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Metal Plating Finishing Market Size

ID: MRFR//5533-CR | 146 Pages | Author: Chitranshi Jaiswal| December 2018

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market are shaped by various factors that collectively influence its trends and growth dynamics. A primary driver is the consistent demand from industries such as automotive, electronics, and aerospace, where metal plating and finishing play crucial roles in enhancing aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and functional properties of components. In the automotive sector, metal plating is essential for various parts, including decorative trims and functional components, contributing significantly to the market's growth. As the automotive industry continually evolves, the demand for advanced and visually appealing metal finishes remains a constant factor driving the market.

Global economic conditions are pivotal in the Metal Plating and Finishing Market. Economic growth and industrialization contribute to increased manufacturing activities, fostering the need for high-quality metal finishes. Developing economies, undergoing rapid industrial expansion, play a substantial role in propelling the market's growth, emerging as significant contributors to the global manufacturing landscape.

Technological advancements in plating and finishing processes have a substantial impact on the market dynamics. Ongoing research and development efforts lead to innovations that enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness of metal plating and finishing technologies. Companies investing in these advancements gain a competitive edge by offering cutting-edge plating solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries while addressing environmental concerns. The continuous pursuit of more sustainable and efficient plating methods is a significant factor influencing market trends.

Environmental and regulatory considerations are critical aspects of the Metal Plating and Finishing Market. The use of certain chemicals and processes in metal plating can have environmental implications, leading to increased scrutiny and regulation. Companies in the market are compelled to adopt environmentally friendly practices, invest in waste treatment and recycling technologies, and comply with stringent environmental standards. Environmental responsibility has become a key factor shaping industry practices and influencing the choices of both businesses and consumers.

Geopolitical factors and trade dynamics also play a role in shaping the Metal Plating and Finishing Market. Fluctuations in trade relations, changes in tariffs, and geopolitical tensions can impact the supply chain and pricing of metal plating services. Companies in the market need to stay informed about global trade developments and adjust their strategies to navigate potential risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the global market. The ability to adapt to changing geopolitical landscapes is crucial for sustained success in the industry.

Moreover, the electronics industry significantly contributes to the demand for metal plating and finishing. As electronic devices become more compact and sophisticated, the need for precise and high-quality metal finishes for connectors, circuits, and casings grows. The rapid evolution of consumer electronics, coupled with the expansion of technologies like 5G and IoT, fuels the demand for advanced metal plating and finishing solutions in the electronics sector. The intricacies of electronic components demand specialized plating processes to ensure functionality and longevity.

The aerospace and defense sector is another key driver of the Metal Plating and Finishing Market. The stringent requirements for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and precise finishes in aircraft components make metal plating a critical process in aerospace manufacturing. As the aerospace industry continues to grow globally, the demand for specialized metal plating and finishing services rises. The aerospace sector's reliance on high-performance materials and finishes positions it as a significant market influencer.

Raw material prices, particularly those of plating chemicals and metal substrates, play a role in shaping the Metal Plating and Finishing Market. Fluctuations in the costs of these raw materials impact the production costs and pricing of metal plating services. Companies in the market must implement effective supply chain strategies and cost management practices to navigate these raw material price dynamics. The ability to manage and optimize costs is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the market.

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market will hold USD 11.490.7 million with a CAGr of 4.23% between 2020 and 2027. The market held USD 9,134.8 million in 2017.

Covered Aspects:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Growth Rate   CAGR of 4.23%

Metal Plating & Finishing Market Overview

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market will hold USD 11.490.7 million with a CAGr of 4.23% between 2020 and 2027. The market held USD 9,134.8 million in 2017. Metal plating and finishing is a technique used in metal to give it a finishing look. It provides several benefits to the metals and to the products which are made up of metals. It helps the metals stay away from corrosion wear, helps to detain their appearance and increases the solderability of the metal. Plating is a process that is mostly done in manufacturing in which a thin layer of metal is applied to the substrate so that it will give a smooth finish to the products. The Metal Plating and Finishing Market Value will improve in the forecast period due to the market's use in several industries.

Covid-19 analysis

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market Growth were negatively impacted by COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe effect on the global economy, which included the disruption of the supply chain and the supply chain also got adversely affected. The supply of many components and products from China was delayed. Many end-users acting as a growth factor in the regions got affected, and the scarcity of products and raw materials affected the market. However, the condition is getting better as the supply chain is operating again, but it is taking some time to fill due to the shortages of many market products. The lead times have multiplied, compounded by the shortage of air and ocean freight options to move products to and from manufacturing countries. As China is dominating due to the presence of the raw material and it is the head supplier, global chain and disruption are at risk. However, the condition is expected to recover in the coming years as vaccines are given to individuals to limit the spread.

Chief Factors Existing In The Market  

Key DriversThe increasing demand for wear resistance and durable materials increases, making the market register growth. The lost lasting use of the product is increasing the market growth. Several materials are used in the automotive and airforce industries, positively impacting market growth. The benefit of plating and finishing also enhances app strength and declination in friction which helps the market grow. The plating and finishing can enhance the ductile strength boosting the Metal Plating and Finishing Market.Market ChallengesThe rising environmental concerns and less availability of manufacturers and products are challenging the Metal Plating and Finishing Market Share. Various stringent rules by the government in many regions also act as a challenging factor for market growth.Market OpportunitiesThe sudden shift from the traditional solvent-borne technologies to newer ones will provide ample growth opportunities for the market. The growth of the automotive industries in several regions, especially in Asian regions, is forming new opportunities for present and future vendors.Market RestraintsThe increasing concern over toxic wastes generated by metal finishing operations in the electroplating process and a developing potential to develop alternative clean technology will hinder the market in growth. The environmental restriction and strong government regulations on metal finishing chemicals keep the market from rising forward. The impact of covid 19 was also a factor in the market growth, and also increasing metal by plastic is hampering the market growth, and due to those factors, the market will face a decline in growth.

Cumulative Evaluation Of The Market  

The cumulative market evaluation shows various market segments affecting the market, and the segment holding the largest market share is studied clearly. By the Metal Plating and Finishing Market Analysis, various regions and the players of those regions are having a growing effect on the market. The drivers are increasing the CAGR of the market, and the restraints are backlashing the market growth. Key vendors must study perfectly about the market and form startegy according to that.

Market segmentation

By typeBased on the type segment, the market is classified into Cleaning and surface preparation, finishing and protection, metal plating and others. In 2017, the metal plating segment held the largest market share with a value of USD 4,297.5 million and was expected to hold a high growth rate. Cleaning and surface preparation act as a growth factor and are placed in the second position based on the type segment before the meral plating; the surface is prepared as grease, oil, and dirt can affect the metal durability.By materialGold, bronze, nickel, zinc, tin and others are the variables of the segment material. Each segment accounts for high growth and will contribute to the market value in the forecast period. All the segments will have the largest market share in the forecast period.By processBased on the process, theMetal Plating and Finishing Market Outlook are segregated into Electroplating and Electroless Plating. Both the segment will push the market forward, and due to that, the Metal Plating and Finishing Market Size will improve in the coming years. By applicationThe Metal Plating and Finishing Market are divided into Automotive Components, Machine Components, Aircraft Components, Medical Components, Others by application segment. The automotive segment accounted for USD 3,792.1 million in 2017. The component is the highest CAGR component among all the segments owing to the increase of automotive in developing and developed countries, leading to the increase of commercial vehicles due to more activity in the infrastructure sector.

Regional analysis

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market are studied in Europe, the Asia Pacific, North America, South America, the middle east and Africa and other parts of the world. North America dominates the market due to high-end industries and companies in the region. Any new technological or automotive advancement is foremost in the region, which helps the market grow. Asia pacific is also contributing to the market and is growing in CAGR due to the rising investment and production in the automotive industry. Improving the electrical and electronics and increasing demand for heavy equipment increases market growth. Other regions investing in the Metal Plating and Finishing Market will further grow in the forecast period.

Competitive Intensity Within The Industry   

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market competitive landscape provides a detailed analysis of the market and a broad understanding of its commercial intensity. It also shows several market strategies that leading companies adopt for market revenue. It provides a previous and future forecast assessment based on the market's growth. The report also depicts an insightful analysis of changing competition dynamics and competitors. To understand the future scope and outlooks for the Metal Plating and Finishing Market, many market players are investing in the Metal Plating market. Finishing Market Forecast is known by regional analysis, type and application, with revenue and sales currently and in the future. The prominent market investors who are taking the market forward globally are

  • DowDuPont the U.S.

  • ¬†Lincoln Industries the U.S.¬†

  • Pioneer Metal Finishing the U.S.¬†

  • Anoplate Corporation the U.S.

  • ¬†Arlington Plating Company the U.S.

  • ¬†Atotech Germany

  • Platform Specialty Products Corporation, the U.S

  • CECO Environmental Corporation¬†

  • the U.S. Intertec¬†

  • the U.S. SPC the U.S.

  • Coastline Metal Finishing¬†

  • the U.S. Dixie Industrial Finishing the U.S¬†

  • American Plating Company the U.S.¬†

  • Nassau Chromium Plating Co. the U.S.

  • Ctech Metal Finishing Inc. the U.S.

Recent development  

  • Atotech launched its new innovative super-bright mid phosphorus nickel process, Nichem MP 400. Nichem MP 4000, a sustainable and hazard-free process, can plate Ni-P (Nickel Phosphorous) coating with very high gloss values ranging from 300 GU to 600 GU on December 14, 2020.

  • Jing-Mei Industrial Ltd. (JMI) opened a new production facility in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 17, 2020.

Report Overview

The Metal Plating and Finishing Market report provide extensive and understandable market information. The values, process and results are depicted in the market. The report consists of market dynamics, factors for growth, regions where the market is excited and developments. Various opportunities, drivers, and restrains are mentioned in the report, as all of them push the market forward. The segments analyzed in the report their subsegments coming growth factors are also studied in the market. Many market players', competitors' strategies for market growth are also predicted in the report. The report shows past, current and future market conditions and also the details about them are also mentioned in the market. Every factor is highlighted in the marker that positively impacts the market. The Metal Plating and Finishing Market Trends are also taken into account as they can help the market grow in the future and register high growth.

Key industrial segments

By type

  • Cleaning and surface preparation,

  • finishing and protection

  • metal plating¬†

  • others¬†

By material

  • Gold

  • ¬†Bronze

  • Nickel

  • Zinc

  • ¬†tin¬†

  • others

By process

  • Electroplating

  • Electroless Plating

By application

  • Automotive Components

  • ¬†Machine Components

  • ¬†Aircraft Components

  • ¬†Medical Components

  • ¬†Others

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