Dental Hand Tools Market Research Report-Global Forecast till 2030

Dental Hand Tools Market Information By Type (Cutting Instruments, Examining Instruments, Others), End-User (Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Others), Region North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest Of The World) Forcast till 2030

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Dental Hand Tools Market Overview: 

The Dental Hand Tools Market is expected to reach USD 1.27 Billion by 2030 at 7.20% CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2030

Dentistry has largely incorporated sharp tools for several operating purposes such as excavation, shaping, filling, and others. The sharp dental tools include chisels, hatchets, gingival margin trimmers, and excavators. The dental mirrors are used by the dentist to view the portion of teeth which are nearly impossible to view. The advancing technologies are also incorporated in the dental tools which have enhanced the overall efficiency of treatment. For instance, the ultrasonic scaling machine has enhanced the scaling process and can remove 99% of debris, plaque, and other remnants of beverages in teeth.

The increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry is stimulating the overall Dental hand tools market growth in recent times. Moreover, the technically advanced dental tools have offered the medical professionals additional precision and stability while performing dental procedures. The increasing awareness towards maintaining good oral health has stimulated the Dental Hand tool market growth.

COVID 19 Analysis:

The widespread of COVID has significantly affected the overall growth of the Dental Hand tools market. Like other industrial production and supply chain disruptions, the manufacturing of dental equipment has also faced supply chain and production issues. The prolonged lockdown has postponed dental appointments in several countries. The Krakdent 2020, which was scheduled in the year 2020, has been rescheduled owing to the widespread pandemic.

In the United States, over 18% of global dental practices were terminated and the dental expenditure has declined over 66% in the year 2020 and declination of 32% in the year 2021. This clearly shows that dental procedures are facing declination owing to the widespread pandemic.

Market Dynamics:


Over 30% of geriatric populations don’t have natural teeth, the age ranges between 65 and 74 which declare they have significantly ignored oral care. Increasing incidences of dental decay, oral diseases across the globe are considered to be the major market drivers in the Dental Hand tools industry. Europe is expected to showcase the highest Dental hand Tools market share in the forecast period, owing to the increasing dental care investments and increasing awareness in the region.

Increased overall health after undergoing a dental procedure and relief from pain are some of the major advantages of carrying out a proper dental procedure. Proper ultrasonic scaling is expected to reduce soft tissue and bone destruction caused by periodontitis. Such positive impacts are driving the overall growth of the Dental Hand tools industry.


The efficient usage of several dental hand tools presents lucrative opportunities for the overall growth of the Dental hand tools industry. The Dental hand tools play a significant role in the examination, restoration, manipulation of tissues in the mouth, or extraction of teeth. They are extremely vital in performing dental disorders and deformities. For instance, dental drills are intensively used in dental procedures which helps in shaping the tooth structure, removal of the tooth, shaping the crown before filling, and other essential procedures. Dental drills account for over 9% of the Dental Hand tools market share.

Increasing dental incidences are presenting lucrative opportunities for the overall growth of the market growth. Over 90% of children and 100% of adults have dental cavities. Several medical associations and World Health Organization are striving to promote oral health awareness in the lower and middle-income countries and have significantly increased the accessibility of dental health services. Such factors are expected to promote the overall dental hand tools market growth in the forecast period.


Heavy taxation on the purchases of Dental tools is restraining the overall Dental Hand tools market growth. The advancing technologies and their integration have invited precision and higher control devices in the market. However changing technology within a short period, and installation procedures and development are hindering the overall market growth.

Lack of awareness among the public to maintain dental health is considered as the major restraining factor for the overall growth of the Dental hand tool industry. Surveys in countries like India declares shocking information about the ignorance of people over dental health. Only 51% are using toothbrushes and toothpaste on daily basis. Only 28% of the population in the survey has brushed twice daily. A huge population is ignorant of taking dental health services in their lifetime.


The post-surgical effects are considered to be the major challenge in the Dental Hand tools market growth. The usage of ultrasonic in several dental hand tools has enhanced their overall operations. However, those instruments can’t be used on patients with pacemakers in their hearts. Treating young children and treating people with communicable diseases has been a major challenge in the market.

High initial costs and investments for dental hand tools are presenting a huge challenge in the Dental hand tools market. The developing countries do not have adequate funding and support to install high-tech dental hand tools. For instance, the high precision Intraoral scanner ranges from USD 23,500 to USD 25,000. Other essential pieces of equipment cost even higher than the scanner. Hence initial investment and maintenance are considered to be the major challenge in the Dental Hand Tools market growth.

Cumulative Growth Analysis:

Dental hand tools are essential tools utilized by dental professionals while operating or correcting the dental issues of the patients’. The handheld mirrors, probes, Ultrasonic scaler, Osteotome, chisel, hatchet, and several other hand tools are widely utilized by dentists to perform various operations. Increasing coffee and tea consumption, alcohol and soda consumption, tobacco, and other unhealthy oral habits have increased the Dental Hand tools market growth in recent times. A recent study by World Health Organization declares that the dental cavity is considered the most significant oral health issue across the globe.

Another study states that over 3.5 billion people are affected by oral diseases. Tooth decay in permanent teeth is a major concern and was considered as the global burden of disease in the year 2017. Such increasing incidences highly influence the Dental hand tools market growth. The dental hand tools offer higher precision to the dentists while performing critical procedures in the patient’s mouth. The emerging technologies have significantly reduced human error and accidents in the hospitals, thereby increased the overall Dental Hand tools market growth.

Value Chain Analysis:

The rising demand for Cosmetic dentistry has increased the overall Dental Hand tools market growth in recent times. The emerging technologies, utilization of AI, and efficient software solutions in Dentistry have evolved the basic procedures. The increasing incidences of oral health disorders in several countries due to improper brushing habits, increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco, lack of awareness among people are further increasing the market growth. In the year 2020, a major market player, Seikowave dental has announced USD 1.2 million funding support to the Dental hand tools market growth. Such increasing investments in several countries have increased the overall growth of the Dental Hand tools industry.

On the other hand, the increased dental disorders in the countries like the United States are stimulating the overall growth of the Dental Hand tools industry. For instance, over 92% of adults whose age ranging from 21 to 65 have dental queries and problems with their permanent teeth. Growing social media trends and other media influences have created a huge impact on aesthetic dentistry and alignment.

Segment Overview:

Based on Type:

  • Cutting Instruments

  • Examining Instruments

  • Others

Based on Lasers:

  • Dental Lasers

  • Soft-tissue Lasers

  • Diode Lasers

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers

  • Nd: YAG Lasers

  • All-Tissue (Hard/Soft) Lasers

  • Er: YAG Lasers

  • Er, Cr: YSGG Lasers

Based on Product:

  • Therapeutic Dental Equipment

  • Dental Operatory & Treatment Center Equipment

  • Dental Units

  • Instrument Delivery Systems

  • Dental Chairs

  • Dental Handpieces

  • Dental Light-curing Equipment

  • Other Dental Operatory & Treatment Center Equipment

  • General Equipment

  • CAD/CAM Systems

  • Electrosurgical Systems

  • Casting Machines

  • Ceramic Furnaces

Based on End-user:

  • Hospitals

  • Dental Clinics

  • Others

Regional Analysis:

Over other countries, North America is dominating the Dental hand tools market share in recent times, owing to the increasing dental procedures carried out in the region and the increasing number of dental problems in the region. A sedentary lifestyle and bad oral health are majorly observed in North America which had increased the overall demand for the Dental Hand Tools industry. On the Other hand, Europe is expected to reach the second position in the Dental Hand tools market outlook which is due to the increased patient awareness regarding dental health in the country. Europe is expected to account for over 36.4% of the Dental hand tool market share and is expected to attain significant gains by the year 2027 because of increasing awareness in the country.

Asia Pacific region has the highest patient pool, due to which the region is expected to showcase a Dental hand tool market share of over 7.9% in the forecast period which has untapped potential in other developing countries such as China and India.

Competitive landscape:

  • LMDental (Planmeca)

  • Prima Dental

  • Brasseler

  • American Eagle Instruments

  • Paradise Dental Technologies

  • Dentsply Sirona

  • Premier Dental

  • DentalEZ

  • CDM Center of Excellence

  • KaVo Group

  • Helmut-Zepf

  • Medesy

  • TREE

  • Integra LifeSciences

  • Karl Schumacher

  • Power Dental USA

  • BTI Biotechnology

  • CFPM among others

Recent developments:

Switzerland-based Dental Hand tool market player has invented a new version of Dental Turbine and named the tool as Tornado Turbine Handpiece, the hand tool is considered to be the most powerful in the category which has offered a great hand control to the dentists during the treatments. Since hand control is considered to be the primary criteria for dentists during operations or diagnosis.

The advent of digital hand tools has offered dentists high-quality digital impressions that have enhanced the overall quality of treatment. A leading market player in Cophenhagen has introduced the Trio 3, a digital scanner that helps medical professionals to access the features such as AI scan, Real colors, shade, and measurement. The lightweight equipment and ultrafast features and speed scanning have enabled medical professionals to make better dental decisions.

Report Overview:

This report has covered:

  • Market overview

  • COVID 19 Analysis

  • Market dynamics

  • Cumulative growth analysis

  • Value chain analysis

  • Segment overview

  • Regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape

  • Recent developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Different end users of the dental hand tools market include dental clinics, hospitals, and others.

Different types of dental hand tools include examining instruments, cutting instruments, and others.

Awareness about oral health and growing demand for dental visits are the key factors driving the dental hand tools market.

Eminent players in the dental hand tools market include CFPM, BTI Biotechnology, Power Dental USA, Karl Schumacher, Integra LifeSciences, TREE, Medesy, Helmut-Zepf, KaVo Group, CDM Center of Excellence, DentalEZ, Premier Dental, Dentsply Sirona, Paradise Dental Technologies, American Eagle Instruments, Brasseler, Prima Dental, and LMDental (Planmeca).

Specific strategies that industry players have incorporated to create a niche in the dental hand tools market include joint ventures, strategic alliances, product developments, and collaborations.