EMI & RFI Shielding Materials Market Research Report- Global Forecast to 2030

EMI & RFI Shielding Materials Market Research Report: by Material (Metal, Mu-Metal, Elastomer, Plastics, Polymer), Product (Coating & Paint, EMI Enclosure, Gasket), End-use (IT & Telecommunication, Electronic, Automotive), and Region - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/CnM/6218-CR | April 2019 | Region: Global | 159 Pages         

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EMI & RFI Shielding Materials Market Overview

 An overview of the global market for materials and technologies of the EMI and RFI industry Shielding majorly follows the demand for electronic components.  The high rate of demand for manufacturing and wirelessly transmitting devices is expanding the EMI and RFI materials industry. An increase in the proliferation of material devices in compliance with the market and the regulations put forward by EMC to support the growth of the EMI shielding market. Conductive coatings lead to global EMI and RFI shielding materials share. EMI material and RFI shielding materials urge in reducing electromagnetic pollution in electronic devices.

Covid-19 Analysis

COVID 19 pandemic has affected the industries in an almost unprecedented way. The Conductive Coating of the market will be reset to normal, which going forward in the post COVID era will be continuously redefined and redesigned. It has now become very difficult to manage the uncertainty, change, and continuously adapt to the new and evolving marketing issues. Some of the regions were worst hit by the pandemic which thus has to add over to a huge million in the next upcoming years. COVID 19 has made the EMI shielding market and RFI shielding materials the astute leaders to find success in the new market. 

Market Dynamics

  • Drivers- growing disposal income and the increase in popularity of smartphones are the driving factors that enhance growth. The need for ensuring the efficiency of the equipment is the key driving factor.

  • Challenges- the intensifying penetration of smartphones greatly impacted the market. The growing push for decoupling and economic distancing the change of relationship between China and other countries has influenced the competition and opportunities in shielding markets.

  • Opportunities- arise in demand for telecom infrastructure equipment and communication devices, and also the expansion of their production bodies increases more of their opportunities in the market scenario. The craze for smartphones and other new devices augers their opportunities.

  • Restraints- EMI and RFI shielding materials has restrained the functioning of appliances which has led to the improved incorporation of materials.

  • Cumulative growth- the EMI and RFI shielding materials market size is propelled by several factors like an ongoing demonstration of field trials and pilot project to develop the viability of 5G technology and stringent environmental and EMC constellations across EMI and RFI shielding materials market share. The increase in usage of an electronic system in the automotive sector and the rise in demand for vehicles will boost the market growth in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Segment Overview

  • Type- The segmental analysis of the EMI and RFI shielding materials market is made based on product type, material, region, and end-users. Concerning material, it is classified into carbon, graphite, plastics, and polymer. Concerning the product, the market is segmented into EMI closures, paints, coatings, vents, filters, and gaskets. As per end-use, the market is classified into automotive, consumer electronics, medical, IT and telecommunications, and many more.

  • Technology- The advancement of technology has provided today’s business with multifaceted advantages, which resulted in an economic shift of the EMI shielding materials market. For strategizing it better, a company must comprehend the patterns of movement of the market.

  • Service- the EMI market is used to safeguard the devices from EMI radiation. The metal shielding provides shielding that ranges up to 100db. It is widely used in hospitals where the shielding solutions are used in electrical equipment such as ECG to minimize the effects of EMI radiations.

Value Chain Analysis
Manufacturers bring new devices and finished shielded products to the market where customer shielding is the most trusted and durable solution. To stay ahead of the curve the EMI shielding is getting involved in the process of design. The shielding specialists have chosen the shielding strategy that will suit the application in designing that will deter outside interference. As the demand for electronic components is increasing, the EMI industry is continuing to grow and evolve.

Recent Developments

  • The customer shielding components so produce suppress and uses the new technology to prevent internally generated signals which prevent the external ambient temperatures from interfering with equipment operations.

  • The precision metal stamper is so designed that it provides both cleaning and packaging services for medical devices, LEDs, consumer electronics, and various other equipment and components.

  • The use of complex stacked chip package structures and multi-chip packages increases in this present era.

  • Cutting edge development in materials like polymer matrix nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and many more are intrinsically used in conducting displays and devices, which has completely lowered its tolerance to the failure of equipment.

  • EMI and RFI filter is the passive electronic device and the most preventive method. This device suppresses the emissions on any power line, but it does not suppress in free space. Low pass filters allow the low level of frequencies below its cut point. But high pass filters RFI shielding allows passage of high-level frequencies. There are other filters like bandpass filters and bandstop or band-reject filters which allow the passage of frequency outside of a certain range.

  • August 2021: Seal Science, Inc. was acquired by Integrated Polymer Solutions, Inc., an Arcline Investment Management portfolio company. Seal Science is a prominent designer and manufacturer of highly engineered elastomeric sealing solutions for aerospace, naval, medical, and industrial applications that require long-term performance. The company specializes on difficult-to-produce, low-volume, high-mix components and has a broad range of material science and compound formulation skills in polymers, textiles, and EMI/RFI materials. Seal Science constantly invested to establish a best-in-class engineered components and materials science platform serving some of the country's most essential national security programs since its founding nearly 40 years ago.

  • June 2021: Technical Fibre Products, based in Burneside, UK, presented a webinar on fire protection and EMI shielding solutions with Composites World magazine. TFP's nonwovens will be used to demonstrate how they can protect composite battery enclosures for electric vehicles. When compared to standard metal enclosures, using composites provides a number of challenges: the lightweight structure must still meet the appropriate fire, smoke, and toxic fume (FST) requirements while also providing electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI). TFP's nonwovens are the answer, and company executives will discuss how the company's materials can be simply included directly into the composite battery box structure to offer the required FST and EMI shielding functions during the webinar.

  • October 2020: Nanotech Energy, a global leader, launched Nanotech EMI Armor Paint & Sheets, graphene-powered coatings and films for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding, as well as heat management. Six items were made available in the EMI Shielding line, all of which are reported to be extremely conductive and provide good external EMI/RFI protection while also avoiding internal EMI/RFI leaks. Depending on the product, it can be sprayed, brushed, rolled, or dip-coated onto a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic, and metal. Painting the shielding could provide more complete coverage while also lowering the manufacturing cost. Nanotech EMI shielding products can also diffuse heat away from sensitive electronic devices, allowing temperature regulation and avoiding modern electronics from shutting down due to thermal shutdown.

Competitive Landscape
The leading players of the EMI and RFI shielding materials market are Laird Performance Materials(UK), Parker Hannifin (US), PPG Industries(US), Henkel (Germany), and RTP Company(US).

Larry is one of the largest producers of EMI solutions to customers throughout the world. This company is giving full importance to R and D expenditure to increase its products. It delivers effective product solutions and gasket solutions from board-level shields and fabric over foam gaskets to finger stock and foam in place.

Regional Analysis
The region-wise evaluation of the shielding market is classified into Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, Latin America, and Africa. According to EMI and RFI shielding materials market analysis, it was marked that the Asia Pacific covered a region of 46.88% share in the market. To continue its demand in the forecast period and to grow its power, it continued its lead in this forecast period. The North American region stands next after the Asia Pacific due to its huge demand for consumer electronic products. It is expected that the region exhibits a 5.2% CAGR throughout the forecast period. The high demand for 5G technology along with EMI and RFI shielding materials market in the aerospace industry acted as a lucrative growth in the business sector.

Report Overview

 The book tells about the nature of EMI and RFI problems identifying that the redesigning of electronics and shielding can overcome this problem. The report also talks about the coverage of issues surrounding the ever-increasing issues with frequencies that are to be encountered along with the proliferation of wireless devices—discussing the trends in electronic devices such as medical, automotive, and consumer products. The study of EMI and RFI shielding material market size summarises the valuable resource to assist manufacturers in complying with ever-changing safety and performance regulations and standards. This report identifies the nature of their problem and also mentions the ways that the redesigning of shielding materials can overcome this problem. The EMI and RFI shielding materials market analysis discusses the current state of the industries, the market for plastic-based shielding options and technologies, its global developments, and its regulatory standards and issues confronting the shielding business. As per the report, the market globally for EMI and RFI shielding has grown to nearly 6 billion in 2016 from a dollar of 5.6 billion in 2015. The study provides analyses of global market trends and an overview of global markets for products that deal with the shielding problems and encounter them in operation.

The Global EMI and RFI Shielding Materials Market is set to grow at a 6.05% CAGR over the forecast period from 2018 to 2023. It is expected to reach a valuation of USD 11,210.81 million by 2023.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2030: Significant Value
  CAGR    Substantial CAGR (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period   2022-2030
  Historical Data   2019 & 2020
  Forecast Units    Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage    Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Type, Technology, Service
  Geographies Covered   Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America, Latin America, and Africa
  Key Vendors   Chomerics (U.S.), Laird PLC (U.K.), PPG Industries, Inc. (U.S.), Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (Germany), RTP Company (U.S.), 3M (U.S.), Schaffner Holding AG (Switzerland), Tech-Etch, Inc. (U.S.), AI Technology, Inc. (U.S.), Orion Industries Incorporated (U.S.), MAJR Products (U.S.), and Holland Shielding Systems BV (The Netherlands).
  Key Market Opportunities   A rise in demand for telecom infrastructure equipment and communication devices
  Key Market Drivers   Growing disposal income and the increase in popularity of smartphones are the driving factors

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

EMI & RFI shielding materials market is projected to grow at a 6.05% CAGR between 2021-2030.

EMI & RFI shielding materials market is predicted to touch USD 11, 210.81 million by 2023.

The Asia Pacific is projected to lead the EMI & RFI shielding materials market.

Consumer electronics will lead the EMI & RFI shielding materials market.

Growing disposable income and increasing popularity of smartphones are the key factors driving the EMI & RFI shielding materials market growth.

Based on the end-use industry, the market is classified into automotive, consumer electronics, medical, IT and telecommunications, and many more.