Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market Research Report - Forecast till 2030

Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market Research Report: By Application (Patient Monitoring and Data Collection, Prescribing & Issuing Medicine, Appointment Scheduling) and By End-User (Hospitals and Clinics, Government Organizations & Research Centers, Others) – Forecast to 2030

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Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market

Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.63% to reach USD 184.74 billion by 2030.

By Application Patient Monitoring and Data Collection Prescribing & Issuing Medicine Appointment Scheduling
By End User Hospitals and Clinics Government Organizations Research Centers
Key Players
Companies Profiled   HCL Technologies (India)   Hewlett-Packard (US)   ASUSTeK Computer Inc (Taiwan)   Barco (Belgium)   Dell (US)   Apple Inc (US)   ARBOR Technology Corp (Taiwan)   Microsoft Corporation (US)   Advantech Co.    Ltd (Taiwan)   Samsung Group (South Korea)   Teguar Computers (US)
Market Driving Forces   rising prevalence of diseases   rise in adoption by the healthcare sector
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Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market Overview

The Mobile Tablets in Healthcare Market is projected to reach USD 128.67 Million by 2030 at 4.10% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030.The mobile tablets in healthcare market is escalating to greater heights at a faster pace. The market value is predicted to have a substantial rise towards the end of 2030. In 2018, the market sold around 30 million units. Tablets are gaining an immense foothold in the healthcare industry, and the sector is leveraging advanced technologies. These devices are easy to carry for healthcare professionals and help to access information with a single click. It benefits in improving all patient care wellness programs, hospitals, clinics, the biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical sectors, and many more.

Using tablets provides major assistance to the workers in the healthcare industry, which leads to boosting the mobile tablets in healthcare industry value. Moreover, the development and launch of user-friendly tablets are altering the healthcare industry’s operation. With professionals using tablets for the management of their reminders and schedules, the healthcare sector is progressing towards the creation of applications for better use of tablets. The constant development of mobile tablets in healthcare market trends has enabled various patient monitoring devices. By the utilization of tablets, patient data can be uploaded over the web, and it can be monitored by physicians in real-time.

There is an increase in the prevalence of diseases across the globe, which is pressurizing the healthcare industry to evolve and use better solutions. The development of tablet-friendly websites and apps related to healthcare has elevated the potential of mobile tablets in the healthcare market. With the availability of information on drugs, patients, and diseases, there are fewer chances of having any mistakes by healthcare professionals. The mobile tablets in healthcare market outlook suggest that the utilization of tablets for patient data collection and monitoring will have major growth in the upcoming years.

COVID-19 Analysis

Due to the surge in the COVID-19 cases, the healthcare providers relied more on innovative technologies like gadgets. The creation of new apps for patient’s betterment has prompted the mobile tablets in healthcare industry growth. In the pandemic, there was a huge surge in demand for tablets by the healthcare sector as patient numbers rapidly increased and professionals depended on technology for several reasons. Tablets were in demand to store and access patient’s information. Furthermore, the biotech industry and pharmaceutical sectors also witnessed the rising demand for tablets which boosted the mobile tablets in healthcare industry even in harsher circumstances.

The mobile tablets in the healthcare market did face challenges like disruption in the supply chain and a halt in the manufacturing process due to lockdown restrictions. However, the higher requirement of tablets by healthcare professionals restored the market growth. The key market players also put the effort in fuelling the mobile tablets in healthcare market trends and provided better solutions to maintain the value of the market. In the post-pandemic period, the market will get numerous opportunities to rise to its maximum potential.

Market Dynamics

  • Major Market Drivers

Over the years, there has been an elevation in the usage of healthcare apps by the professionals in the field and even by the patients. This rise in adoption by the healthcare sector is driving the growth of mobile tablets in healthcare market. Moreover, the rising prevalence of diseases across the globe is putting pressure to give better and advanced solutions like the utilization of tablets. As per the 2019 data of WHO, around 421 million hospitalizations happen around the world annually. This data shows that there is an immense need to shift towards technology to treat patients better.

By using tablets, healthcare professionals will benefit from accessing the allergic information of patients and drug-related information simultaneously. The pharmaceutical industry is developing apps and responsive websites to offer information about several drugs to patients, doctors, and nurses. Such advancement and dependence on tablets exhilarate the mobile tablets in healthcare market size expansion.

  • Significant Opportunities for the Market

With the capacity to obtain drugs and patient-related information, the healthcare sector is increasing the adoption of tablets which eventually elevates the mobile tablets in healthcare industry potential. This will help pharmacists and physicians to avoid issuing medications that can harm patients. Using the tablets to access the disease, patient, and treatment information for the reduction in misdiagnosis will serve as a major opportunity for the growth of mobile tablets in healthcare market share. The creation of new apps and advanced developments by the market players will contribute to the progress of the market in upcoming times.

The mobile tablets in healthcare market analysis reflect that the utilization of tablets for appointment scheduling, faster approvals for OTC and RX will fuel the market growth. Furthermore, the biotech industry will increase the adoption of tablets for collecting observation data, field-level monitoring, and quick image capturing with cameras. All these will lead to the elevate the market demand to the optimum levels.

  • Market Restraints

There are numerous opportunities that will propel the growth of mobile tablets in healthcare market. However, certain restraints can hinder the growth progress. The technicalities associated with applications and tablets may restrict its utilization and hamper the escalation of mobile tablets in healthcare industry value. Moreover, the high cost of the tablets may also disinterest many to adopt them.

  • Market Growth Challenges

The usage of these devices in all countries around the world can be a challenging task as most countries in Africa and the Middle East have poor healthcare infrastructure. Therefore, the demand and growth of mobile tablets in healthcare industry in these regions will be quite low. Along with that, more advanced gadgets are appearing in recent times, which can also limit the mobile tablets in healthcare market growth.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

According to the mobile tablets in healthcare industry analysis, the value of the market is soaring up at a faster rate and will attain its maximum momentum in the coming years. The market players are bringing new mobile tablets in healthcare market trends and improved solutions to eliminate the restraints. The market has surpassed all its previous growth rates and will elevate more in the forecast period with a growth rate of 3.8 percent.

Segment Overview

The mobile tablets in healthcare market is bifurcated into various segments on the basis of application, end-user, and region.

  • By Application:

In this segment, the mobile tablets in healthcare industry comprise patient monitoring and data collection, dashboard and reports, prescribing and issuing medicines, and appointment scheduling. Patient monitoring and data collection is the largest segment as it is useful for collecting non-clinical and clinical patient data and evaluating outcomes for people having the particular condition. Its application also saves a lot of time and is an important segment for healthcare professionals.

The prescribing and issuing medicine segment of the mobile tablets in healthcare market will have a growth in the forecast period as pharmacies use tablets to offer drugs and their information to patients. Faster approval of Rx authorization reduces the turnaround time by healthcare professionals. The Dashboard and Reports segment will be one of the major segments as it covers prescriptions, diagnostics, patients, financial, legal, and operational information summaries. The appointment segment includes laboratory tests, doctors and nurse visits, reminders, cancellations, rescheduling, etc. It will be the fastest-growing segment.

  • By End User:

The mobile tablets in healthcare market segmentation by end-user include hospitals and clinics, government organizations and research centers, pharmacies, laboratories, and ambulatory surgical centers. The hospitals and clinics segment will have maximum growth as hospital registries are focus on continuous improvement in patient’s health via using tablets and apps. It is the major end-user and has the largest market share.

  • By Region:

The region segment of mobile tablets in healthcare industry consists of different areas like the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Regional Analysis

The global mobile tablets in healthcare market is analyzed in several regions such as Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. The Americas is the largest regional market and has huge mobile tablets in healthcare industry share due to the high adoption of mobile tablets in the healthcare field. Its better healthcare facilities result in technological development. In Europe, escalating technological trends and good healthcare infrastructure boost the market growth. The Asia-Pacific region will have the fastest growth due to an increase in government initiatives to implement advanced devices and the development of healthcare IT.

Competitive Landscape

The major players of the mobile tablets in healthcare market are:

  • HCL Technologies (India)

  • Hewlett-Packard (US)

  • ASUSTeK Computer Inc (Taiwan)

  • Barco (Belgium)

  • Dell (US)

  • Apple Inc (US)

  • ARBOR Technology Corp (Taiwan)

  • Microsoft Corporation (US)

  • Advantech Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

  • Samsung Group (South Korea)

  • Teguar Computers (US)

  • Sand Dune Ventures, Inc (US)

  • Zebra Technologies Corp (US)

Recent Developments

  • In 2020, Sumitomo Corporation of Japan tied up with SUSMED, Inc. to develop medical applications for devices like tablets. By using digital technology, treatment of specific diseases will be possible.

Report Overview

The mobile tablets in healthcare market forecast report depict the in-depth insights of the market and provide its growth estimation. It includes the impact of Covid-19 on the market and gives an idea about the market dynamics. Along with that, it mentions various segments of the market and regional analysis to show the progress of the mobile tablets in healthcare industry in the forecast years. It also provides the recent developments that happened in this field.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Mobile tablets in healthcare market had a volume of 30 million units in 2018.

Mobile tablets in healthcare market would attain a CAGR of 4.10% during the forecast period.

Patient monitoring & data collection type would lead mobile tablets in healthcare market.

Mobile tablets in healthcare market would be dominated by hospitals & clinics segment.

The complexity of the operation and high cost of the software can prevent mobile tablets in healthcare market growth.