Lice Treatment Market Research Report – Forecast till 2030

Lice Treatment Market Research Report, by type (pediculosis capitis, pediculosis corporis, pediculosis pubis), treatment (OTC products, prescription medications), distribution channel (online platform, hospitals & clinics) - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/Pharma/5668-HCR | November 2022 | Region: Global | 90 Pages         

Lice Treatment Market

Lice treatment market is expected to reach USD 160.44 Million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 7.65% during forecast 2022-2030


By Type pediculosis capitis pediculosis corporis pediculosis pubis
By Treatment OTC products prescription medications
By Distribution Channel Online platform Hospitals & clinics

Key Players

  • Sanofi
  • Topaz Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Omega Pharma
  • Pfizer
  • Taro Pharmaceuticals
  • Arbor Pharmaceuticals
  • Merck & Co. Inc
  • Galderma Laboratories L.P


  • High prevalence of head lice
  • Growing children population
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Lice Treatment Overview:

Lice Treatment Market is anticipated to reach USD 160.44 Million by 2030 at 7.65% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. Lice are wingless, blood-sucking insects that live on humans’ heads or scalp and fed on human blood. The lice inject their saliva when they suck humans’ blood. Injecting their saliva stops blood from clotting. When the lice saliva enters the human circulatory system, it causes a condition called pruritus. The lice’s saliva could be severely allergic to some people, sharp claws of the lice maneuvering thorough hair strands also because of itching and discomfort and itching. The advent of novel technologies in the market is driving the overall growth of the lice treatment Market. 

Several clinics are intensively utilizing chemical-less procedures for treating Lice. The hot air and dehydrate methods are prevalently used in several clinics and health care facilities. The advent of electronic devices and similar other technical devices are gaining popularity in the countries like America, owing to the rising pediatric population and higher disposable income in the region are fueling the growth of the lice treatment Market.

COVID 19 Analysis:

The pandemic has affected several industries and commercial units, even some essential medical sectors. It also significantly impacted the growth of the Market, adversely. The prolonged lockdown in several countries has led to the closure of educational institutions and public gatherings. Such factors have reduced lice infestations in recent times. Since lice treatments were not considered as a primary necessity, the demand for the lice treatment Market has significantly reduced throughout the pandemic. 

The spread of lice cannot be controlled, lice are resilient. After the release of the lockdowns, the lice treatment market is expected to bounce back and expected to witness steady growth in the forecast period. Medical experts believe that like other pests, lice can adapt to the situation.

Market Dynamics:


Head lice are known to spread any kind of disease, they don’t spread diseases. However, they can cause severe itching and lead to secondary skin infections. Loss of sleep, severe itching, irritation, and loss of focus on essential things are majorly known effects experienced due to head lice. Such factors are propelling the overall Lice treatment market growth.

The easy access to the chemicals and alcohols such as benzyl alcohol lotions and pyrethrin has increased the market growth. The rising vulnerable pediatric population in several countries like the Americas is providing major growth stimulating factors for the Market.


The availability of several alcohol-based lotions and FDA-approved medications in the market present lucrative growth opportunities for the Lice treatment Market. Benzyl alcohol-based lotions are intensively used by a huge population and require repetition within 7days for effective results. Moreover, the availability of lotions that have gotten FDA approvals and can be used on babies starting from the 6 months years old is expected to increase market growth.

A recent study estimated that the lice infestation could increase rapidly. The rate of infestation might range from 6 million to 12 million every year. Each female louse can lay up to 6 eggs every day and are capable of living up to 10 days off the scalp, after which they die of starvation. Such factors have presented lucrative opportunities for the overall growth of the lice treatment Market.


Going swimming or taking a head bath within 2 days after the lice treatment might reduce the efficacy of Lice treatments. Patients who are ignorant of such steps might impact the growth of the Market.

Adverse effects associate with lice treatments are hindering the overall growth of the Market. Especially, treatments that involve permethrin are more likely to aggravate the scalp irritation, itching, or swelling in some cases. Others might experience mild burning, tingling, and numbness in their scalp. Such factors are hindering the overall lice treatment market growth.


A combination of two lice-treating products might lead to harmful side effects. Increasing demand for OTC drugs that necessarily do not require prescriptions has stimulated the growth of the lice treatment Market. On the other hand, possess the risk of an improper combination of OTC drugs might lead to adverse health risks.

Several topical medications have increased the accessibility of drugs. On the other hand, some might be allergic to some topical drugs which might lead to swelling of eyes and change of skin tone over long usage. Selecting FDA approval products and seeking medical advice before treating head lice could significantly reduce the adverse effects of these medications.

Cumulative growth analysis:

The increasing vulnerable pediatric population in several countries is stimulating the overall growth of the lice treatment Market. Treating lice and nits majorly includes medications that are bifurcated into OTC products and prescribed drugs. OTC products like permethrin, pyrethrin, and Prescribed medicines like Ivermectin, spinosad, malathion are commonly used medications for lice treatment. While undertaking medications for lice treatments, supplementary procedures must be carried out. Especially, washing the products of an infected person with hot water or exposing them at a temperature up to 53.5’C for five minutes is effective in killing the lice and nits. The accessories that require such hot treatment are hats, scarves, pillowcases, bedding, towels, and anything that could come in contact with the infected person. The studies conducted in several parts of the world demonstrated the rising incidences of lice infestations. For instance, a study conducted in Iran shows that there was over 68% of lice infestation among children and adults. 

Value chain analysis:

The Lice treatments are generally bifurcated as oral and topical treatments based on the route of administration; however, the countries whose economic condition is moderate or higher are more likely to utilize the electronic devices to eradicate the lice and nits. Although the time taken for such procedures are comparatively lower and the procedures are highly efficient in eradicating lice, they are considered costly for the low-income and moderate-income population. Such factors have fueled the OTC drug segment in the Lice treatment Market. The over-the-counter drugs are considered highly efficient, affordable and generally come under the topical application segment.

Over-the-counter drugs have always had higher demand than prescribed drugs, due to their easy availability and low cost. The most prevalent techniques were combing, shaving, hot air, silicon-based lotions, natural oils, and products. However, the advent of technology in the Lice treatment Market has brought in electric combs, precision-controlled heat air combs are easily available in the market, which is generally costlier but effective in terms of yielding results and such procedures significantly reduces the involvement of chemicals. 

Segment Overview:

Based on Infection Type:

  • Pediculosis Capitis

  • Pediculosis Corporis

  • Pediculosis Pubis

Based on Treatment:

  • OTC Products

  • Permethrin

  • Pyrethrin

  • Others

  • Prescription Medications

  • Ivermectin

  • Spinosad

  • Malathion

Based on End-User application:

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Retail Pharmacies

  • Online Platform

Based on Prescription Medications:

  • Ivermectin

  • Spinosad

  • Malathion

  • Others

Regional analysis:

Currently, the Americas is dominating the Lice Treatment market outlook, the primary driving factor in the region is the increasing children population. The US database has declared that there are approximately 20,304,240 children who are aged below 10 years. Closer associations and their interactions in schooling have aided the spread of lice from one child to another. On the other hand, the increasing up-gradation of medical infrastructure and the presence of key market players in the region has propelled the overall growth of the Market. 

Europe is considered the second largest market holder in the Lice treatment market outlook. The increased awareness in the region and presence of technologically advanced medical and health care centers are the primary factors that fuel the overall growth of the Market. However, Europe possesses a vulnerable pediatric population which is also a major market driver for the growth.

The Lice treatment Market in Asia-pacific is also expected to have a steady growth in the forecast period, owing to increasing lice contamination in the region. Lice contamination is ranging up to 17% in India and 75% all over Asia. 

Competitive landscape:

  • Sanofi

  • Topaz Pharmaceuticals Inc

  • GlaxoSmithKline

  • Omega Pharma

  • Pfizer

  • Taro Pharmaceuticals

  • Arbor Pharmaceuticals


  • Merck & Co., Inc

  • Galderma Laboratories, L.P

  • ParaPRO LLC

  • Medtech

  • Mylan N.V

Recent developments:

In the year 2019, one of the leading market players who are a renowned manufacturer of pest control and other chemicals related to pesticides and fungicides has introduced the Niolic Head Lice and Nits treatment kit. The product is considered to be extremely effective as the product is capable of eliminating the development stages in less than 60 minutes. Moreover, the product is found to be effective in killing the super lice- which are mutated head lice and are resistant to active ingredients.

The lice clinic in America has newly introduced the handheld device which is capable of killing lice, super lice, and over 99.2 nits under 60 minutes. The procedure is carried out with an electronic device, thereby the exposure to the chemicals is lower.

Report overview:

This report has covered:

  • Market overview

  • COVID 19 Analysis

  • Market dynamics

  • Cumulative growth analysis

  • Value chain analysis

  • Segment overview

  • Regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape

  • Recent developments

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 160.44 Million
  CAGR   7.65%
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Type, Treatment, End user
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   AkzoNobel N.V., Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bayer HealthCare, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Elanco, GlaxoSmithKline, Insight Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Omega Pharma, Pfizer, Sanofi, Suven Life Sciences, Taro Pharmaceuticals, Topaz Pharmaceuticals Inc., and others
  Key Market Opportunities

  • Increasing disposable income
  • Rising healthcare expenditure
  •   Key Market Drivers

  • High prevalence of head lice
  • Growing children population

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    Lice Treatment Market would grow with a CAGR of 7.65% during the forecast period of 2022-2030.

    Lice Treatment Market can be affected by a lack of awareness and low per capita income.

    Lice Treatment Market has end users like retail pharmacies, hospitals & clinics, and online platforms.

    Americas have a maximum Lice Treatment Market share.

    Asia Pacific region would record the fastest growth in the Lice Treatment Market.