IGBT Market Research Report- Global Forecast to 2027

IGBT market research report: by type (discrete IGBT, IGBT module), power rating (low, medium, high power), application (energy and power, consumer electronics, inverter, and UPS) – Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/2108-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

Market Overview

The worldwide IGBT market size is expected to grow at 12.5% CAGR through the forecast period 2017-2023. Key components filling the development of these business sectors are government activities attempted in different nations toward substituting the maturing power framework and selecting electric engines in mechanical, business, and lingering applications.

IGBT industry products couldn't infiltrate into the market for lower voltage ranges (<400 V), as they do offer any significant benefit contrasted with MOSFETs. It can't manage a restricted free-wheeling current since it needs a body-channel diode and an enormous current tail. IGBTs are helpless against warming issues since they run at high frequencies and under high force. Warm portrayal assists with streamlining the IGBT industry format, design, and mounting to improve its exhibition.

COVID 19 Analysis

As the business effect of COVID-19 spreads, the worldwide IGBT market growth 2017-2023 is relied upon to have a negative effect. As the pandemic spreads in certain districts and levels in different locales, we proceed to evaluate the effect on organizations and update our report conjectures.

This IGBT market study covers the worldwide and local market with a top-to-bottom investigation of the lookout's general development possibilities. Moreover, it reveals insight into the brutal exhaustive scene of the worldwide market. The report further offers a dashboard outline of driving organizations incorporating their effective advertising procedures, market commitment, ongoing improvements in both noteworthy and present contexts. COVID-19 can influence the worldwide economy in three primary manners: by straightforwardly influencing creation and request, making inventory network and market disturbance, and its economic effect on firms and monetary business sectors.

Market Dynamics


Attributable to qualities like high voltage and flow abilities, the IGBT market request is expanding in electric vehicle inverters. Alongside this, the car area is additionally pushing forward in energy-saving mode. An IGBT market share will turn the current on and off so quickly that less voltage will be directed to the engine, assisting with making the PWM wave. This PWM wave is vital to a VFD activity since it is the variable voltage and recurrence made by the PWM wave that will permit a VFD to control the engine's speed.

Driven via fossil fuel by product guideline, the car market moves towards jolt of powertrains in electric and a half and half vehicles (EV/HEV), where conduction and exchanging misfortunes are altogether decreased, straightforwardly affecting the general productivity.


Over-voltage conditions can make a high current draw and cause superfluous stumbling of downstream circuit breakers, just as overheating and putting weight on hardware. The tail current is the primary driver of the IGBT market hamper, disregarded in many circuit applications.


The significant disadvantage of the original IGBT market trend is hook-up issues, commotion and optional breakdown issues, drowsy activity. These challenges of the Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) market can be avoided with the help of proper technology utilization.


IGBT industry is utilized in different applications, for example, Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), AC and DC engine drives, Unregulated Power Supply (UPS), footing engine control and enlistment warming, inverters, used to consolidate a secluded entryway FET for the control input and a bipolar force semiconductor as a switch in a solitary gadget, and so forth.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

The global IGBT market is expected to grow at 12.5% CAGR through the forecast period. The expansive application scope of IGBTs attracted a few news organizations to wander into the market. IGBT initiates/changes electrical energy in a few current apparatuses, for example, cookers, electric vehicles, microwaves, trains, variable-recurrence drives (VFDs), variable speed fridges, forced air systems, light counterweights, city power transmission frameworks, and sound systems, which are exceptional with exchanging enhancers.

Value Chain Analysis

The world IGBT industry is sectioned based on type, application, power rating, and geology. In view of type, the market is portioned into discrete IGBT and IGBT modules. IGBT market module section overwhelmed the worldwide market regarding income commitment and is relied upon to keep up this pattern all through the figure period, attributable to upgraded proficiency and simplicity of control at high voltages.

Segment Overview

By Technology

Global insulated-gate bipolar transistors represent protected entryway bipolar semiconductors. It is a bipolar semiconductor with a protected door terminal. In a solitary gadget, the IGBT joins a control contribution with a MOS structure and a bipolar force semiconductor that goes about as a yield switch. IGBTs are appropriate for high-voltage, high-current IGBT application.

By Type

The IGBT market is again fragmented into different types according to types such as Discrete and modular. These segments create various IGBT advantages for the market.

By end-user

According to the market's end-user, the Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) market is again distributed into various types such as Rail, UPS, Motor drivers, Industrial, Commercial, Renewals, and others.

Regional Analysis

In light of different applications, electric vehicles, mechanical frameworks, inverters, and UPS are the most rewarding business applications. They are required to show fast development when contrasted with different portions. The world Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor market is divided based on topographical district into Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. Asia-Pacific represented the most significant portion of the global IGBT industry, attributable to progress in power transmission and sustainable power utilization.

Competitive landscape

The IGBT market trend is concentrated, with some market players, as Infineon, Fuji Electric, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi, alongside different monsters, catching the significant piece of the overall industry.

Following are the major market players of the IGBT market:

  • Infineon Technologies AG (Germany)

  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan)

  • ON Semiconductor (US)

  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)

  • STMicroelectronics (Switzerland)

  • Renesas Electronics Corporation (Japan)

  • Vishay Intertechnology (US)

  • ABB Ltd (Switzerland)

  • SEMIKRON (Germany)

  • Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)

  • Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

These organizations have embraced natural and inorganic development methodologies, such as item dispatches, associations, contracts, arrangements, coordinated efforts, acquisitions, and extensions to fortify their situation on the lookout.

Recent Developments

In December 2019, ON Semiconductor dispatched the VE-Tra arrangement of force modules, uncommonly intended for high-voltage auto footing inverters. These force modules utilize shrewd IGBTs highlighting over-temperature assurance and over-current insurance for quicker response time.

In November 2019, STMicroelectronics worked together with Maxon Motor AG (Switzerland), one of the leading suppliers' exactness engines. The organizations will mutually speed up the turn of events and planning of mechanical technology applications and modern servo drivers.

In October 2019, Toshiba Corporation got an agreement from the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA). Under this agreement, Toshiba provided 68 electric train units to TRA for both traveler and cargo trains.

Report Overview

The Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) market report gives profound bits of knowledge into request gauges, market patterns, miniature, and full-scale pointers.

Moreover, the Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) market report gives bits of knowledge into the variables driving and controlling the interest for the application security market. Besides, the examination features current market patterns and offers a conjecture.

The IGBT market report additionally has featured future patterns in the application security market that will affect the interest during the conjecture time frame.

Besides, the serious investigation of the IGBT application security IGBT industry carries understanding into the item ease of user-profiles of the leading players.

Electric vehicles and half-breed vehicles use IGBT market modules as they require a more significant level of unwavering quality contrasted with everyday mechanical purposes.

When contrasted with different frameworks, the dependability of IGBT modules is the essential factor impacting the development of the IGBT industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Low on-state voltage drop is the primary advantage expected to drive market expansion in the coming years.

Rising demand for high voltage operating devices and increasing sales of electric vehicle are anticipated to fuel adoption rate of IGBT.

The expected CAGR of IGBT market is 12.5%.

Asia Pacific is assumed to register fastest growth rate over the assessment period.

The segments based on power rating are low, medium, and high power.

Table of Contents

1 Market Introduction

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Scope of Study

1.2.1 Research Objective

1.2.2 Assumptions

1.2.3 Limitations

1.3 Market Structure

2 Research Methodology

2.1 Research Type

2.2 Primary Research

2.3 Secondary Research

2.4 Forecast Model

2.4.1 Market Data Collection, Analysis & Forecast

2.4.2 Market Size Estimation

3 Market Dynamics

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Drivers

3.3 Market Challenges

3.4 Market Opportunities

3.5 Market Restraints

4 Executive Summary

5. Market Factor Analysis

5.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2 Supply Chain Analysis

6 Igbt Market, By Segments

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Market Statistics

6.2.1 By Type Discrete Module

6.2.2 By Power Rating High Power Medium Power Low Power

6.2.3 By Application Energy & Power Consumer Electronics Inverter & Ups Electric Vehicle Industrial System Railways Motor Drive Others

6.2.4 By Geography North America Europe Asia-Pacific Rest Of The World

7 Competitive Analysis

7.1 Market Share Analysis

7.2 Company Profiles

7.2.1 Abb Ltd. (Switzerland)

7.2.2 Danfoss A/S (Denmark)

7.2.3 Stmicroelectronics N.V. (Switzerland)

7.2.4 Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

7.2.5 Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. (U.S.)

7.2.6 Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. (Japan)

7.2.7 Hitachi Ltd. (Japan),

7.2.8 Infineon Technologies Ag (Germany)

7.2.9 Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan)

7.2.10 Renesas Electronics Corp. (Japan)

7.2.11 Others

List of Tables

Table 1 IGBT Market, By Type

Table 2 IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 3 IGBT Market, By Application

Table 4 IGBT Market, By Geography

Table 5 North America IGBT Market, By Type

Table 6 North America IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 7 North America IGBT Market, By Application

Table 8 U.S. IGBT Market, By Type

Table 9 U.S. IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 10 U.S. IGBT Market, By Application

Table 11 Canada IGBT Market, By Type

Table 12 Canada IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 13 Canada IGBT Market, By Application

Table 14 Europe IGBT Market, By Type

Table 15 Europe IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 16 Europe IGBT Market, By Application

Table 17 Germany IGBT Market, By Type

Table 18 Germany IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 19 Germany IGBT Market, By Application

Table 20 France IGBT Market, By Type

Table 21 France IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 22 France IGBT Market, By Application

Table 23 U.K. IGBT Market, By Type

Table 24 U.K. IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 25 U.K. IGBT Market, By Application

Table 26 Rest of Europe IGBT Market, By Type

Table 27 Rest of Europe IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 28 Rest of Europe IGBT Market, By Application

Table 29 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Type

Table 30 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 31 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Application

Table 32 Rest of The World IGBT Market, By Type

Table 33 Rest of The World IGBT Market, By Power Rating

Table 34 Rest of The World IGBT Market, By Application

List of Figures

Figure 1 Research Type

Figure 2IGBT Market: By Type (%)

Figure 3 IGBT Market: By Power Rating (%)

Figure 4 IGBT Market: By Application (%)

Figure 5 IGBT Market: By Region (%)

Figure 6 North America IGBT Market, By Type (%)

Figure 7 North America IGBT Market, By Power Rating (%)

Figure 8 North America IGBT Market: By Application (%)

Figure 9 Europe IGBT Market, By Type (%)

Figure 10 Europe IGBT Market, By Power Rating (%)

Figure 11 Europe IGBT Market, By Application (%)

Figure 12 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Type (%)

Figure 13 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Power Rating (%)

Figure 14 Asia-Pacific IGBT Market, By Application (%)

Figure 15 Row IGBT Market, By Type (%)

Figure 16 Row IGBT Market, By Power Rating (%)

Figure 17 Row IGBT Market, By Application (%)