Okra Seeds Market Research Report - Forecast till 2027

Global Okra Seeds Market: Information By Category (Conventional and Organic) and By Region (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and the Rest of the World) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/AGR/6246-CR | April 2019 | Region: Global | 129 pages

Market Overview

Market Research Future (MRFR) assessed the Global Okra Seed Market to thrive at 9.8% CAGR through the study period between 2016 and 2023. MRFR analysis suggests that the okra seed market can value at USD 352.7 Mn by 2023. Edible green seed pods called okra seeds or lady’s finger seeds attract a large consumer base due to their nutritional benefits 

COVID-19 Analysis

The impact of COVID 19 pandemic on the okra seed market is studied comprehensively. Although farming practices and supply chains face issues due to lockdown and social-distancing to ensure workers' safety, house farming is observed to boom. Recently, the identification of a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 has also paused to expand the food and beverage sector, disrupting the market's financial equilibrium. Modern production and marketing approaches are taken to address surfacing problems.

Market Dynamics


High Demand for Genetically Modified Vegetable Seeds to Impact Market

The rise in demand for hybrid okra seeds due to the increase in demand for genetically modified food products among a large base of consumers can favor the expansion of the market in the study period.

Increase in Seed Production Capacity by Private Companies to Remain Effective Growth Booster

Private companies dealing in okra seed production are observed to install effective machinery to boost their capacity. The surge in need for food consumption is identified to boost its production, thus contributing to the rise of the hybrid okra seed market. 

High Demand for Organic Seeds to Boost Market Revenue

The growing preference for organic okra seeds and genetically modified food solutions are significant causes that can support the market upsurge.


Rise in Export Activities to Generate Growth Scopes

The widespread awareness about okra seeds' health benefits is identified to boost its demand favoring extensive export activities that can create multiple growth scopes for the market to rise.


Unfavorable Climate Condition to Hinder Market Surge

Lack of favorable climate conditions and decline in arable can restrain the market growth across the study period.  

Segment Overview

The okra seeds market study is done based on category. The category-based segments of the okra seeds market are organic and conventional. The increase in demand for organic okra seeds among the growing vegan population can support the market surge. The increase in sales of conventional okra seeds among people due to the expansion of consumer base is also anticipated to promote the market expansion. The conventional segment can expand at substantial CAGR to earn value of about USD 317.7 Mn by 2023. The increase in consumption of traditional and open-pollinated okra varieties can support the conventional okra seeds market growth. As per MRFR analysis, the organic segment can register about 10.7% CAGR during the forecast tenure due to alterations in consumer preference for organic vegetables and fruits.

 Regional Analysis

Farming Convenience in Asia Pacific to Benefit Market

The rise in okra seed production due to the surge in the demand for food can boost India's market growth. The expansion of okra seed flour market in APAC can also attribute to technical advances in the agriculture industry. APAC okra seed market can hold share of about 63.77% of the entire market by 2023. The regional market can rise at 9.6% CAGR on the conclusion of the projected tenure.

North America to Gain Momentum by 2023

North America okra seed market to gain momentum by 2023 as the demand for disease resistance and hybrid seeds increases among farmers. Moreover, the adoption of modern farming practices by agricultural in the region can also favor the market rise. 

High GM Production to Support Europe Market

The growing demand for GM production among the increasing vegan population can benefit Europe through the study period. In addition, the rise in awareness about fitness consciousness can also support the market growth.

Competitive Landscape

Adopting effective marketing strategies and promoting new products can support the okra seed market in the near future. Changes in the okra seeds market's competitive landscape due to alterations in the growth dynamics are elaborated in the report.

List of Key Companies Covered in this Report

  • Syngenta AG (Switzerland)

  • Kitazawa Seed Company (US)

  • Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Private Limited (India)

  • Sakata Seed Corporation (Japan)

  • W. Atlee Burpee & Co (US)

  • Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc (US)

  • Western Bio Vegetable Seeds Ltd (India)

  • UPL Limited (India)

  • Mahindra Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd (India)

  • Terra Agro Biotech Pvt. Ltd (India)

Recent Developments

  • January 2021 – Kerala government assured increase in basic price of fruit and vegetables to farmers.

  • January 2021- Arunjyothi Lokhanday, a homemaker from Telengana, India; invented seed-paper napkins fabricated from vegetable waste. These napkins aid in converting wet waste into a medium that contributes to the preservation of seeds. The napkin, when sown, can cultivate into vegetables. Innovations in the food and beverage sector can positively impact the okra seeds market.

Report Overview

Okra Seeds Market analysis published by MRFR covers top challenges, growth boosters and restrains that can impact the market’s growth potential across main regions and categories. The market is critically evaluated, highlighting the base year and review period and estimated projected value during the given tenure. The okra seeds market assessment also focuses on major developments during the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, the extensive market segmentation analysis outlining the market’s expected growth pace is also mentioned in the report. Historical value, economic status, technological developments, and other prominent factors that can induce growth in the worldwide market can support rise of the market across the study period. Besides, okra seeds producers and competitive initiatives these companies follow are also profiled in this report.

Scope of the Report

The scope of the report summaries the okra seed market forecast with respect to application, type, and regions. The okra seed market outlook registered valuation and market share for each region. Scale inhibitors market technique and type for the review period was evaluated by proficient MRFR analysis that are reported.

Segmentation Table

By Category

  • Organic

  • Conventional