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By Pass Lubrication Filter Market Trends

ID: MRFR//10526-CR | 119 Pages | Author: Pradeep Nandi| August 2023

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Overview

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Size was valued at USD 2,883.1 million in 2022. The By-Pass Lubrication Filter industry is projected to grow from USD 2,997.24 million in 2023 to USD 4,249.7 million by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% during the forecast period (2023 - 2032). Bypass filter systems contain a secondary filter for eliminating almost all contaminants from engine oil. Bypass filters do not directly supply the engine with clean oil although it sits off to the side as a separate circuit usually permitting only a very small portion of the total oil flow. A bypass filter provides an added advantage of increasing the oil capacity of the engine and includes highly efficient media for polishing the oil before it returns directly to the sump. This process helps in improving oil cleanliness without compromising the oil flow through the engine. bypass filter system also helps in significantly reducing the cost of oil maintenance and extending equipment life. The key factors driving the growth of the bypass filter market are the growing oil industry across the APAC region coupled with the growing expansion policies adopted by the key players. However, high prices of raw material is expected to restrict the market's growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the booming automotive industry is anticipated to create growth opportunities for the market.

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Overview

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database, and Analyst Review

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Trends

  • Increasing demand for by-pass lubrication filters in the industrial and marine industries

Industrial machinery is used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and mining. These machines require lubrication to operate smoothly and prevent wear and tear. By-pass lubrication filters help to remove contaminants from the lubricant, which helps to extend the life of the machinery. Bypass lubrication filters play a crucial role in achieving these objectives by effectively removing contaminants from lubricating oil. By maintaining cleaner oil, these filters extend the life of machinery, reduce wear, and tear, and ultimately enhance equipment performance.

Furthermore, there is a growing adoption of condition monitoring systems, which rely on accurate oil analysis and predictive maintenance techniques. Bypass filters work in conjunction with these systems by ensuring that the lubricating oil remains in optimal condition for extended periods. This facilitates more accurate oil analysis and early detection of potential equipment issues, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of unexpected failures. Moreover, stringent environmental regulations are driving the demand for cleaner and more sustainable lubrication systems, particularly in the marine industry. Bypass lubrication filters help industries comply with these regulations by removing contaminants from the oil, thereby reducing the release of pollutants into the environment. This is of utmost importance in marine and offshore applications, where water pollution regulations are particularly strict.

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Segment Insights

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Based on Filter Media Type Segment Insights

Based on filter media type, the global By-Pass Lubrication Filter is segmented into cellulose depth media and Filter paper.  The cellulose depth segment are estimated to dominate the market during the forecast period. This is due to cellulose depth media is a metal vessel that tightly holds the vital filtration cartridge, this allows the oil to flow up the center and push down, slowly through the entire thickness of the cellulose media. the depth matrix is usually used to trap suspended particles and separate them from the carrying fluid. It also has unique filtration for trapping particles and moisture. Furthermore, depth filtration is mostly applied to polishing the fluid applications as it takes the filtration to a finer level. With cellulose depth filtration, steady and slow is the best key results, which allow to slowly move through the media to optimize results, forcing the high flow that can open the channels in the filter and allow for by-pass, which means during the operation process it only has single filtration level that is down to 3-micron particular.

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter, Crankcase Capacity Insights

Based on crank case capacity, the global By-Pass Lubrication Filter is segmented into below 48 Qt, 48-70 Qt, and above 70 Qt. Below 48 Qt segment is estimated to dominate the market during the forecast period.  Most of the engine wear comes in different sizes and the most common is up to 48 qt. these types of filters effectively remove containments and ultimately provides protection to the engine. With the increase in oil capacity, the oil filtration system also contains more fluid through which heat can be dispersed from the engine, which allows the engine and the oil to run cooler. The single spin-on element has a crankcase capacity of up to 48 QT in vehicles, light trucks, and small commercial applications. The key players are providing various products in the market which are contributing to the growth of the market. For instance, Amsoil is offering EA Bypass Oil Filter EABP90-EA this oil filter offers maximum filtration protection against wear and oil contamination, it drew up less than 5 percent of the oil sump’s capacity and can trap extremely small, wear-causing contaminants that don’t remove the full-flow filter and offer the efficiency of 98.7% at two microns.

Figure 2: By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market, by Crankcase Capacity, 2023 & 2032 (USD Million)

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market, by Crankcase Capacity

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter by Type of Unit Insights

The type of unit segment of the By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market size includes single spin-on element and dual spin-on element. The dual spin-on element segment is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. Dual Spin-On Element offers twice the filtering capacity in one compact and robust package. The shut valve located in the mounting head can switch to the clean filter so that the dirty filter can be serviced. Aquabloc is a technology that helps it waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It replaces filter elements that stop water and eliminates solid contamination and is available in 2, 10, and 30 microns. The filtration can be based on applications like fuel quality, operating climates, and maintenance schedules. And the clear bowls which are used in filters will not discolor from additives, UV light, and alcohol. The key players are providing various products in the market which are contributing to the growth of the market. For instance, Amsoil is providing BMK-23 General use dual remote oil bypass unit it combines full-flow and bypass filters in a single, and easy-to-install mount.

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Regional Insights

By Region, the study provides market insights into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The Asia-Pacific By-Pass Lubrication Filter market accounted for largest market share in 2022 and is expected to exhibit a significant CAGR growth during the study period. . The growing government investment in the marine sector is likely to increase the demand for by pass lubrication filter which is used to clean engine oil using finer filter elements which results in cleaner oil as well as less wear in the engine are likely to create huge opportunities for its market growth. For example, in March 2021, by 2035, India plans to invest USD 82 billion in port developments, increase the use of clean renewable energy sources in the maritime industry, expand seaplane services, and develop waterways. According to the government, 400 projects with a combined investment potential of USD 31 billion are available for funding. "Under the Sagarmala Project, more than 574 projects worth USD 82 billion have been identified for construction between 2030 and 2035.

Apart from this, the recent government strategies in order to expand the automotive sector are likely to create huge opportunities for the bypass filter market in the upcoming years. For instance, in December 2022, in an initiative to make India a global hub for manufacturing sector, the Centre has set a target to help the sector double its growth in the upcoming years. Hence, to achieve this, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways stated the government is targeting the auto industry to grow to USD 0.18 Bn by the end of 2024, making it the world top country in the auto sector. Furthermore, the Indian automobile industry currently contributes around six percent of the total country’s GDP which amount to USD 0.086 Billion.

Figure 3: By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market, by region, 2023 & 2032 (USD Million)

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market, by region

The North America region includes major markets such as the US, Canada, and Mexico. The growing sales of vehicles across the U.S. is likely to increase the demand for by pass filters in order to remove contaminant, dirt and unburned fuel from circulation which is set to positively influence its market growth. For instance, according to the U.S. government, in 2018, the sales of U.S. light vehicles reached 17.2 million units, the fourth straight year in which sales reached or surpassed 17 million units. Besides this the recent government investment in the automotive sector is likely to contribute to its overall market growth. For example, in October 2022, Volkswagen and Continental a leading automotive companies invested USD 1 Billion. In addition, Volkswagen stated that it would invest USD 763.5 million between 2022 and 2025 as its complex in Puebla, one of the largest Volkswagen manufacturing facilities globally, to built a new paint plant and start production of a new gasoline-powered car.

Apart from this, the growing crude oil production across the U.S. is likely to increase the demand of by pass filters which in turn may create lucrative opportunities for its market growth. For example, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration, in the U.S., crude oil production will rise by 540,000 b/d in 2023, averaging 12.4 million b/d for the entire year. In addition, U.S. crude oil output will rise by 400,000 b/d to an average of 12.8 million b/d in 2024. The Permian region's rising output is what is causing crude oil production in the US to surge. In 2023, the average daily output of crude oil in the Permian region would rise by 440,000 barrels (b/d). Furthermore, in 2024, the Permian region will once more be the primary driver of expansion in the United States' crude oil output, increasing by 270,000 barrels per day. In contrast to other U.S. regions (other than the GOM and Permian region), the growth in crude oil output in the GOM will increase by 140,000 b/d in 2024Italy, UK, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Brazil.

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

With a strong presence across different verticals and geographies, the By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market is highly competitive and dominated by established, pure-play vendors. Many vendors cater to this market, and they continually innovate their solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses by adopting innovative technologies and innovations to make rapid lubrication filters more effective. These vendors have a robust geographic footprint and partner ecosystem to cater to diverse customer segments. The By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market is highly competitive, with many vendors offering similar products and services. The major players in the market include Amsoil Inc, Donaldson Company, Inc, Hydac International Gmbh, C.C Jensen A/S, Parker Hannifin Corp, Cummins Inc, Triple R America, Kleenoil Filtration Ltd, Fildex Filters Canada and Sol-Industrie. The By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market is a consolidated market due to increasing competition, acquisitions, mergers and other strategic market developments and decisions to improve operational effectiveness.

Key Companies in the By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market include.

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Industry Developments

  • In June 2019, HYDAC INTERNATIONAL GMBH acquired all shares in Elma B.V. and Elro Srl. This acquisition simulated the supply network, and production of the sales and services of the company.

  • In February 2020, PARKER HANNIFIN CORP announced the launch of ProTura® SB Nano Pleated Filters, a dust collection filter used in a variety of demanding applications.

  • In August 2021, Cummins Turbo Technologies introduced the 7th generation 400 series Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) to help engine producers to fulfil the future emission standards and provide best in class fuel economy.

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Segmentation

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Filter Media Type Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Cellulose Depth Media

  • Filter Paper

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Crankcase Capacity Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Up To 15 Qt

  • 48-70 Qt

  • Above 70 Qt

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Type of Unit Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Single Spin-On Element

  • Dual Spin-On Element

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Sections Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Two Sections

  • Four Section

  • Six Sections

  • Eight Sections

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Sump Range Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Below 11 Gallons

  • 11-22 Gallons

  • Above 22 Gallons

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Application Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Engine Oil

  • Transmission Oil

  • Diesel Fuel

  • Gear Oil

  • Cutting Oil

  • Oil-Based Lubricants

  • Water-Glycol Fluids

  • Low-Viscosity Oil

  • Others

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Viscosity Grade Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Below 5w

  • 5w-10w

  • 10w-15w

  • Above 15w

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Technology Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Magmicron Technology

  • Magfuel Technology

By-Pass Lubrication Filter Market Oil Outlook (USD Million, 2018-2023)

  • Cold

  • Warm/Hot

Global By-Pass Lubrication Filter Regional Outlook

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

    • Mexico

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • Italy

    • UK

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • South Korea

    • Australia

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Middle East and Africa

    • Saudi Arabia

    • UAE

    • South Africa

    • Rest of Middle East and Africa

  • South America

    • Argentina

    • Brazil

    • Rest of South America

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