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Dental Infection Treatment Market information: by type (periapical abscess, periodontal abscess, others) by treatment (drugs (antibiotics, pain killers, others), procedures (root canal, tooth fillings, tooth extraction, others) by end users (dentist clinics, hospitals, others) - Global Forecast till 2032

ID: MRFR/Pharma/2736-HCR | 80 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| April 2024

Dental Infection Treatment Market Overview

The Dental Infection Treatment Market is expected to reach USD 28.23 Billion by 2032 at 9.6% CAGR during the forecast period 2023-2032. The dental infection is also called a tooth abscess, which is basically the infection of gums, teeth, and related tissue that occurs with a bacterial infection. The tooth abscess can occur in many areas, as a periodontal abscess generates in the gums next to a root of the tooth and a periapical abscess generates at the root tips. If the dental infection is left untreated, it can result in a serious issue and severe cause complications and life-threatening. 

There are specific symptoms associated with the tooth abscess that include throbbing pain or severe persistent in the tooth that can radiate to the neck, jawbone and other parts of the head, swollen lymph nodes, swelling in cheeks, sensitivity to cold and hot foods, fever and many more. If the dental infection gets spread, then it can lead to foul taste and foul smell in the mouth. Moreover, the periapical tooth abscess can be more dangerous if not treated on time as bacteria can grow in the mouth and another innermost part of the tooth, including connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves.

Additionally, soda drinking can lead to growth in cavities and slow dissolution of the dental enamel because of the weakening of the natural physical barrier to the teeth. Also, junk foods are retained and sticky in the cavities, and high sugar diets also create dental infections. Here, Dental Infection Treatment can include draining the abscess, performing a root canal, antibiotic treatment, and others. In the root canal process, many things are involved, like draining the abscess, elimination of the infected central tissue, sealing and filling the pulp chamber of the tooth with a dental filling material. In some cases, the tooth is damaged, and infection is severe that it cannot be recovered, which can lead to extracting the tooth completely to avoid complications. 

The global Dental Infection Treatment market is expanding due in large part to the rising prevalence of risk factors associated with poor dental hygiene, such as sedentary lifestyles, lack of time, fast lifestyles, lack of flossing, and not brushing teeth twice a day, among others. Another contributor to the expansion of the global industry is people's increasing reliance on fast food and sugary beverages. The demand for infection treatment products is expected to develop in tandem with the prevalence of dental health problems and the popularity of cosmetic dental operations.

Due to the increasing prevalence of poor dental hygiene, the Dental Infection Treatment market has promising prospects for the industry's leading suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, the growing R&D efforts for oral infection therapy are expected to create substantial market potential. The demographic shift toward an increasingly elderly global population is also adding to this need. Significant market growth factors include government initiatives, social emphasis on physical appearance, and the rising demand for infection treatment among an older population.

Market growth, product innovation, and consumer preferences have all been affected by the advent of tele-dentistry and other technological breakthroughs in the treatment of dental infections. While tele-dentistry has the predicted effect of decreasing the need for in-person visits and the associated risk of infection, it has also generated new business opportunities. Industries such as those dealing with personal safety equipment (PPE) and sterilizing tools have adapted by developing better PPEs suited for use in outlying areas and more effective, transportable sterilization machines. In addition, cutting-edge innovations like AI-enhanced UV cleaners and smart sterilizers are facilitating the treatment of infections in a variety of situations.

The dental infection treatment market has significant opportunities due to factors such as medical tourism, rising aesthetic dental procedure demand, and strong growth in emerging regions. Demand for dental infection treatment products and services has increased due to the growing medical tourism industry, especially in countries like Mexico, India, and Thailand.

In May 2023, the microrobotic system, which employs nanorobots guided by magnets, was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine and Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science. This is a groundbreaking development with far-reaching implications for global health. Researchers took use of developments in catalytic nanoparticles (sometimes called nanozymes) to create tiny robotic devices that could precisely target and quickly destroy fungal cells.

COVID-19 Analysis

In the first half of the year 2020, the worldwide Dental Infection Treatment market has experienced a decline in its growth. This is because of the lockdown and shutdown of many countries that led to unable people to access the dental care facilities or infection treatment. 

However, the key players have adopted new measures and online platforms to reach the potential audience. This has enhanced the global market for Dental Infection Treatment growth in the further coming years. 

Chief Factors Existing In The Market

  • Key Market Drivers

Poor dental hygiene because of the increasing risk factors like sedentary lifestyles, time constraints, fast lifestyle, lack of flossing, not brushing your teeth twice a day, and others are some of the major growth driving factors for the global Dental Infection Treatment market. 

Moreover, junk foods and the high sugar diet are other responsible factor for the growth of the global market. 

  • Market Challenges

The Dental Infection Treatment market might experience challenges due to the high cost of dental infection treatment.

Moreover, the growing advancement in the dental infection treatment procedure requires professional and skilled specialists, bringing major challenges to the global market during the research period. 

  • Market Opportunities

The Dental Infection Treatment market has lucrative opportunities for the key vendors and manufacturers due to the rising poor dental hygiene among the population. 

Moreover, the rising research and development initiatives relating to dental infection treatment are projected to bring significant opportunities for the market. 

  • Market Restraints

The lack of awareness about the Dental Infection Treatment might affect the growth of the global Dental Infection Treatment market during the assessment timeframe. 

Moreover, the high cost associated with the dental infection treatment might hamper the worldwide market growth. 

Cumulative Evaluation Of The Market

As per the Dental infection treatment Market Outlook report, significant growth has been seen in the market revenue and the market value during the forecast period.

The continuous efforts of the key players and the manufacturers are projected to enhance the global Market growth in the coming years. 

Market Segmentation

According to the Dental infection treatment Market Trends report, the present market has segmented the treatment, type, and end-users.

  • By end-users:

In terms of the end-user segment, the Dental infection treatment Market has been divided into dentistry hospitals, dental clinics, and others.

Among these, the dentistry hospitals and clinics segments play an important role in growing the Dental infection treatment Market Value. 

  • By Type:

On the basis of type segment, the global Market has been segregated into a periodontal abscess, periapical abscess, gingival and others.

These types are fuelling the Dental infection treatment Market Growth by following its different functionality. 

  • By Treatment:

Depending on the treatment segment, the worldwide Market has been classified into procedures (tooth fillings, root canal, tooth extraction, others) and drugs (pain killers, antibiotics, others).

Among these, the root canal procedure is projected to hold the largest Dental infection treatment Market Share throughout the assessment period due to the rising dental infections across the world. 

In September 2022, Clove Dental became the first major dental care provider in India to offer laser treatment to their patients. Lasers are one of the most cutting-edge tools for performing small dental procedures and treating infections. Clove Dental's 350 offices nationwide are all outfitted with laser technology to treat patients. Root canals, laser gum treatments, oral infection treatments, tooth infection treatments, oral ulcer treatments, whitening, growth removal, biopsies, jaw joint issues, and dentinal hypersensitivity therapies are all performed using lasers. 

Regional Analysis

Globally, the Dental infection treatment Market has been classified based on different regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, South Africa, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa, and the rest of the world. 

Of these, the North American market for dental infection treatment is expected to generate the largest market share throughout the review timeframe. In this region, the US is contributing largely to acquiring the maximum market share because of the greater expenditure on healthcare and extensive use of medications. Moreover, the US nation is considered to be the fastest market uptake of advanced devices and new technology, which is responsible for the growth of the North American market for dental infection treatment. Also, this regional market is fuelled due to the presence of large device companies in the region. 

Apart from these regions, the European market for dental infection treatment is considered to be the second-largest market because of the increasing awareness about the health hazards of this condition and large disposable income. Moreover, the Asia Pacific Dental infection treatment Market consists of countries like India and China that have more growth potential in the upcoming years. In addition, the Middle East & Africa regional market involves the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which is projected to show moderate growth in the forecast period because of the poor healthcare penetration and poor political and economic conditions. 

Competitive Intensity Within the Industry 

According to the Dental infection treatment Market Forecast report, the global market is fuelling with the contribution of the competitive market players. The market players profiled in the market for dental infection treatment includes:

  • Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.,¬†

  • Johnson & Johnson,

  • Pfizer.Inc,

  • Kerr Corporation,

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb,

  • Septodont Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.,

  • Henry Schein, Inc.,¬†

  • Ultradent Products Inc.,

  • Endo Pharmaceuticals,¬†

  • Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited,¬†

  • Daiichi Sankyo,

  • Bayer HealthCare,¬†

  • others.

The key market players are highly investing in dental infection treatment by improving the research and developmental activities. Moreover, these players involve merger and acquisition techniques, partnership and collaboration to propel the global Dental infection treatment Market Size in the forecast period. 

Recent Market Developments

  • In November 2019, the NCBI research team mentioned that 1 person per 2600 in the US are hospitalized because of dental infections. Periodontitis is considered to be the most common dental infection that has affected nearly 35% of the US population who are falling in between 30 to 90 years of age.¬†

Report Overview

According to the Dental infection treatment Market Analysis, the report is the combination of market overview, market dynamics, recent developments, competitive analyses, market segmentation and covid-19 analysis. 

The present report has covered some of the specific intended audiences, such as research and development (R&D) companies, global dental infection treatment suppliers and manufacturers, academic institutes and universities, and hospitals and clinics.

Key Industrial Segments

By end-users:

  • dentistry hospitals

  • dentistry clinics

  • others

By Type:

  • periodontal abscess¬†

  • periapical abscess

  • gingival

  • others

By Treatment:

  • procedures (tooth fillings, root canal, tooth extraction, others)¬†

  • drugs (pain killers, antibiotics, others).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Dental infection treatment market is projected to grow at an 9.6% CAGR between 2023-2032.

The US is expected to dominate the dental infection treatment market.

High sugar diets and poor dental hygiene are the key factors driving the growth of the dental infection treatment market.

The dental infection treatment market is predicted to touch 20.5 billion by 2023.

End users of the dental infection treatment market include hospitals, dentistry clinics, and others.

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