Graphene Market Research Report - Forecast to 2030

Graphene Market Information- by Type (Graphene Oxide (GO), Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP), Few Layer Graphene (FLG), Mono-Layer & Bi-Layer Graphene, and Others), by End Use Industry (Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Coatings, Electronics, Chemical, and Others) and by Region - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CnM/2201-HCR | September 2022 | Region: Global | 140 Pages         

Graphene Market

Graphene Market is projected to be worth USD 942.4 Million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 39.45% during the forecast period (2020 - 2027).


By Type Graphene Oxide (Go) Graphene Nanoplatelets (Gnp) Few Layer Graphene (Flg) Mono Layer & Bi Layer Graphene Others
By End Use Industry Automotive Aerospace Pharmaceutical Energy Coatings Electronics Chemical Others

Key Players

  • CVD Equipment Corporation
  • Vorbeck Materials
  • Graphene NanoChem
  • XG Sciences Inc
  • Angstron Materials Inc
  • Graphene Laboratories Inc
  • BGT Materials Limited Ltd
  • Graphene Inc
  • Grafold Inc
  • Hausale Limited


  • Increasing at a constant rate
  • Automotive and transportation industry for volume purposes
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Graphene Market Overview

Globally, the graphene industry projects at a CAGR of 39.45% during the market forecast period of 2020-2027. Graphene market value holds a USD of 942.4 million during the forecast period.

Diamond and graphite being the allotrope of carbon occupy a huge area under the fields of high technology and nanomaterials. One layered carbon atom symbolizes two-dimensional hexagonal lattices bonded to each other by strong covalent bonds. The application of graphene in the end-user industry facilitates the use of advanced innovative technology. The research and development sector in the graphene industry expands further increasing the graphene market growth opportunities.


Globally, the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID had a very bad effect on the normal life of the working people. Globally, due to this pandemic people battled between the economic crisis and their health. COVID led to the decline of the financial state and led towards forced recession. Due to the lockdown situation, a number of manufacturing units stopped manufacturing. Automotive, transportation, aerospace industry, and electronic industry resulted in the deterioration of the sales of the revenue of the graphene industry. A change in consumer behavior and interruption in the supply chain was marked during this outbreak. However, globally the graphene market will normalize from this COVID situation just towards the end of the second quarter during the upcoming years.

The government has taken certain rules and has imposed lockdown and shutdown. Certain guidelines were put forward for maintaining social distance and that will protect the people from getting affected.


Some of the market players operating in the graphene market are

  • CVD Equipment Corporation of the United States,

  • Vorbeck Materials of the United States,

  • Graphene NanoChem of the United Kingdom,

  • XG Sciences Inc of the United States,

  • Angstron Materials Inc of the United States,

  • Graphene Laboratories Inc of the United States,

  • BGT Materials Limited Ltd of the United Kingdom,

  • Graphene Inc of the United States,

  • Grafold Inc of North America,

  • Hausale Limited of the United Kingdom and many others.

These market players operating throughout the industry use some strategies to sustain their position in the market globally. They do so by developing new products and innovating in the existing ones. They merge, do acquisitions, collaborate and set up joint ventures and establish partnerships. They too acquire many other methods for expanding their business in the global untrapped market.



Globally, the graphene market growth is increasing gradually at a constant rate. Graphene has numerous applications in automotive and as a transportation facility. Various parts used in the automotive industry are tires, anti-braking systems, composite structural parts, and various other accessories that increase the graphene market growth. The increase in growth in various other regions includes the regions of North America, the Asia Pacific region, and some other parts of Europe, which increases the sales of the market.


Rrise in research activities and developmental activities by the excellent researchers and government, the various organizations including the educational organization have increased the opportunities for expansion of the size of the graphene industry as well as the graphene market globally and regionally. The rise of graphene market size in the Latin American region including the Middle East and African region is due to the rise in demand for the automotive industry.


The cost-effective price of graphene products and the absence of skilled laborers in the industry is the main challenging factor so faced.

Cumulative growth

Development of some sectors like automotive, transportation, and aerospace raise the market size and also the market growth.


Globally it is marked that almost all regions have shown growth except a few that have not shown due to the presence of some restraining factors. Voluminous manufacturing of detect-free and high-quality graphene is the major rating factor for growth. If the manufacture is time-consuming and cost-effective then it hinders the production thus prohibiting the growth of the graphene market is hindered.


By type

Globally and regionally, the graphene market is segmented into main heads like type, end-users, and region. Based on the type, the market is classified into three-dimensional graphene forms, pristine graphene, single-layer graphene, double-layer graphene, triple-layer graphene, nanoplatelets of graphene, oxides of graphene, and many more. Based on end-users, the graphene market is divided into the chemical industry, electronic industry, industry related to coating activities, energy sector, pharma industry, aerospace market along with transportation and automotive units. It also includes many others like adhesives, filtration, catalysts, and composite. Based on region, the market is in high demand in the regions of Asia Pacific, Latin America, some of the European region, North American along with some Middle East and some of the African regions.

By technology

Technology led to the discovery of bilayer and triple-layer graphene nanoplates. It also led to the launching of reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotube unzipping which acquired high mechanical strength, high conductivity, and also had high electron mobility.


Globally, the demand and rise in growth of the graphene market have risen tremendously thus owing to the advantages associated with it. This increases the graphene market value of society. The high demand for the graphene market is due to the rise in demand for the production of graphene products from the automotive and transportation industry.


The North American region holds the largest part of the graphene market share which leads to the rise in demand for various markets of aerospace and electronics in the regions of the United States, Mexico, the Canadian region, and some areas of the North American region. The Asia-Pacific region contributes to the fastest-growing graphene market. The graphene market holds a large share in the regions of the chemical industry, automotive, and various other large-scale industries. This also contributes to some other regions of South Korea, India, Japan, and China. The European region holds the third-largest market share which owes to the presence of the automotive industry. This region includes the areas of France, Italy, and Germany. some Middle East and African areas and including areas of Latin American countries show exponential growth. This is because of its increased use in pharma markets, aerospace, and the automotive industry. I'm in the coating sector and energy sectors and some other countries.


November 2021- A leading graphite developer and producer, US-based NeoGraf Solutions, announced that it has begun to manufacture graphene (GNP) materials under the brand name Graf-X. The firm primarily focuses on thermoplastic and thermoset applications.
The company says that it has a yearly capacity of approximately 750 metric tons for its GNP material. Over 1,300 tons of its graphene precursors (GP) are graphite products designed to effectively convert graphene materials. NeoGraf manufactures its graphene in Lakewood, Ohio.

November 2021- Lyten, a California-based company, has launched a graphene-enhanced lithium-sulfur battery for electric vehicles. The battery has attained a superior greater gravimetric energy density with respect to the conventional lithium-ion and solid-state technologies. The company is well-known to have alliances with the US government in the past for military projects. The product is called LytCell EV and was developed to offer thrice the energy density as of conventional lithium-ion batteries. The Li-S battery does not possess oxygen from metal oxides and does not include nickel and cobalt. The battery can be manufactured in different formats: prismatic, envelope, and cylindrical.

In December 2020, S11 and S12, the two new graphene-based sensors were introduced by the Graphene SA under its GEFT sensing product line. The introduction of both these sensors will help in the expansion of the sensing product line of Graphenea SA.

The largest market share in the graphene market in the global market is held by the North American region owing to the increasing growth of the aerospace industry, and the automotive industry in various countries like Mexico, Canada, and the US, and hence the North American region dominate in the global market.

Talga Resources Ltd. (Australia), an advanced material technology company, announced its partnership with a leading auto-maker in the UK Bentley Motors Limited on its e-axle OCTOPUS project. Talga will be delivering the ultimate single unit e-axle solution designed specifically to meet Bentley Motors’ performance specifications.


As per the graphene market trends, the market research report comprises a market overview of the whole market. It gives details about the COVID 19 analysis and its impact on the whole world. It summarised the growth developing factors that help in rising the market growth and also its market size. It also influences the factors that include both challenging factors and restraining factors that inhibit the growth and size of the market. It gives information about the supply chain that raises the supply of the end products. From the market analysis, you come to know about the region’s developments and the key players playing in the whole market. The strategies are taken into account by them and the partnership that they create with other developing countries raises the demand of the graphene industry.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2027: USD 942.4 million
  CAGR   39.45% (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2019&2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Type and End Use Industry
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   CVD Equipment Corporation (U.S.), Vorbeck Materials (U.S.), Graphene NanoChem (U.K.), XG Sciences, Inc. (U.S.), Angstron Materials, Inc. (U.S.), Graphene Laboratories, Inc. (U.S.), BGT Materials Limited, Ltd (U.K.), Graphena Inc. (U.S.), Grafoid Inc (North America), Haydale Limited (U.K.)
  Key Market Opportunities   The mass manufacturing of defect-free graphene and high-quality graphene
  Key Market Drivers

  • increasing at a constant rate
  • automotive and transportation industry for volume purposes

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The graphene market in the global market is expected to grow at a higher CAGR of 39.45% during the forecasted period.

    The graphene market is expected to account for a higher market value of approximately USD 942.4 million during the forecasted period

    The top market players in the graphene market are CVD Equipment Corporation, BGT Materials Limited, Ltd, Graphena, Inc., and many others.

    The North American region holds the largest market share in the graphene market in the global market.