Neuropathology Market Research Report-  Global  Forecast till 2030

Neuropathology Market Research Report By Diagnosis (Biopsy, Body Fluids, Peripheral Blood Smears, others), Application (Cerebral Hypoxia & Stroke, Perinatal Disorders, CNS Infections, Demyelinative Diseases, others), End UserÔÇô Global Forecast till 2030

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Neuropathology Market Scenario

The Neuropathology Market is projected to reach USD 7,640 Million by 2030 at 7.9% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Neuropathology pertains to the aliment of nerves reculting in pain and numbness of the limbs and it is gaining prominence in this market. The increasing incidence of musculoskeletal conditions and technological advancements in medical diagnostic devices are some factors responsible for the growth of the global neuropathology market.The work of the neuropathologists includes examining biopsy tissue from the brain and spinal cord to diagnose a disease. The biopsy is usually performed if a mass is detected by radiologic imaging. In case of autopsies, the foremost work of the neuropathologist is to help in the post-mortem diagnosis of various forms of neural conditions such as dementia and other, that may have affected the central nervous system.

The number of patients suffering from cerebrovascular disorders has increased rapidly and has reached an all-time high in the past few years. There has been a significant rise in the number of surgeries associated with the treatment of such disorders. As the neurosurgeries and spinal surgeries are very critical, continuous monitoring during the whole procedure proves to be beneficial as the information about the electrical signals in brain and the nerves can be obtained in real time.

Biopsies primarily consist of the skin. The recently developed neuropathy test, the epidermal nerve fiber density testing (ENFD) in which the nerve fibers of the skin is analysed by performing a  punch skin biopsy to identify small fiber neuropathies. This pathology test is becoming available in selected labs as well as a few universities; it replaces the traditional sural nerve biopsy test and is less invasive. It is used to identify painful small fiber neuropathies.

There are many neuropathologists around the world who have made important clinical and research contributions toward our understanding of diseases that specifically affect the brain (degenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain tumors, trauma and neuromuscular diseases). A majority of them are members of the International Society of Neuropathology (ISN).

The diagnostic samples comprises of aspirates and bone-marrow biopsies, lymph-node biopsies, body fluids, peripheral blood smears, and tissue resections from various CUMC units. Morphologic evaluation and studies, including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, next-generation sequencing and cytogenetic analysis are performed in diagnostic laboratories.

The laboratory also analyses biopsies using histochemical and immunohistochemical methods to identify glycogenosis, lipid storage myopathy, mitochondrial myopathy, muscular dystrophy, and their inherited disorders. In appropriate cases, further biochemical and genetic analysis of muscle is performed by Laboratory of Personalized Genomic Medicine at CUMC.

According to the Labor Force Survey (LFS), about 553,000 cases were registered for all work-related musculoskeletal disorder out of the total of 1,243,000 cases. Many healthcare professionals have started using these diagnostics techniques, especially in tertiary care centers and specialty hospitals which may promote and increase the demand for Neuropathology.

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The Neuropathology is segmented on the basis of diagnosis test, application, and end-users.

On the basis of diagnostic test, the Neuropathology Market is segmented into the biopsy, body fluids, peripheral blood smears, tissue resections, and others 

The biopsy sub-segment is divided into Epidermal nerve fiber density testing (ENFD), Sural nerve biopsy test, bone-marrow biopsies, lymph-node biopsies and others

On the basis of product, the application market is segmented into cerebral hypoxia and stroke, perinatal disorders, CNS infections, demyelinative diseases, brain tumors, neurodegenerative diseases, inherited metabolic disorders, peripheral neuropathy, and myopathology

On the basis of end-user, the Neuropathology Market is segmented into hospitals, clinics, research centers and others.

Regional Analysis

The Neuropathology Market consists of countries namely America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

North America dominated the global neuropathology market owing to the increasing healthcare expenditure in North America since 2016. U.S. has some of the best hospitals in the world with state of the art infrastructure. Most of the hospitals and their neurology departments are well equipped with the equipment that is required for the working of the neuropathology techniques. Various organizations and private companies are engaged in the activities of spreading awareness about the benefits of the neuropathology test among common people through various educational and marketing ways. As a result, huge numbers of people are opting for the neuropathology tests as a point of care. The country has been developing number of academic courses to develop skilled personnel in the neuropathology field over the years. Hence the availability of the neuropathology specialists in North American countries is high.

Europe is the second largest market for neuropathology market. For Europe, the neuropathology market including the brain tumors market is regarded as a strong competitive market. European countries are now making efforts in promoting the benefits of the intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring services. Patient friendly healthcare and insurance policies are making a positive impact on the people taking medical assistance.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region over the forecast period. The healthcare spending in Asia increased due to an extension of state health care programs and the increasing affluence of the population. India, in specific, saw an expansion in spending due to a government resolution to enhance healthcare services.

Key Players

Many new companies have jumped into the market in order to make the most out of the opportunities. Companies are implementing the strategies of mergers and acquisitions with other players.

Some of key the players in the Neuropathology Market are ARUP Laboratories, Therapath LLC, Abbott Laboratories, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Sakura Finetek USA Inc., Danaher Corporation, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Agilent Technologies Inc., and NeoGenomics Laboratories and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Neuropathology market is projected to grow at a 7.9% CAGR between 2022- 2030.

North America is expected to dominate the neuropathology market.

Research centers, clinics, hospitals, and others are the major end users of the neuropathology market.

Technological advances in medical diagnostic devices and rising prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions are the key factors driving the neuropathology market.

Leading players profiled in the neuropathology market include NeoGenomics Laboratories, Agilent Technologies Inc., Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Danaher Corporation, Sakura Finetek USA Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Abbott Laboratories, Therapath LLC, and ARUP Laboratories.