Electrical Hospital Beds Market Research Report – Forecast to 2030

Electrical Hospital Beds Market Research Report: by Type (Semi-automatic, Automatic), By Treatment (Critical Care, Acute Care, Long Term Care), By Application (General Purpose, Psychiatric), by End-user (Hospitals & Clinics, Reproductive Care Centers, Dentistry, Home Care) - Forecast to 2030

ID: MRFR/HC/5090-CR | October 2018 | Region: Global | 100 Pages         

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Electrical Hospital Beds Market

The electrical hospital bed market is expected to register USD 5579.25 Million at a CAGR 3.50% growth during the forecast period 2022-2030.

By Type Semi-automatic Automatic
By Treatment Critical Care Acute Care Long Term Care
By Application General Purpose Psychiatric
By End-user Hospitals & Clinics Reproductive Care Centers Dentistry Home Care
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Gendron Inc. US    Span America medical system Inc. (U.S)    Stryker corporation inc. (U.S)    Meerivara cooperation (Finland)    Invacare Corporation (U.S.)    Famed Żywiec Sp.z oo. (Poland)    ArjoHuntleigh (Sweden)    Amico Group of Companies (Canada)    Paramount Bed Holding Co. Ltd. (Japan)    Midmark Corporation (U.S.)
Market Driving Forces   Intensive care delivery pressure relief    Psychiatric care bariatric
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Electrical Hospital Beds Market Overview

The Electrical Hospital Beds Market is expected to reach USD 5579.25 Million by 2030 at 3.50% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030. An electrical hospital bed is an equipment that helps patients who are in chronic or very serious conditions. It raises higher or lower through an apparatus and so that the patient can get comfortable in their position to lie down. The analysis has made an inside full research into the electrical hospital beds market. Analysts look into the matter of market growth thoroughly to see the scope of changes and improvements.

A report has shown a thorough study into the medical bed market size which is divided into many different zones based on type, treatment, application, end-user as well as region. In this report, numerous good strategies are outlined where companies undertake the strategies of driving the market to the latest trends. The market is a part of every diverse community present out there that is present for marketing. The shed of all prominent players and the niche it holds is discussed in a very detailed way. Electrical hospital beds market share analyzes new revenue sources for all the main marketing heads and also emphasizes the numerous strategies that have to be implemented by these marketing heads.  

Covid 19 Analysis

With the global pandemic of 2019 that started without breaking off a deadly virus without any cure all over the world. The hospitality and health sector was the most affected by the coronavirus. The number of electrical hospital beds decreased at a sharp rate. As more and more patients were being admitted day after day the requirement for electrical hospital beds increased. Electrical hospital bed demands increased with a sharp number. Shortage of electrical hospital beds was a common challenge faced. The factors like obesity increased healthcare expenditure of nations and the development of new and ergonomic designs of beds to provide the patients with the most comfortable experience were easily neglected due to the outbreak of this disease. Hospitals only treated coronavirus disease and neglected all other patients quite easily hence this ended up making the health department in its worst condition with no electrical hospital beds or always a shortage of electrical hospital beds.

It is expected that as soon as the COVID 19  comes up. It raised the health sector, it grew and immediate hospitals and electrical beds manufacturing started. This also increased the number of electrical hospital beds immediately at the place of requirement. 

Market Dynamics


The manufacturing of electrical hospital beds is increasing. There are so many reasons as to why electrical hospital bed manufacturing is increasing most of it being that all the major and general-purpose work of the hospitals are done on the electrical hospital beds such as intensive care delivery pressure relief,  psychiatric care bariatric, pediatric, and others. And all these uses have added the COVID 19 cases which are tremendously increasing day by day and hence need a lot of electrical hospital beds.


The manufacturing and electrical hospital bed demands are increasing all over the globe. It is because of the improved lifestyle of people which often leads to obesity. Not only do people suffer from a negative which leads to a lot of diseases but people have increased their economic lifestyle which directly affects their health due to healthy eating and going out all the time. People slowly are wanting to spend on national health care and more and more electrical hospital beds are needed. With increasing lifestyle and more betterment of life means more comfort and experience that is to be wanted by different kinds of patience.  They need different electrical hospital beds. 


Although it is very clear that electrical hospital bed demand is increasing in the electrical hospital beds market. But just making an increase in the demand would not do the job. It is important to know that although there is an increase in the lifestyle of people most of the people still comprise the poor ones. Due to the manufacturing of over electrical hospital beds can also give a big loss to the companies. Not everyone in the city will prefer electrical hospital beds or cannot afford electrical hospital beds. Electrical hospital beds take a lot to manufacture and hence become costly.

Due to an increased population and due to a pandemic like COVID 19 electrical hospital beds have not proved to be of much use. 

Value Chain Analysis

The demand for electrical hospital beds is increasing because they are vital equipment that not only assists patients with chronic diseases or serious injuries but also gives them a comfortable position to lie in and recover. Electrical hospital beds have the feature of lowering and raising which gives immense comfort and speedy recovery. 

Market Segmentation 

The electrical hospital beds market in the global market has been divided based on type, application, and distribution channel. 

Based On The Type

The electrical hospital beds market in the global market have been divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic types of electrical hospital beds. And if seen based on treatment the medical bed market is divided into acute care critical care and long-term care. The semi-automatic seems to dominate the electrical hospital beds market as it is much cheaper and gives the comfort of an electrical hospital bed.

Based On The Application

The electrical hospital beds market have been divided based on the application into major types such as intensive care, general-purpose,  delivery pressure relief, psychiatric care, bariatric care,  pediatric care, and others.

Based On The Distribution Channels

The electrical hospital beds imarket based on the distribution channel have been divided into hospitals, clinics,  reproductive care centers,  home care, dentistry, and others. 

Regional Analysis 

The medical bed market has been divided into four main regions namely Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific ( APAC), and the Middle East and Africa( MEA). In this analysis and data that is collected America has the largest country-level market sizing. America is the leading producer of an electrical hospital bed with the most improved lifestyle of people.

It is followed by Europe which is the second-largest electrical hospital bed level market sizing producer. With over 80% of people being rich, electrical hospital beds do make good revenue here. Followed by the third-largest electrical hospital beds produced in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East in Africa the fourth largest electrical hospital beds producer. 

Competitive Landscape

The most prominent players in the electrical hospital beds industry in the global markets are as follows-

  • Gendron Inc. US

  • Span America medical system Inc. (U.S)

  • Stryker corporation inc. (U.S)

  • Meerivara cooperation (Finland)

  • Invacare Corporation (U.S.)

  • Famed Żywiec Sp.z oo. (Poland)

  • ArjoHuntleigh (Sweden)

  • Amico Group of Companies (Canada)

  • Paramount Bed Holding Co., Ltd. (Japan)

  • Midmark Corporation (U.S.)

  • Hill Room Holding (U.S.)

  • Medline Industries, Inc. (U.S.)

  • Getinge AB (Sweden)

  • and Malvestio Spa (Italy)

The most prominent medical bed market key players in the electrical hospital beds market industry are these respective key players. With different strategies and planning, they are successful in meeting the demands of the electrical hospital beds. The various policies and strategies used by these key players are segmental share,  SWOT analysis, growth strategies, expansion techniques, latest R and D initiatives, and thorough objective analysis of the market. Use of primary strategies such as interviews and lastly the past and present analysis of the data and putting those strategies to move in a forward direction. 

Recent Developments 

  • As per the latest report that is given by the market research future (MRFR), the electrical hospital beds market are predicted to exhibit at least a 7.6% CAGR from 2019 to 2027.

  • Market research future MRFR report has shown that the electrical hospital beds industry tends to include a thorough analysis based on type, treatment, application, end-user and region. This shows that a tremendous increase in the production of electrical hospital beds market share will take place.

  • Due to the increasing lifestyle and betterment of humans, it is much more likely for the cal hospital beds demand.

  • As per the growing pandemic, people require much more comfortable positioning and speedy recovery which can be initiated by electrical hospital beds. 

Report Overview

The electrical hospital beds market report analysis consists of the following elements-

  • Market overview

  • Covid 19 analysis

  • Market dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape

  • Recent developments

This electrical hospital beds research report consists of various factors that affect the restrainment of its manufacturing. The various factors that increase the demands of electrical beds are also discussed. The applications of electrical hospital beds are to be noted down. The impact of COVID 19 and thorough analysis of its effect.

The future growth rates of electrical hospital beds industry are also discussed.

The electrical hospital beds are used in general-purpose intensive care delivery and birthing pressure relief psychiatric care bariatric care pediatric care much other use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The electrical hospital beds market is projected to grow at a 7.25% CAGR between 2015-2023.

The electrical hospital beds market predicted to touch USD 5579.25 Million by 2030.

US is projected to command the largest share in the electrical hospital beds market.

General purpose segment will dominate the electrical hospital beds market.

Hospitals and clinics will have the largest share in the electrical hospital beds market.