Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market Research Report – Global Industry Forecast To 2027

Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market: Information By Parts (MRO Parts, Rotatable Scrap Replacement Parts, Consumable, Expendable), By Application (Commercial and Military) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/A&D/0873-CR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 120 pages         

Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market

Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market Size Valued at USD 43.33 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 5.12% by 2020 -2030


By Parts MRO Parts Rotatable Scrap Replacement Parts Consumable Expendable
By Application Commercial Military

Key Players

  • AAR (US)
  • J. Walter Aviation Limited (UK)
  • Eaton (Ireland)
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation (US)
  • Aviall (US)
  • Kellstrom Aerospace (US)
  • General Electric (US)
  • Honeywell International Inc. (US)
  • Meggitt PLC (England)
  • Collins Aerospace (US)


  • Growing fleet of commercial aircraft
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Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market Overview

According to the market report, the worldwide Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market size is expected to develop at a CAGR of 7.63% during the estimated time frame of 2017-2023 

The Aircraft Aftermarket Parts are used in the maintenance and redesigning action on a plane after it is collected since the airplane stays in assistance for a long time. Because of the strict rules, they must be saved and revamped at a regular interval. A steady and predictable production network of parts is needed to prevent aftermarket part Ground (AOG) situations. The Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market is set to arrive at good worth during the estimated future period. 

According to worldwide market analysis, the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market is expected to observe development inferable from the elements, for example, the developing armada of a commercial airplane just as the maturing military aircraft fleet. The worldwide Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market will confront difficulties and restrictions because of high import obligations on airplane spare parts and tough guidelines during the figure time frame 2017 to 2023. The accessibility of aircraft secondary selling parts on web-based business stages in this market will uphold the development in the forecasted period. 

According to Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market experts, the worldwide market-based organizations will confront certain difficulties, which may affect the market growth in the forecasted period. The Market statistical surveying report gives top to bottom examination of the airplane type and parts fragments. The airplane aftermarket parts industry research report presents factors, for example, the expense of import obligations on spare parts that could slow down the Market Share development largely. 

Covid-19 Analysis 

Coronavirus has stringently affected the aviation market value chain in the recent period. For airlines that are limited in June was about seventy-five percent lower, so, all things considered, over sixty percent of the overall fleet was unavailable. The assembling rates for unique hardware producers have been diminished significantly, with typical conveyances in 2020 over fifty-five percent under 2019. Interestingly, there is a separation between OEMs' capacity to produce an airplane and their clients' preparation to acknowledge them. Airbus and Boeing will be relied upon to be delivered at an excess during 2022. The support, fix, and update (MRO) area is likewise assessed to note an enormous drop of fifty-five percent or more in spending in 2020. 

The component of vulnerability multiplies for those dynamic in the utilized useful material market. With an immense and unrivaled stock of aircraft realistic for teardown, decreased flying and MRO progress have made the USM plunge necessities. The disturbance in the airplane and parts exchanging market, with unsound remaining and part, seems feasible from teardown in freefall. With exchanging has been outdated with no one purchasing, no one dumping, and not very many paying each other either, the aftermarket parts for a model airplane. Nevertheless, carrier travel bounce-back aircraft will probably be focused on pushing down their expenses. The Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market is in a great position to develop in the future period.

Market Dynamics 

  • Significant market Drivers 

Developing a Fleet of Commercial Aircraft is the major driver driving the growth of the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market in the estimated period. The extension of the carriers to meet the flood in the number of travelers in a few local business sectors is assessed to prompt an enormous fleet quality, making degree for the airplane parts industry. Maturing Military Aircraft Fleets is also a major driver of this market. The presence of an old fleet of a few carriers overall is assessed to spur a hopeful interest for the airplane parts industry in the estimated period. 

  • Major market opportunities

Accessibility of Aircraft Aftermarket Parts on E-Commerce Platforms is considered a significant opportunity in the Market. The accessibility of parts on online business stages is assessed to foster the Market in the figure time frame. 

  • Significant challenges of the market 

Severe FAA Regulations are the major challenges in the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market. The stringent guidelines instated by the FAA identifying with Aircraft Aftermarket parts are assessed to make limitations for the Market in the coming period. High import duty on aircraft spare parts is also affecting the market growth. The expense of import obligations on spare parts for an airplane is projected to slow down the worldwide Market growth. 

  • Market Growth Analysis 

The commercial Aircraft Aftermarket Parts are subject to the development of airplanes in assistance. In this way, the expanding or diminishing interest of the airplane administration straightforwardly affects the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market. Carriers normally keep up with a stock of airplane spare parts to prevent AOG circumstances, which cover huge costs each hour to help the extra part necessity for their fleet. Hence, the market expenses must be properly analyzed for enhancing the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market Revenue in the estimated period.

MRO suppliers and Third Party Companies, a piece of airplane secondary selling parts industry, likewise keep up with a stock of such parts. Another factor answerable for the expansion in business airplane reseller's exchange parts is the developing inclusion of OEMs giving final consideration projects to draw in clients towards them and catch a portion of this rewarding business sector has likewise upheld the development. The openings of innovation opportunities are likely to develop Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market in the future period. 

Market Segmentation 

  • Based on Parts

Based on parts, the worldwide Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market has been segmented into MRO parts, routable scrap replacement parts, consumables, and disposable. The MRO parts section is assessed to be the biggest, while the routable scape replacement parts are segmented to be the quickest developing during the estimated period. Support, fix and redesign the MRO parts incorporate motors, parts, and airframe parts. MRO is completed by organizations to hold or re-establish airplane parts for smooth working. 

  • Based on Application 

Based on application, the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market has been segmented into business and military. The business fragment is projected to be bigger, and the tactical section is assessed to enlist the higher CAGR during the estimated time frame. Commercial airplanes are utilized for shipping travelers, load, and mail. They incorporate restricted body and wide-body airplanes. Business airplanes offer fast transportation and can be utilized for salvage activities during tremors, mishaps, and floods. 

Regional Analysis 

North America is a developed Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market as far as airplane MRO market, fleet, and aftermarket parts. Accordingly, alongside an upsurge in aircraft necessities, the Commercial Market is likewise expected to thrive. The area is expected to notice the need for more than ten thousand new airplanes in the range of the following twenty years. US is the sole unmistakable market for Aircraft Aftermarket Parts in the area and has additionally broadly assented to the utilization of aircraft aftermarket PMA parts alongside post-retail OEM parts. Mostly the mounting number of LCC transporters favors aircraft aftermarket PMA parts over the OEM post-retail parts, because of the expense benefits. 

Key market players

The key players of the Aircraft Aftermarket Parts Market are mentioned below:-

  • AAR (US)

  • J. Walter Aviation Limited (UK)

  • Eaton (Ireland)

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation (US)

  • Aviall (US)

  • Kellstrom Aerospace (US)

  • General Electric (US)

  • Honeywell International Inc. (US)

  • Meggitt PLC (England)

  • Collins Aerospace (US)

Recent market development 

  • Honeywell has selected ST Engineering to give part MRO and guarantee fix administrations to all Asia-Pacific administrators for its pieces introduced on CFM International Leap motors in Jan 2021. 

  • Rival Jet Parts Engineering LLC, a foremost Seattle-based architect and business aviation post-retail parts vendor, created AeroSpares, an elite airplane parts maker in Orlando, in Dec 2020.

Report Overview

  • Market overview highlights the global recognition of Market Analysis overview

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Outlook Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis for the Market Report.

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis of Market Forecast overview

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments of Market Trends

The report highlights the global Market Growth development includes its revenue hike's growth potential by the end of the forecast years in 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The aircraft aftermarket parts market can rise at 7.63% CAGR by 2023.

By 2027, the aircraft aftermarket parts market can value at decent value.

Honeywell International Inc. (US), Eaton (Ireland), Meggitt PLC (England), General Electric (US), and Parker Hannifin Corporation (US) are some reputed companies in the aircraft aftermarket parts market.

Affordability of MRO to support aircraft aftermarket parts market expansion.

North America aircraft aftermarket parts market can rise exponentially.