Medical Device Coating Market Research Report- Forecast to 2030

Medical Device Coating Market Information: By Type (Antimicrobial, Drug-Eluting, Hydrophilic and Anti Therombogenic), By Application (Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Neurology, Gynecology and Others) - Forecast till 2030

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Medical Device Coatings Market

Medical Device Coatings Market is projected to be worth USD 10,109.7 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 5.16% during the forecast period (2022 - 2030).

Type Antimicrobial Drug-Eluting Hydrophilic Anti Therombogenic
Application Cardiovascular Orthopedics Neurology Gynecology
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Speciality Coating Systems Inc (U.S.)   Royal DSM N.V (The Netherlands)   Biocoat Incorporated (U.S.).Surmodics Inc. (U.S.)   Precision Coating Company Inc (U.S.).   Materion Corporation (U.S.)   Hydromer Inc (U.S.)   Sono-Tek Corp (U.S.)
Market Driving Forces   The growing need for non-invasive therapies is expected to boost the Medical Device Coating Market in the coming period.
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Medical Device Coatings Market Overview:

The Medical Device Coating Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.16% while acquiring a market value of USD 10,109.7 Million by 2030.

The medical devices are vulnerable to the attack of various microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and others. This necessitates the application of a protective coating on the surface of numerous diagnostic and surgical medical devices such as a stent, cardiac assist devices, and needles, among others. The most significant factors leading to the expansion of the market comprises the rising old population, rising need for non-invasive methods, and on-going technological innovation in medical equipment.

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has brought severe impacts on the medical device coating manufacturing due to the supply disruption caused during the lockdown. There has been a significant hindrance in export and import as well, which is predicted to further obstruct the trade expansion. On the other hand, the increasing need for protective devices or other medical equipment is projected to boost the Medical Device Coating Market.

Market Dynamics

The increasing demand for ventilators, stents, mandrels, syringes, and other protection devices in the healthcare sector is predicted to propel the industry during the projection period. In addition, the rising COVID-19 cases and the increasing government expenditure on healthcare are anticipated to be other salient cause that can develop the global market in the coming period. In addition, the coatings are likely to witness a surged demand due to their thermal stability and dry-film lubricity that can propel the Medical Device Coating Market significantly in the forecast tenure.


Growing Illness among the Expanding Populace can Favor Market Growth

The increasing incidences of acute lower respiratory infections among the expanding geriatric populace owing to the rising pollution are expected to grow the demand for hydrophilic lubricious coatings on devices, which is expected to augment the market during the forecast period. In addition, the growing need for non-invasive therapies is expected to boost the Medical Device Coating Market in the coming period.


Increasing Demand for Quality Healthcare can Offer Lucrative Opportunity for Expansion

The rising demand for quality healthcare and the growing need for early detection of ailments can offer various opportunities for Medical Device Coating Market growth in the assessment period.


The imposition of Stringent Rules by Various Governments can impede the Market Expansion

The changing set of rules and regulations, the imposition of stringent regulations for medical devices across various countries are expected to impede the Medical Device Coating Market Growth during the forecast period.


Time Consuming Regulatory Approvals can Slow-Down the Market Growth

The time-consuming procedure to obtain approvals for medical devices can pose a significant challenge in Medical Device Coating Market expansion.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

The market is expected to Grow Significantly during the Forecast Period

The Medical Device Coating Market is anticipated to witness a boost during the forecast period owing to the rising demand for implantable devices, rising disposable income, and the presence of untapped market opportunities.

Key Players

  • Speciality Coating Systems Inc (U.S.)

  • Royal DSM N.V (The Netherlands)

  • Biocoat Incorporated (U.S.).Surmodics Inc. (U.S.)

  • Precision Coating Company Inc (U.S.).

  • Materion Corporation (U.S.)

  • Hydromer Inc (U.S.)

  • Sono-Tek Corp (U.S.)

Segment Analysis

By Type

Antimicrobial Medical Device Coating Segment to Acquire the Maximum Market Share

Based on the Type, the Medical Device Coating Market has been segmented into drug-eluting, antimicrobial, hydrophilic, and anti-thrombogenic medical device Coating. The antimicrobial medical device coating segment is expected to acquire the maximum market share of the market demand for Medical Device Coatings during the forecast period. The Antimicrobial Medical Device Coating is projected to thrive at a notable owing to the rising need to avoid bacterial colonization on the orthopedic implant surfaces. The hydrophilic Medical Device Coating is another lucrative segment in the Medical Device Coating Market, which is anticipated to expand the highest CAGR of 5.81% during the projection tenure.

By Application

The Cardiovascular Segment Expected to be the Largest Market Segment

Based on Application, the Medical Device Coating Market has been segmented into gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, cardiovascular, and others. Among all segments, the need for Medical Device Coating is expected to rise in diagnostic or surgical instruments used in cardiovascular ailments. The cardiovascular is the largest segment thriving at a higher CAGR while amassing the market value of USD 4,320.3 million by 2023. The growth can be attributed to the increasing penetration of medical devices in pacemakers and cardiac surgeries.

Regional Analysis

North America to Dominate the Global Market Due to Advanced Healthcare Facilities

As per the medical device coating analysis conducted by MRFR, the Medical Device Coating Market is anticipated to be dominated by North America owing to the presence of advanced healthcare facilities and the rising incidents of cardiometabolic disorders. Also, the growing cases of COVID-19 are likely to aid in boosting the regional market. In addition, the rapid development of healthcare infrastructure and adoption of advanced surgical treatments are likely to boost the industry in the region during the assessment period.

APAC region is predicted to acquire a substantial Medical Device Coating Market Value during the assessment timeframe owing to the surging need for better healthcare infrastructure and the rising geriatric population. The rising demand for the home health care market, ease of private health insurance, and the surging obesity rates are predicted to be a salient cause that can augment the regional trade in the coming period. In addidition, the participation of the evolving economies such as; India, China, and Japan is expected to be another salient factor that can fuel the regional market in the assessment period.

Europe is predicted to procure a significant market value during the review timeframe owing to the increasing cases of obesity, expanding geriatric population, and surging cardiac ailments. The role of the U.K. and Germany is projected to further develop the regional market in the review period.

MEA is anticipated to procure a smaller market share during the assessment tenure due to the sluggish development in the region.

Competitive Landscape

New Product Launches to Increase the Competition of the Market

The growing focus on new product launches and increasing partnerships among the established players are expected to make the competition grow fierce.

Industry News

  • October 2021- Dymax happily announced a partnership with PVA for distribution in the North American region, a leading manufacturer of rapid curing materials and equipment. The agreement includes the distribution of Dymax innovative adhesives, conformal and protective coatings. PVA is an international provider of automated dispensing and coating systems situated at nine distinct locations in North America. PVA automated systems are usually utilized to apply Dymax materials to a range of applications, including printed consumer electronics, medical devices, circuit boards, and more. The latest partnership fills the gap between formulations and robotics, bringing customers a single source for automated materials, curing, coating, and dispensing solutions. The Chief Commercial Officer for Dymax stated that the relationship with PVA will assist the company in expanding their business and reaching crucial OEM manufacturers in the electronics industries and medical device, telecommunications industries, which may not be conscious of Dymax’s expertise in producing innovative formulated light-curable materials

  • July 2021- Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have built a human implantable medical device coating technology, which can boost the life span and stability of the medical device. The team working on the project has claimed that the technology boosted the lifespan of the medical device by almost four times to the existing device by diminishing tissue damage throughout the insertion process and suppressing the inflammatory reaction.

  • December 2020: Garwood Medical Devices, a US-based medical device company, and the University of Buffalo research team have won a federal grant of USD 749,000 to evaluate a medical device to prevent and eliminate bacterial biofilm infections associated with orthopedic implants.

  • Adam Spence, a leading manufacturer of medical extrusions, reinforced tubing and catheter sub-assemblies has recently agreed on a strategic cooperation with Horsham-based Biocoat Inc. The cooperation will allow Adam to use Biocoat’s hydrophilic coatings in it catheter shafts. This announcement comes immediately after Adam Spence’s partnership with partnership with Microspec Corp., which allows it to use Microspec’s patented inline multi-durometer extrusion technology for manufacturing reinforced catheter shafts.

  • Canada-based medical device manufacturer Covalon Technologies Ltd has recent revealed that it has received USD 3.5 Million from a leading medical company for licensing of its proprietary antimicrobial medical coating technology. With this, Covalon’s new client will be able to use the coating technology in some of its medical products.

Report Overview

The rising incidents of obesity and the on-going development in the healthcare infrastructure are some of the salient factors that are predicted to augment the market.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size    USD 10,109.7 Million
  CAGR   5.16%(2022–2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2019 & 2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage    Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Type, Application and Region
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Speciality Coating Systems Inc (U.S.), Royal DSM N.V (The Netherlands), Biocoat Incorporated (U.S.).Surmodics Inc. (U.S.), Precision Coating Company Inc (U.S.)., Materion Corporation (U.S.), Hydromer Inc (U.S.), Sono-Tek Corp (U.S.)
  Key Market Opportunities   Increasing Demand for Quality Healthcare can Offer Lucrative Opportunity for Expansion
  Key Market Drivers   Growing Illness among the Expanding Populace can Favor Market Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global medical device coating market is projected to reach USD 10,109.7 MN by 2030, registering a 5.16% CAGR during the review period

North America holds the largest share in the global medical device coating market followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

Strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, expansion, and technology/ product launch are some of the growth strategies that players operating in the global medical device coating adopt to gain a larger competitive advantage.

Materion Corporation (US), Surmodics, Inc. (US), Hydromer Inc. (US), Speciality Coating Systems Inc. (US), Sono-Tek Corp (US), Royal DSM N.V (The Netherlands), Biocoat Incorporated (US), and Precision Coating Company, Inc. (US), are some of the leading players in the global medical device coating market.