Global Electronic Security System Market Research Report- Forecast 2027

Electronic Security System Market, By Type (Access control, Intrusion detection, Vehicle security, Video surveillance) and By End-user (Healthcare, Residential, Industrial, BFSI, Government) - Forecast 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/1710-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

Electronic Security System Market

The global electronic security system market is expected to reach USD ~59 billion by the end of 2022 growing with ~30% CAGR during forecast period 2016-2022.


By Type Access control Intrusion detection Vehicle security Video surveillance
By End-user Healthcare Residential Industrial BFSI Government

Key Players

  • 3D Datacom (U.S.) Sweden
  • Bosch Security System (Germany)
  • 3VR Security Inc. (U.S.)
  • Honeywell International Inc (U.S.)
  • A and B Security Group(U. S.)
  • Panasonic System Networks Co Ltd
  • Sony Corporation (Japan)
  • Schneider Electric (France)
  • Cisco Systems Inc (U.S.)
  • A-Tec Security System Inc (U.S.)


  • Rise in electronic security system market and the rising demand for CCTV and video surveillance and the increase in government investment in security projects.
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Electronic Security System Market Overview

Security operations majorly surveillance, access control, alarming, etc are performed by the electrical security systems. It has intrusion control over an area and protects the area from threats. These security systems are enabled with a power backup. It has many purposes in the application field such as in industrial, home automation, commercial, medical, etc. this type of security relates to innovation in defensive holding which can access your property. As crime rates are increasing day by day, people are very much concerned about their security. The key drivers are contributing to expansion by doing improvement in infrastructure and broadband services. The rise in investment for making a city a smart city is enhancing the demand for advanced use of security systems. It provides rapid and improved safety and electronic security solutions to the users. Among its number of end-user sectors, BFSI and healthcare are the major contributors which affect the safety of the hospital environment.

The global electronic security system market is expected to reach USD ~59 billion by the end of 2022 growing with ~30% CAGR during forecast period 2016-2022.


The impact of COVID 19 has shown its devastating impact on the electronic security system market. It staggered the growth of cybersecurity that observe a slight. It affects all-around economic destruction.  This caused rising unemployment, for which there was more theft, robberies, etc. during this time the human race went to extreme conditions especially during this period.

The government takes huge steps to overcome this critical situation. National security is the major crucial concern for the government to handle. He is taking all the positive steps which will help the electronic security system market to grow by leaps and bounds. He is trying to focus on all-round cost and control measures. He is grabbing the opportunity and trying to create a new ecosystem for local manufacturing.



The decline in prices of the systems has made the customers opt for it. The rate of IP cameras has dropped.


The restraining factor that affects the growth are privacy issues, a deficit of consumer awareness and the installation of the electronic systems and it is available at a high price hinders its usage. Any leakage of confidential data causes damage to the brand name and thus acts as a negative factor regarding its growth.


The electronic security system market gains traction with investment from other neighboring countries.


Rise in electronic security system market and the rising demand for CCTV and video surveillance and the increase in government investment in security projects. The industry is driven by e-commerce platforms and the use of new technologies. The rise in the computer network system and the expansion of broadband services enhance the performance of monitored security systems.


Arrangements Throughout the supply chain, the organization should make proper arrangement for the risks by identifying threats and implementing measures. This standard can be used by organizations of different size which are involved in manufacturing, storage, etc. they prevent the supply chain assets and prevent the unauthorized introduction of further products. Value chain analysis should be of high priority as any kind of vulnerability to the chain can lead to unnecessary costs.


Some niche segments exhibit a neutral perspective on Electronic Security System Market performance. The electronic security system market is segmented on the type of end-users, type, and region.

Electronic Security System Market, By Type

The electronic security system market is categorized into access control, intrusion detection, vehicle security, and video surveillance. End-users include healthcare, BFSI, residential, industrial, and government.

Electronic Security System Market, By Technology

New technology is making us feel safer. You can form new forms of password in digital files and documents, advances in voice recognition and controlling gesture creates a high degree of security to your device. The rise of requirements will create solutions to suffice the environment. Technological innovation led to the creation of new services that have a great impact on consumers creating a greater demand for security system. Technology like the Internet of things and SAAS, there is a great demand in the home security sector.

Electronic Security System Market, By Service

It helps in services like access control, CCTV, fire alarm, fire suppression, intruder alarm, perimeter protection, etc.             


In the past years, there has been a shift in security services from developed nations to developing nations. North America was noted as the dominant country accounting for the largest market share of electronic market solutions. The U.S also dealt with the global electronic security system market due to the adoption of factors like security technology by government and end-users, focuses on the protection of infrastructure, government’s strict regulations and advancement of technological equipment products. During the forecast period of 2016-2022, China, one of the Asian countries that are the manufacturing hub of the systems is expected to attain a top position in the electronic security market size.


With the advancement of technology, today’s electronic security system market is changing rapidly with the ongoing expansion of the industry. The business has been provided with multifaceted advantages influencing the economic benefits. There are some companies that comprehend the patterns of marketing movement are 3D Datacom (U.S.) Sweden, Bosch Security System (Germany), 3VR Security, Inc. (U.S.), Honeywell International Inc (U.S.), A and B Security Group(U. S.), Panasonic System Networks Co Ltd, Sony Corporation (Japan), Schneider Electric (France), Cisco Systems  Inc (U.S.), A-Tec Security System Inc (U.S.), etc.


With the advancement of technology, there is no need for an internal server to store the camera data where it will be stored in the cloud.

Home security system market, since their invention and implementation in business and residential areas as per new technology, has magnetic effects to access cards which provide full protection to your system and property.

From the previous figures, you will mark that 60% of the fraud is taken place by personnel. Having an alarming place at your place will reassure your employees during both morning and day shifts. It will give peace to your mind and control the situation at times of emergencies.

The electronic security system market can be accessed by different other devices like computer, tablets and mobile phones. With the novel technology and cloud system, you will be aware even at your home or even if you have gone for a vacation.

You can even give complex codes to those security systems. Monitored security system gives perception that areas are not viewed or seldom attended. Placing these devices near your cash counter is a good preventive measure to control theft.


Research on the Electronic security system industry offers analysis on the marketing status of the growth of the Electronic Security System Market. It also provides information about the key players of the market those who are identified by Electronic Security System Market share and product offerings. The Electronic Security System Market report insights on the assessment recent development, strategical analysis of players. The research also covers segmental analysis across regions of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Electronic Security System Market report is a compilation of inputs from industry experts and along with it the industry participants of the value chain. It also provide analysis about the macro-ecoomic indicator, governing factor along with market charmness.

The Electronic Security System Market is provided for the international market along with a development outlook. This report also summarises import/export consumption and revenues. This provides a market niche, potential risks and competitive strategy in the market. The Electronic security system market report focuses on the boosting of growth in the epidemic area.  It gives a comprehensive evaluation of the market, in-depth qualitative insights, etc. it gives a report about the home security system market overview.

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Electronic security market size is taking place at a faster rate which is estimated that the market is growing significantly. It offers an outlook on the developing market in terms of revenue in this prognosis period.

Home security system overview narrows down the available data using primary sources to validate the data. The security market is basically bifurcated into various segments which can provide types of data regarding the latest trends.