Failure Analysis Market Research Report – Forecast to 2027

Failure Analysis Market Research Report, By Equipment (Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Technology (SIMS, EDX, CMP, FIB, BIM and RIE), Testing (Non-destructive Testing (NDT)), Application (Material Science, Bio Science) – Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/4634-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Ankit Gupta | June 2023         

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Failure Analysis Market

The Failure Analysis Market Size is expected to reach USD 8.57 billion, registering a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period 2017-2023.

By testing Physical testing Material testing Non-destructive testing
By equipment Dual-beam FB Scanning electron microscope Focused ion beam Transmission electron microscopy
By application Industrial and electronics Material science Bioscience
By region Asia pacific Europe North America
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Germany)    FEI Company (U.S.)    JEOL Ltd. (Japan)    Hitachi High- Technologies (Japan)    Tescan (U.S.)    EAG Inc. (Luxembourg)    Intertek Group plc (United Kingdom)    Raytheon Company (U.S.)
Market Driving Forces   The key factors driving the failure analysis market include the rising awareness among people regarding the quality of product or solutions.
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Failure Analysis Market Scenario

The Failure Analysis Market Size is expected to reach USD 8.57 billion, registering a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period 2020-2027. Failure analysis is a crucial process of analyzing a product in the manufacturing unit. There are plenty of factors for a product to fail. Through this system, the Root Cause Failure Analysis is possible. The product in any industry is improving with proper analysis technologies. Through the product failure, plenty of crucial information is analyzed. The design, material properties and defects are effortlessly available through this analysis. In the end, the product fault is corrected by the industries. Through the failure analysis providing safe products for the consumer is possible.

The automobile industry has the highest demand for failure analysis. The services of the failure analysis are extensive for the automobile industry. Vehicular accidents and their root causes are analyzed through this technology. In the Asia Pacific region more than 1400000 road accidents take place. It is ultimately increasing the demand for failure analysis. Road accidents are mainly due to the mechanical failure of the vehicles. Also, proper analysis can prevent most mechanical failures and accidents. There are plenty of industries such as defence and construction that enhance the demand for the failure analysis market. 

COVID Analysis 

Covid 19 is changing the dynamics of many global markets. The outbreak of the virus is affecting the growth of industries. Global Failure Analysis Market is facing a few challenges in this period. There are direct as well as indirect effects of pandemic on the failure analysis market. The direct impacts on the market are supply chain disruptions and a slowdown in production.

The economic crisis is affecting the market indirectly. Also, the less demand from the end-users is affecting the market growth. Failure analysis is a complex technology that requires experts. Due to the less number of professionals to operate and analyse system the work is slowing down. The failure analysis market will have more demand in the upcoming years. As per Failure Analysis Market Forecast, the demand for chemical and machine failure analysis will improve.

Market dynamics 

  • Crucial market drivers 

The demand for Engineering Failure Analysis is a crucial driver for this market. The need to use high-quality materials in the automotive sector is rising. Extreme care and diligence are essential to manufacturing and automobile product. Through the failure analysis, it is possible to examine which mechanical part is causing these accidents. Through this insight, the automobile industry can correct the mistakes. Through the failure analysis, the product quality is improving. It is one of the crucial factors that are increasing the overall demand for the product. Further, the awareness about product quality is rising among customers. Earlier, many of the customers choose product based on its cost. 

However, today, every product is preferred by product quality. The quality products are will last more days and perform well. This increasing awareness about product quality is affecting the demand. Due to this, the industries are paying high attention to product analysis procedures. Through failure analysis, any chemical or machinal part is analyzed. The failure is examined to provide the best quality product to the customers. These crucial drivers will improve the overall demand and supply of the failure analysis market in the forecast period. 

  • Market growth opportunities 

The technological advancements will create remarkable growth opportunities for the failure analysis market. The manual failure analysis by professionals is less efficient than the technology. The failure analysis technology is advanced. It can detect any failure in the product before the manufacturing process. These advanced features in the technology can save costs and time for any industry. Identifying the final products after manufacturing can lead to plenty of revenue losses to any firm.

However, the exceptional features of the failure analysis technology to detect errors in products can save plenty of costs. Further, there is expected to be innovations and variation in the failure analysis market. With new variations, the demand from the end-users will rise for the market. Further, the rapid industrialization in many regions will spark more growth possibilities. In the upcoming years, industrialization is going to be tremendous. It offers new opportunities for high-end failure analysis technologies. All these factors will positively affect the revenue rate of the failure analysis market. 

  • The market restraint 

The high cost of the equipment is the restraining factor of the market. The failure analysis is an exceptional investment for any industry. It can save labour costs, time and increase productivity. Also, massive revenue losses are saved from early failure detection. In the long run, the technology proves beneficial for any industries.

 However, most of the industries lack the installation cost. The lack of funds to invest in a failure analysis system can affect the demand. It is an expensive technology that requires separate expenditures. Maintenance and service costs can add more expense to any organisation. As per failure analysis report these factors can affect demand.

  • The market challenges

The failure analysis is high-end technology. The operations of the system are complex. Professionals are required to operate this machine. There are technical components of this system that requires to be handled with care. There are microscopes, sensors and scanning features of this technology. It can identify failure in the chemical and mechanical composition of a product. 

To perform these advanced processes the need for professionals is essential. Unfortunately, many industries lack trained individuals who can handle these operations. It is a significant drawback for the market as it can hamper growth. Less adoption of the technology can affect the demand and awareness about the system. All these factors can negatively impact the overall failure analysis market. 

  • Cumulative growth analysis 

The Failure Analysis Market Trends remain steady in the forecast year 2027. There are plenty of factors contributing to stable growth. Some crucial drivers continuously stir the overall demand. The automotive sector remains the key end-user with high demand. The demand from this vertical propels the growth of the failure analysis market.

The customer inclination to purchase quality products is raising demand. However, the high cost of the technology is a drawback of the failure analysis market. Also, the lack of professionals to handle the technology is another challenge. Still, the growth opportunities are wider for the market with more innovation. All these factors keep the market trend positive during the forecast period.

  • Value chain analysis 

North America is the strongest regional player in the failure analysis market. It will hold the highest Failure Analysis Market Share in the forecast period. Also, North America is an early adopter of failure analysis techniques. The adoption is higher to establish smooth manufacture and product delivery.

There are prominent industries located in North America. The top-end users invest more in technology to provide the best quality products for customers.US is the key contributor to the Global Failure Analysis Market. Both the automobile and energy industry has a high demand for the failure analysis process. Due to these factors, North America will sustain its top place in the global market. 

Segment overview 

By technology 

  • RIE 

  • SIMS 

  • BIM 

  • EDX

  • FIB

  • CMP 

By testing 

  • Physical testing 

  • Material testing 

  • Non-destructive testing 

By equipment 

  • Dual-beam FB 

  • Scanning electron microscope 

  • Focused ion beam 

  • Transmission electron microscopy 

By application 

  • Industrial and electronics 

  • Material science 

  • Bioscience 

By region 

  • Asia pacific 

  • Europe 

  • North America 

Competitive landscape 

The competition in the failure analysis market is rising. It is a market consisting of various market players. All the prominent key players hold a high number of shares. Also, the market players take initiatives to increase the revenue rate of the market. 

Regional analysis 

The key regions of the failure analysis market are Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. North America will continue to outgrow the other regional players. Also, the high adoption of new technologies is a driving factor of this market. The Asia Pacific is the next largest region having high demand for Failure Analysis for Microelectronics.

Industrial development will bring favourable changes to the market. Also, the rising number of road accidents pressurizes the automobile industry to use failure analysis systems. Europe is a region with many end-users for failure analysis market. The adoption rate of this technology is surging during the forecast period. All these regional players will contribute to the highest expansion and revenue of the market. 

The key players of the failure analysis market are 

  • Eurofins Scientific (Luxembourg)

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US)

  • Oxford Instruments (UK)

  • Carl Zeiss (Germany)

  • Leica Microsystems GmbH (Germany)

  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Japan)

  • Semilab (Hungary)

  • TESCAN OSRAY HOLDING (Czech Republic)

  • A&D Company, Ltd. (Japan)

Recent developments 

  • The JEOL group of companies is acquiring a company that specializes in technology development. It will provide more opportunities to create and develop the failure analysis system. 

  • Hitachi technology is developing a new failure analysis system that comes with more advanced detection and features. 

Market overview 

  • Market overview highlights 

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 8.57 Billion (2023)
  CAGR   8% (2023)
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Billion)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   By Equipment, By Technology
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Germany), FEI Company (U.S.), JEOL Ltd. (Japan), Hitachi High- Technologies (Japan), Tescan (U.S.), EAG Inc. (Luxembourg), Intertek Group plc (United Kingdom), Raytheon Company (U.S.)
  Key Market Opportunities   Analysis market is expected to have the largest market share owing to the presence of major players, well-established research & development centers, and growing demand for advanced failure analysis.
  Key Market Drivers   The key factors driving the failure analysis market include the rising awareness among people regarding the quality of product or solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global failure analysis market is expected to reach a valuation of USD 8.57 billion by 2023.

The global failure analysis market is expected to exhibit a robust 8% CAGR over the forecast period till 2023.

Rising awareness about quality analysis is the major driver for the global failure analysis market.

North America has the largest share in the global failure analysis market.

Leading players in the global failure analysis market include Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, FEI Company, JEOL Ltd., EAG Inc., Tescan, and Raytheon Company, among others.

Key Questions Answered

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  • ✅ Identify disrupting products, companies, and trends.
  • ✅ To identify opportunities in the market.
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  • ✅ Analyze the regional penetration of players, products, and services in the market.
  • ✅ Comparison of major players’ financial performance.
  • ✅ Evaluate strategies adopted by major players.
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