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Industrial Display System Market Research Report - Global Forecast 2027

Industrial Display System Market, By Display Type (Flat panel, Flexible, Transparent), by Technology (LED-backlit LCD), by Application (Smartphone & Tablet, TV & Digital Signage), By End-User (Consumer electronics, Automotive and aerospace) - Forecast 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/2282-HCR | December 2022 | Region: Global | 100 Pages         

Industrial Display System Market

The industrial display system market value is anticipated to reach approximately USD 6.71 billion by the end of the year 2023, at 6.8% of CAGR between 2017 and 2023.


By Display Type Flat panel Flexible Transparent
By Technology LED-backlit LCD
By Application Smartphone & Tablet TV & Digital Signage
By End-User Consumer electronics Automotive and aerospace

Key Players

  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
  • LG Display Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
  • AU Optronics Corp. (Taiwan)
  • Japan Display Inc. (Japan)
  • Innolux Corp. (Taiwan)
  • BOE Technology Group Co. (China)
  • Sharp Corp. (Japan)
  • Varitronix International Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Hannstar Display Corp. (Taiwan)
  • Universal Display Corp. (U.S.)
  • TCL Display Technology Holdings Limited (Hong Kong)
  • E Ink Holdings Inc. (Taiwan)


  • The comprehensive and flexible solutions of the electronic display systems.
  • The demand for the industrial display screen is blooming in the global market
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Industrial Display System Market Size and Overview

Globally, the size of the Industrial Display System Market is expected to reach USD 6.71 billion by the end of the year 2023 at a CAGR of 6.8% driven by, the demand for the industrial display screen is blooming in the global market and will continue to rise to extreme levels in the forecast years.

The industrial display is an output device that represents information in a visual format. The displays are available in several types of panels. The curve or flat display panel emits a reflector which helps in producing an image of different colors on the screen. Minute pixels in large quantity form a high definition resolution which makes an image clearer on the industrial display screen. These display devices in the industrial display system industry include televisions, computer monitors, aircraft cockpit displays, instrument panels, and many more. The wide variety of utilization of electronic display systems is escalating the potential of the industrial display market.

Industrial displays also have variations in screen size like 7 inch, 10 inch, 19 inch, 21 inch, and others. Such variations in screen provide opportunities to users to select according to their need which in turn expands the industrial display system market size. The open frame industrial display monitors are expected to evolve at a faster rate during the forecast period. There are numerous factors that boost the market growth of electronic display systems. The comprehensive and flexible solutions of display systems, for instance, LCD, LED, LPD, OLED, and many other types that are provided by the industrial display system industry, boost the market potential to optimum levels.

The constant development in the field of the industrial display screen for more high definition visuals has progressed the market growth to a greater extent. In recent years, people are getting extremely interested in the latest technologies and innovations. The eagerness for advanced systems brings a technological shift towards the electronics display systems. With the rapid rise in demand for high-definition display devices, the industrial display system market share will surge to maximum heights in the forecast years.

The industrial display system market report highlights the market structure and describes the valuation of the industry display market during the forecast period along with the growth rate. An analysis is given for the impact of COVID19 on the global industrial display system industry. It explains the dynamics of the industrial display system industry, including the driving forces, opportunities, and challenges of the market. A brief explanation is provided about the market segments and sub-segments and puts light on the key market players, which can create a competitive landscape for the industrial display market. The industrial display system forecast report also provides an idea about several geographies that have the potential to influence market growth in the near future.

COVID 19 Analysis

With the surfacing of coronavirus disease, the economic growth rate all around the world stooped down to lower limits. Both in finances and health, the world has seen the adverse impact of the COVID19 pandemic. Industrial operations and the working sector got affected by the strict lockdown restrictions. The manufacturing units were closed for an uncertain period of time during the lockdown. With the closure of production processes, several industries faced heavy financial losses. Even in these hasher circumstances, the industrial display system market maintained a steady growth. The rising demand for high-definition display screens increased the growth of the global market.

The rapid technological developments and requirement of industrial touch display systems in modern lifestyle creates an upsurge in the demand of the global market. With the increased requirement of these display monitors, the growth of the global industrial display market will reach stupendous heights in the upcoming years.

Market Dynamics

  • Major drivers of the market

The demand for the industrial display screen is blooming in the global market and will continue to rise to extreme levels in the forecast years. The comprehensive and flexible solutions of the electronic display systems, including LCD, LPD, LED, and OLED, is one the primary driving forces of the industrial display system market. In the modern world, people are more and more eager towards the latest technologies and innovations, which act as a booster for the industrial display system industry share. With the increased interest in technology, the demand for electronic display systems escalates.

Over the years, the technological shift towards advanced systems has encouraged many industries to develop high-quality devices. The constant development in the production of high-resolution display screens is propelling the potential of the global market.

  • Significant opportunities for the market

Industrial display screens are available in a wide range of variety and consist of many flexible options which fuel the growth of the global industrial display market. The increased adoption of the Internet of Things or IoT will require such advanced display screens, which will result in elevating the industrial display system market share. As per the industrial display system forecast, the rapid shifting of people towards technology will enhance the market of the industrial display screen. The rising demand for LCD screens and LED-backlit solutions is encouraging the market's potential to gain momentum. Modern developments in producing high definition resolution display screens and the demand for HMI systems lead to the increment of the industrial display system market size.

  • Market restraints

The global industrial display system industry is affected by the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. Market growth was restrained due to the adverse consequences of coronavirus disease. The lockdown restrictions forced all industrial and production work to shut down, which disturbed the supply chain. The gap between demand and supply was broadening. However, the rising demand for electronics display screens balanced the situation and helped in maintaining steady growth.

  • Market growth challenges

There are innumerable advantages attached with the industrial display screens. However, certain limitations can hinder the growth of the global industrial display market. One of such challenges is the fear of exposure to radiation coming out from the display screens, which can result in constraining the market potential. For some people, the cost of such devices might be expensive, which restricts the expansion of industrial display system industry size. Even though these challenges can constrict the market potential, the technological shift of the modern world will propel the market growth in the forecast years.

Value Chain Analysis

The industrial display system market report suggests that the revenue generation of the industrial display market is going to touch greater heights in the upcoming times. The industrial display system industry share valuation is already blooming at a faster rate. By the end of the year 2023, the value generated from the global industrial display system market will exceed its historical growth and will progress to optimum levels.

Industrial Display System Market Segment Overview

The global industrial display system market is fragmented into several parts on the basis of technology, display type, application, and end-user. The technology segment of the industrial display market includes OLED, LED-backlit LCD, Interferometry modulator display (IMOD), E-paper, Laser phosphor display (LPD), and Quantum dot LED. The industrial display system market segmentation on the basis of display type consists of flat panels, transparent, flexible panels, and others.

The application segment of the global industrial display market involves laptop and PC monitor, digital signage and TV, tablets and smartphones, public transport and vehicles, smart wearable, E-readers, smart industrial appliances, gaming consoles, entertainment, sports, and others. The end-user segment comprises different sectors such as transportation, healthcare, aerospace, and automotive industry, BFSI, retail, defense and government, education, hospitality, and many others.

Regional Analysis

The industrial display system industry is studied in certain geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and the remaining part of the world. The requirement for high clarity megapixel display screens and technological advancements has fueled the industrial display system market in North America. The rising demand for industrial display monitors makes North America the leading holder of industrial display system industry share.

Europe will progress upwards in the industrial display market growth during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific region also has a good amount of share in the global market and is expected to evolve more in the near future.

Competitive Landscape of the market

The industrial display system market prominent key players are

  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

  • LG Display Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

  • AU Optronics Corp. (Taiwan)

  • Japan Display Inc., (Japan)

  • Innolux Corp. (Taiwan)

  • BOE Technology Group Co. (China)

  • Sharp Corp. (Japan)

  • Varitronix International Limited (Hong Kong)

  • Hannstar Display Corp. (Taiwan)

  • Universal Display Corp. (U.S.)

  • TCL Display Technology Holdings Limited (Hong Kong)

  • E Ink Holdings Inc. (Taiwan) 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The industrial displays are available in the market in the sizes of 7""', 10"", 19"", 21"", and others.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., LG Display Co., Ltd., AU Optronics Corp., Japan Display Inc., Innolux Corp., BOE Technology Group Co., Sharp Corp., Varitronix International Limited, Hannstar Display Corp., Universal Display Corp., TCL Display Technology Holdings Limited, E Ink Holdings Inc.

Introduction of high definition display devices, surge in LED-backlit LCD-based display solutions, increasing demand for HMI devices, and rising adoption of IoT are the top factors that are boosting the market growth.

The market segments specified in the report are technology, display type, end –users and applications.

Flat panel, flexible, transparent and others are the primary display types covered in the report.

The study asserts that the demand for Industrial Display market is quite high owing to its comprehensive and flexible solutions of display devices like LCD, LED, LPD, OLED, and others.