Commercial Satellite Broadband Market – Global Forecast to 2030

Global Commercial Satellite Broadband Market, By Component (Satellite, Gateway, Modem, Network Operations Center (NOC)), By Frequency band (Ku, C, Ka) By End Users (Education, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Public Safety) - Forecast up till 2030

ID: MRFR/ICT/3270-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

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With the advancement of the commercial satellite broadband market, satellite broadband services hold the tendency to replace data connectivity services. The commercial satellite broadband market presently is expensive but is projected to decrease in upcoming years due to the greater demand for internet connectivity technology. These services are highly beneficial during a natural disaster or any kind of emergency when the internet connectivity during this situation breaks down. It is very much advantageous for rural areas during the commercial satellite broadband market forecast period.

The most common issue that rises with the limitation of bandwidth gives limited speed and also lags in overall speed. The government along with certain organizations are taking initial steps to launch faster connectivity services by paying yearly or monthly. By adopting Ka technology the broadband industry can meet and provide excellent performance and quality services. The study of broadband marketing provides a substantial outlook on the development of commercial satellite broadband market revenue during the commercial satellite broadband market forecast period.

The global commercial satellite broadband market is expected to reach approximately USD 18.59 Billion by the end of 2030 with approximate 20.4% CAGR during the forecast period from 2020-2030. 


Globally the business based on the satellite broadband sector hampers a lot due to COVID. Degradation in the value supply chain took place affecting the manufacturers and hampering the market.

The government put forward various strict regulations for preventing the widespread of the virus. Moreover, the satellite companies have taken initiatives for the employees.


  • Drivers- the major factor acting as drivers of the broadband world are the ability of the network connectivity to reach rural areas where the network connection is very poor. These satellite services too prove a good connection to industries like the automotive, industrial, and healthcare sectors. Adopting mini-satellites, investing more amount in space exploration projects and the use of satellites for warfare systems drive the market growth.

  • Opportunities- increase in requirement of high-speed connectivity and growth in worldwide competition make the providers cope up with the rising demand of the customers thus providing a huge opportunity to the market. Lunching low-cost satellites gives great opportunities for earth observation and is used for space research observation.

  • Challenges- if access to high-speed data, installing the satellite instantly, covering the network globally on a huge diameter are the major challenges that should be overcome by the satellite.

  • Cumulative growth- the region of North America is expected to occupy the largest commercial satellite broadband market share as it has a large number of researchers and is investing a large sum of money. The Federal Government gives large support to the North American region giving highly advanced satellite images thus is responsible for the growth in this region.

  • Restraints- a bad signal of the connectivity, the high price of installation costs, and the bad weather conditions affect the commercial satellite broadband market growth. The market growth is hampered if the satellite does not provide a good connection to the telecommunication industry.

 Global Commercial Satellite Broadband Market:

Commercial Satellite Broadband Market


The supply chain of the market generates the largest revenues. The companies involved in the supply chain plays a major role as providers or act as a start-up company. These suppliers invest a few sums and carry out end-to-end users for a hassle-free service.


  • By type- globally the commercial satellite broadband industry is bifurcated into component, frequency, and end-users. The splitting concerning to the component is under satellite, getaway, antenna, modern, and network operations center. Concerning a frequency band, the splitting is categorized into Ka-band, Ku band, C band, and many more. Ka-band occupies a huge place in the marketing sector due to its high adoption and heavy data rates. With respect to end-users, the market is segmented under civil defense, hospitals, education, small and medium enterprises, also based on government agencies and also deals with public safety. Here the leading division is the civil defense, hospitals, and public safety of the market.

  • By technology- with the advancement of technology, expansion in the commercial satellite broadband industry was marked. The development of technology has brought various multifaceted advantages to the market. For strategizing in a better manner the key players of the satellite industry comprehend in a particular pattern as per the movement of the industry. The advancement of technology has made them offer efficient strategies as per the plan. Technology has enabled the usage of antennas which has brought significant advantages. The technology of the broadband satellite removes the overloading of the network. The technology also supports 5G connectivity which is the major requirement in terrestrial networks.


It is also noted that segmentation is also done based on regions that come under North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and many other parts of the world. The most leading regions are North America and Europe. These regions are the most established regions having high internet connectivity and providing high-speed data services. The Asia Pacific and the other regions cover a significant commercial satellite broadband market share concerning usage and application of these broadband services as these regions are comprised of rural and less network service areas. They carry out strategic planning by adopting consulting services at every phase of the process. Regional analysis is also applicable for areas under the Middle East and South Africa separately.


  • AEHF-5 spacecraft has been discovered by the US which enables safer and less traffic during the transfer of data connection.

  • In April 2019, Viasat developed the new Ka/Ku connectivity, connecting the customers through the satellite network services. It helps connects the customers worldwide.

  • Scandinavian Airlines System by the use of technology has developed a new flight connectivity system, especially for its new airlines. The aircraft will be connected with Ka-band thus aid in providing benchmarking connectivity in the coverage area.


Commercial satellite broadband market revenue is emphasized by numerous companies of satellite broadband which plays as the major key players of the commercial satellite broadband industry. These competitors try hard to stay at the top position of the market by adopting new services, partnerships, acquisitions, etc. they are trying hard to take every step for expanding the business. Some of the key vendors of the market are Hughes Communications Ins., Visat Inc (US),  Avon line Satellite Solutions Ltd(UK), Speedcast International Ltd(Australia), Skycasters LLC U. S), Immarsat PLC(UK), Iridium Communications Inc(U. S), Globalstar Inc.(U. S), and many others. A good sense of market revenue and sales are being generated by the competitive landscape. They carry out business strategies and innovations. The collab with the mergers and build good relation with them.


Commercial satellite broadband market insight provides various segments along with an analysis of the marketing trends and the factors that provide a holistic evaluation of the market. The report comprises the market dynamics, along with the growth, opportunities, and restraints of the broadband industry. The report also marks the quantitative and qualitative estimation of the full-fledged satellite industry. It also emphasizes the key players of the market and gives an in-depth analysis and value chain perspective of the broadband industry. It also analysis about the complete market scenario and the provision of growth value of the market. Commercial satellite broadband market insight shows the exponential smoothening which shows the eradication of the screwed results of the market. The report also studies the segmentation, including the channel and industry segment. It also covers the commercial satellite broadband market size, volume, and density of the sales channels and distributors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market is anticipated to advance at a rate of 20.4%.

By the end of 2030, the market value is expected to be approximately USD 18.59 Billion.

Inmarsat PLC (U.K.), Eutelsat S.A.(France), Hughes Communications, Inc (U.S.), EarthLink Holding Corp.(U.S.), ViaSat Inc.(U.S.), Avonline Satellite Solutions Ltd (U.K.), Iridium Communications Inc. (U.S.), Thaicom Public Company Limited (Thailand), Globalstar, Inc. (U.S.), Dish Network LLC (U.S.), Speedcast International Limited (Australia), Skycasters LLC (U.S.), are the prime players in the global market.

Hospitals, public safety and civil defense are the leading segments among all the end-users.

gateway, satellite, modem, network operations center (NOC) and antenna are the component-dependent segments analyzed in the report.