus, driving the Organic Coconut Sugar market revenue.

Organic Coconut Sugar Market Segment Insights

Organic Coconut Sugar Type Insights

The Organic Coconut Sugar market segmentation, based on type, includes powder, granular and others. The granular segment dominated the market, accounting for 35% of market revenue. The sap from coconut tree blossoms is heated and dried until granules form. Because it has a texture comparable to ordinary sugar, coconut sugar can be used instead of cane sugar in baking and cooking. It has a caramel-like flavor and may be used in several dishes, including cakes, cookies, and sauces. Granulated coconut sugar is the most widely available and may be bought in supermarkets and health food stores. Powdered coconut sugar, often known as icing sugar, is made by grinding granulated coconut sugar into a fine powder.

Organic Coconut Sugar Distribution Channel Insights

Based on distribution channels, the Organic Coconut Sugar market segmentation includes store-based and non-store-based. The store-based category generated the most income (70.4%). People prefer organic coconut sugar from physical locations such as health food stores, grocery stores, and internet sellers. Organic coconut sugar may be purchased from store-based sellers. They can readily locate it in the health food section or online, and they can generally get it in tiny quantities, which is excellent for individuals who are just getting started with it or require a small bit. Consumers believe that store-based retailers will offer them high-quality organic coconut sugar. They know that these sellers have been evaluated and their items satisfy their requirements.

Figure 1: Organic Coconut Sugar Market, by Distribution channel, 2023 & 2032 (USD Billion)

Organic Coconut Sugar Market, by Distribution channel, 2022 & 2032

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Organic Coconut Sugar Regional Insights

By region, the study provides market insights into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest of the World. The North American Organic Coconut Sugar market area will dominate this market; in these places, more health-conscious customers are seeking alternatives to refined sugar. Because of its low glycemic index and high nutritional content, coconut sugar is popular among health-conscious consumers. Due to increased demand for vegan and gluten-free items, the market for coconut sugar is expected to expand in these sectors as well.

Further, the major countries studied in the market report are The US, Canada, German, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil.



Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Europe has the second-largest market share for Organic Coconut Sugar. The market is predicted to grow rapidly due to trends in snacking between meals and increased snack consumption. Furthermore, the German Organic Coconut Sugar market dominated, while the UK Organic Coconut Sugar market grew fastest in Europe.

From 2023 to 2032, the Asia-Pacific Organic Coconut Sugar Market will develop at the quickest CAGR. The growing demand for natural and organic sweeteners due to increased awareness of healthy eating alternatives is driving the region's coconut sugar market. Furthermore, China's Organic Coconut Sugar market had the highest market share, while India's Organic Coconut Sugar market was the fastest expanding in the Asia-Pacific region.

Organic Coconut Sugar Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Leading market companies are extensively spending R&D on increasing their product lines, which will help the Organic Coconut Sugar market grow even more. Important market developments include new product releases, contractual agreements, acquisitions and mergers, greater investments, and collaboration with other organizations. The Organic Coconut Sugar industry must produce cost-effective merchandise to flourish and thrive in a more competitive and increasing market climate.

Manufacturing locally to reduce operating costs is an effective business strategy manufacturers use in the worldwide Organic Coconut Sugar industry to serve clients and expand the market sector. The Organic Coconut Sugar industry has provided some of the most important benefits recently. Major players in the Organic Coconut Sugar market, including Marico and others, are attempting to increase market demand by investing in research and development operations.

Marico is a multinational beauty and wellness consumer goods company. Marico's portfolio of brands includes Saffola ImmuniVeda, Parachute, Saffola, Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet, Hair & Care,Saffola Mealmaker, Parachute Advansed, Nihar Naturals, Mediker, Coco Soul, Revive, Set Wet, Livon and Beardo, and Just Herbs. With brands such as Fiancée, Parachute, Parachute Advansed, HairCode, Caivil, Black Chic, Hercules, Code 10, Ingwe, X-Men, Mediker SafeLife, Thuan Phat, and Isoplus, the foreign consumer products portfolio accounts for about 23% of the Group's revenue. In May 2019, Marico Limited launched the 'Coco Soul' vegan gourmet brand. The range includes coconut-based products such as 100% Natural virgin coconut oil, 100% Organic virgin coconut oil, and 100% Natural Infused cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, as well as Coco Soul Foods such as Coconut Spreads, Coconut Chips, and 100% Organic Coconut Sugar.

As a fully vertically integrated company, Big Tree Farms aims to employ sustainable farming and production practices that reduce their environmental impact. They are happy to have developed the most sustainable supply chain for NIRA, coconut blossom nectar. They are headquartered on the Indonesian islands, where we collaborate daily with thousands of local farmer partners who form the core of their vertically integrated business. They extract flower nectar daily in thriving food forests utilizing soil stewardship and tree-protection practices.

Key Companies in the Organic Coconut Sugar market include

  • Big Tree Farms

  • The Coconut Company Ltd.

  • Ecobuddy Group

  • Cocoa Sugar Indonesia

  • PT Holos Integra

  • Celebes Coconut Corporation

  • Earth Circle Organics LLC

  • Saudi Food Ingredients Factory

  • Coco Natura

  • PT Mega InovasiOrganik

  • SunOpta Inc

  • Los RicosCompania Corporation

  • Tardo Filipinas Incorporated

  • Madhava Ltd

  • India Sourcing

Organic Sugar Industry Developments

MALK Organics, a leading plant-based milk company, said today that they will expand their product line in 2024 with three new plant-based creamers: Vanilla Almond, Caramel Almond, and Lightly Sweetened Oat. MALK's dairy-free creamers, like the rest of their collection, are made with few ingredients and the utmost care and devotion to quality. They include no gums, oils, or fillers.

November 2022: Under a long-term contract with Brazil's Razen, Shell agreed to purchase 3.25 billion liters (860,000 gallons US) of sugarcane cellulosic ethanol. Razen intends to construct five plants in Brazil, boosting its total portfolio of cellulosic ethanol facilities to nine, which will manufacture the low-carbon fuel. The bagasse left over after producing sugar and conventional sugarcane ethanol will be used by Raizen to create its cellulosic ethanol.

August 2022: Raizen and ASR Group collaborated to provide certified non-GMO cane sugar options. The partnership aims to create a sustainable, fully traceable, and non-GMO-certified raw cane sugar supply chain. The initiative aims to ensure a reliable supply of non-GMO cane sugar for processors and consumers globally.

In 2019, MALK Organics, a leading plant-based milk company, announced the addition of three new plant-based creamers: Vanilla Almond, Caramel Almond, and Lightly Sweetened Oat. MALK's dairy-free creamers, like the rest of their collection, are made with few ingredients and the utmost care and devotion to quality. They include no gums, oils, or fillers.

Organic Sugar Market Segmentation

Organic Sugar Type Outlook

  • Sugarcane

  • Sugar Beet

  • Others

Organic Sugar Application Outlook

  • Bakery & Confectionery

  • Beverages

  • Dairy & Frozen Desserts

  • Sweet & Savory Snacks

  • Others

Organic Sugar Regional Outlook

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • UK

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • Australia

    • South Korea

    • Australia

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World

    • Middle East

    • Africa

    • Latin America

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